Sunday, June 17, 2018

Floating Dining Experience at Cabina [BALI]

Hello Bali! It’s a huge pleasure to be able to be back here after some time being away. I guessed I’ve missed (literally) tons of new hype places here, but that certainly shouldn’t be hindrances for me to pay a visit to them. One of those attracting my curiosity best was Cabina, which served the market demand well by providing a cafe with pool facility for the guest - yep, that super trending concept lately. 

Dining in the pool was surely an all-time-available choice and I could even spot most guests enjoyed it a lot! Yeah, the pool, the cute floaties, and the sun-bathing benches were undeniably the center of crowd, where some people just killed time relaxing, some busy took pictures, and some fell into long chats. 

Going for different option, I opted to sit at the indoor space, just enjoying the busy view from a distance. Of course I didn’t miss the chance to have some snaps on the catchy pink walls, corners decorated with cactuses, even the long fresh-looking bar table. Another unique stuff spotted was the dance by the friendly waiters and waitresses once Pharrell Williams’ Happy song played. Feeling like wanna follow the beat as well? LOL

Avo on Toast 

Going for healthy brunch, my friend ordered this green fella. It might not be the best-looking dish, yet it’s surely good for the tummy. The portion was generous enough, compared to the similar one served elsewhere. Not to forget the cheese toppings, well the picture could best tell you that they added extra happiness to the dish. 

Eggs Benedict with Salmon (IDR 95k)

OK, classic one always won the heart first indeed. So here I was, finding myself again ended up with my all-time favorite breakie, Eggs Benny! Having the options of pork bacon, salmon, and soft shell crab, I chose the second one. Playing the main actors role flawlessly, the runny yolk and the fresh salmon came together in luscious taste. The hollandaise sauce was served in right doze, not overwhelming the flavor of the overall dish. 

Seafood Laksa

If it’s general for this type of cafe serving egg-based brunch menu, then how if it came with Seafood Laksa? Surely it’s a big bet if it’s a YAY or NAY. The presentation was stunning with the broth being put in a jar, so you needed to pour it yourself once you wanted to start enjoying it. Presented in very thick texture, the taste was awesomely rich and you could feel royal mix of seasonings, each of which played their own roles but altogether making delectable compilation. It’s so pampering able to enjoy it with fresh prawns, squids, fish, and many other more from the family. My personal fave was doubtlessly the crispy and flavorful soft shell crab, which best suited the amazing broth. If you ever came here some time soon, this dish was must must try and you should have no reason for saying no to it <3

French Toast (IDR 70k)

Not stopping the delicacy at the savory one only, I continued with the French Toast from the sweet selection. I was more convinced and excited with my pick as my friend staying in Bali, right away told me it’s great and I’d just made the right decision. 

The gorgeous look was such a temptation that I could no longer wait for my first slice. Those glossy strawberry and pineapple slices drizzled by maple syrup were naturally sweet, and hence well complemented the toast in very nice way. I loved how the slightly crispy toast getting fluffier as the syrup infused into it. Enjoying it together with the crumbles was like hosting party of different textures in single bite. If I loved the seafood laksa to bits and nominated it as most recommended from the options of savory dishes, this french toast would be entitled the same in the sweet group. You needn’t worry if you’re not the one owning distinction in sweet-tooth level, since this dish had moderate sweetness and you could be worry-free of the calories as most ingredients were organic and low-fat. 

Hot Cappuccino 

We still hadn’t finished upon having the meals, as coffee wouldn’t fail to accompany your brunch in Bali. Moreover, you could have thousands of options here, including any personalization you’d ever wished for. Soy milk, coconut milk, skimmed milk, and many more! This first cup belonged to my sis; the basic one that was always worth to try. 

Using St. Ali beans, the medium roast coffee was aromatic with slight acidity. I couldn’t recall the one I had in St. Ali, if it tasted similar or not, but simply said I loved this one as it’s neither too bold nor too milky, simply right taste for morning caffeine doze especially if you couldn’t really take coffee with strong body. 

