Monday, June 11, 2018

C.O.D.E - Cafe of Dessert Enthusiast [Bangkok]

When I first heard the name CODE, I wasn’t that excited as what’s in my brain was like ‘ it carried detective concept?’. Luckily I got exposed to the snaps of the dishes and figured out they apparently sold some tempting ones!

I was actually very interested to go to their main outlet, just that the location was quite too distant from the city center. Knowing that the traffic of Bangkok was pretty much like Jakarta, it might be not wise to go there and I definitely won’t want to get stuck forever in the jam. Fortunately the cafe had quite many branches, I finally decided to visit the one in Terminal 21. 

It’s such a unique concept as the cafe occupied a space at the end of the alleys  of restaurants and cafes; making it had some rooms to be innovative. They came up with general space next to the entrance, but at the deeper side they made wagon-alike dining space, which served nice view from the window. The feeling’s always great able to find such anti-mainstream ambiance and design. 

Oh yeah. I almost skipped to tell you that CODE was actually an abbreviation of ‘Cafe of Dessert Enthusiast’. Ehh, I felt like being called right away LOL. So if it came across your thought that you’re part of the family, give it a try ;)

As the name explained, they did focus only on desserts, but serving quite rich selections from this particular group. Their specialties were Lava Toast and Lava Croissant, but they did serve roti or similar to prata served in sizzling plate, lava cake, crumble cake, and others. They also played with liquid desserts and provided those sinful yet yummy heavy shakes. 

Thai Tea Lava Toast (THB 175)

When in doubt, pick the recommended dish to make your life easier and the dilemmatic moment get shorter. I’ve tried to do so and it apparently worked well for me. I tried to find those precious petite signs on the menu, showing the signature ones. On top of that, I cross-checked to the store attendants before placing my order. 

First recommendation featured the main characteristic of Thai dessert, yes nothing else than thai tea. Using charcoal toast, the bread came in flawless combination of texture being crispy outside yet very fluffy inside. Going beyond expectation, the Thai Tea fillings was like literally overflowing once the toast was cut! It got me surprised by how generous this hidden treasure was served *total lovestruck!!*. I highly recommend you to find more people to share it, especially if you’re not that insane sweet tooth. I’m one of the top members of the group, yet I still found this as gigantic for going solo, especially it’s indeed a bit too sweet. However, I overall still got mesmerized by the totality and the surprise the dish carried out. 

Salted Egg Lava Croissant (THB 150)

Knowing it might take me months (whose exact number I couldn’t estimate) to bring me back here, I didn’t wanna miss the precious chance to try more from the menu. Well at least, two dishes for sure! So there it was, my second order, which was another gem of theirs - Salted Egg

Oh geez! I felt like going back to Bangkok right here right now, simply to have this magnificent sinful pleasure!! Ok CODE, hands down. You did deserve that title of Castle of Dessert Enthusiast; oh yeah, surely more than just a cafe!

Taste: 8.5/10
Place: 8/10
Service: 8.5/10
Price: 7.5/10

Thanks for reading! :)

Address: Terminal 21, Bangkok, Thailand
Phone: (+66) (0) 2058 6477
Operating Hours: Mon - Sun 10am - 10pm

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