Hot Magic

Nonetheless, they did provide the solution for those seeking for something heavier. Despite it’s not working day and I didn’t have to kill my sleepiness, since I could hardly find good ‘Magic’ in Jakarta, I just wondered ‘Why don’t I give it a try?’. As expected, I straightly got my crush on the cup. Although I preferred the smoother after-taste of the Cap, this Magic was certainly another cup of joe to hunt. 

Overall, this pinky tropical style cafe got me at my initial visit. Relaxing ambiance, delish dishes, awesome coffee, and instagenic photo spots; what could make me reject the upcoming visit?

Taste: 8/10
Place: 8.5/10
Service: 8.5/10
Price: 8/10

Thanks for reading! :)

Address: Jl. Batu Belig Gang Daksina No. 1, Kerobokan Kelod, Kuta Utara, Bali
Phone: (+62 361) 4740 989
Operating Hours: Mon - Sun 9am - 9pm

Monday, June 11, 2018

C.O.D.E - Cafe of Dessert Enthusiast [Bangkok]

When I first heard the name CODE, I wasn’t that excited as what’s in my brain was like ‘ it carried detective concept?’. Luckily I got exposed to the snaps of the dishes and figured out they apparently sold some tempting ones!

I was actually very interested to go to their main outlet, just that the location was quite too distant from the city center. Knowing that the traffic of Bangkok was pretty much like Jakarta, it might be not wise to go there and I definitely won’t want to get stuck forever in the jam. Fortunately the cafe had quite many branches, I finally decided to visit the one in Terminal 21. 

It’s such a unique concept as the cafe occupied a space at the end of the alleys  of restaurants and cafes; making it had some rooms to be innovative. They came up with general space next to the entrance, but at the deeper side they made wagon-alike dining space, which served nice view from the window. The feeling’s always great able to find such anti-mainstream ambiance and design. 

Oh yeah. I almost skipped to tell you that CODE was actually an abbreviation of ‘Cafe of Dessert Enthusiast’. Ehh, I felt like being called right away LOL. So if it came across your thought that you’re part of the family, give it a try ;)

As the name explained, they did focus only on desserts, but serving quite rich selections from this particular group. Their specialties were Lava Toast and Lava Croissant, but they did serve roti or similar to prata served in sizzling plate, lava cake, crumble cake, and others. They also played with liquid desserts and provided those sinful yet yummy heavy shakes. 

Thai Tea Lava Toast (THB 175)

When in doubt, pick the recommended dish to make your life easier and the dilemmatic moment get shorter. I’ve tried to do so and it apparently worked well for me. I tried to find those precious petite signs on the menu, showing the signature ones. On top of that, I cross-checked to the store attendants before placing my order. 

First recommendation featured the main characteristic of Thai dessert, yes nothing else than thai tea. Using charcoal toast, the bread came in flawless combination of texture being crispy outside yet very fluffy inside. Going beyond expectation, the Thai Tea fillings was like literally overflowing once the toast was cut! It got me surprised by how generous this hidden treasure was served *total lovestruck!!*. I highly recommend you to find more people to share it, especially if you’re not that insane sweet tooth. I’m one of the top members of the group, yet I still found this as gigantic for going solo, especially it’s indeed a bit too sweet. However, I overall still got mesmerized by the totality and the surprise the dish carried out. 

Salted Egg Lava Croissant (THB 150)

Knowing it might take me months (whose exact number I couldn’t estimate) to bring me back here, I didn’t wanna miss the precious chance to try more from the menu. Well at least, two dishes for sure! So there it was, my second order, which was another gem of theirs - Salted Egg

Oh geez! I felt like going back to Bangkok right here right now, simply to have this magnificent sinful pleasure!! Ok CODE, hands down. You did deserve that title of Castle of Dessert Enthusiast; oh yeah, surely more than just a cafe!

Taste: 8.5/10
Place: 8/10
Service: 8.5/10
Price: 7.5/10

Thanks for reading! :)

Address: Terminal 21, Bangkok, Thailand
Phone: (+66) (0) 2058 6477
Operating Hours: Mon - Sun 10am - 10pm

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Sunday, May 27, 2018

Devon Cafe, All the Way from Surry Hills to Senayan

'Whaattt?!? Devon’s coming to Jakartaaa?? Wooo..YEEAAAHHH!' That’s prolly the perfect representative of my first expression when knowing Devon finally established its presence in our beloved capital city, taking place at Senayan City. If you used to dine in Zhuma, that’s exactly the space where Devon put its premiere footsteps. 

Totally distinctive from its Surry Hills outlet in Sydney, which was more into home-alike design, this one was typical mall cafe with quite limited space, though they’re still able to provide both indoor and outdoor spaces. As expected, the cafe was pretty packed with people especially during weekend brunch time since I believed many people were highly curious to try this new place, particularly with its high reputation in Sydney. Let alone the ones that have tried it in Sydney or even its loyal consumers there, I believed they’re just as hyper-excited as me to figure out if the ‘local Devon’ would be as good or not. 

White (IDR 36k)
Offering Devon’s unique blend, there’s no reason to skip it. Well, honestly speaking the Sydney’s version of Devon’s cap was slightly too light for my liking. Nevertheless, I was just curious how this one would turn out. 

Overall it’s okay-ish though bluntly said nothing distinctive too call out. Those fancying the light body for their coffee might love this one though ;)

Surry Hills Iced Tea (IDR 35k)

Surry Hills! Exactly the area where Devon resided in Syd. Smart idea to pick this name, and indeed quite catchy one. Stating it in simpler way, it’s mainly tea mixed with wild berry and orange. Despite the tea was the boldest element in the glass, the refreshing wild berry and orange could be strongly tasted as well. Although I still thought it’s a bit overpriced, I loved how the drink being so unique that I believed sooner or later the idea would be copied by others. 

Ragu alla Sichuanese (IDR 95k)
It’s quite tough when it came to time for deciding which main courses to order. So many of them in the menu my sister and I wanted to try, yet unfortunately our tummies were to tiny to afford them all. We did our hyper-quick spy-style research, observing what’s on the tables surrounding us and basically we found out almost all of them had this spaghetti-based dish. Skimming through the menu, we figured out it’s actually this Ragu alla Sichuanese, which from the description looked like Chinese-style cuisine especially the dynamic duo of  Dan-dan sauce and Sichuan pepper. 

The dish did smell and look extremely good when landed on the table. That 63-degree egg was flawlessly executed that when I just sliced it, the runny yolk burst out beautifully, seemed to be more than ready to be blended with the minced beef and mozzarella. The spaghetti was cooked al dente and the portion was highly fulfilling and I even preferred to share. All the dressings were more than enough, including the toppings in terms of quantity. Taste wise, it’s surprisingly more into curry flavor than Sichuan for my palate. Making it a little saltier would definitely make it more scrumptious. One tips, mix everything well prior to enjoying it so you could have every single element of the dish in one go. 

Breakfast with the Sakuma’s (IDR 180k)

Saving the main actor for the climax of the show, hereby I presented my all-time favorite menu in Devon, the one that got me first fall for Devon and still stayed as my number one there, Breakfast with the Sakuma’s! If in Syd it might cost around AUD 26, here in Jakarta this ‘champion-breakie’ menu was sold at around 30% cheaper *yeaaayyyy!*

This must-try colorful dish featured the uber tender miso grilled king salmon as the main protein. Perfectly cooked till pale pink, and best enjoyed with the yolk of the 63-degree egg, the mayo, and the furikake (seaweed mix); a feast of different succulent flavors in one bite. Another one not to be forgotten was the crispy golden brown eel croquette, which seemed to play the carbo role in the dish. Not sure if it’s the same here, but in the original outlet you could order additional portion of this croquette ;). Completing the set, you would also get the healthy sides of petite radish salad so you got your protein, carbo, and vitamin altogether <3. 

Sum everything up, I was so delighted Devon’s now just car-ride away and I needn’t fly 5500km to be able to enjoy my fave Sakuma. I would certainly coming back real soon for the other dishes. See you Devon!

Taste: 8/10
Place: 7/10
Service: 7.5/10
Price: 7.5/10

Thanks for reading! :)

Address: Senayan City LG - Crystal Lagoon, Jakarta
Phone: (+62 21) 7278 1590
Operating Hours: Mon - Sun 9.30am - 10pm

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