Sunday, May 27, 2018

Devon Cafe, All the Way from Surry Hills to Senayan

'Whaattt?!? Devon’s coming to Jakartaaa?? Wooo..YEEAAAHHH!' That’s prolly the perfect representative of my first expression when knowing Devon finally established its presence in our beloved capital city, taking place at Senayan City. If you used to dine in Zhuma, that’s exactly the space where Devon put its premiere footsteps. 

Totally distinctive from its Surry Hills outlet in Sydney, which was more into home-alike design, this one was typical mall cafe with quite limited space, though they’re still able to provide both indoor and outdoor spaces. As expected, the cafe was pretty packed with people especially during weekend brunch time since I believed many people were highly curious to try this new place, particularly with its high reputation in Sydney. Let alone the ones that have tried it in Sydney or even its loyal consumers there, I believed they’re just as hyper-excited as me to figure out if the ‘local Devon’ would be as good or not. 

White (IDR 36k)
Offering Devon’s unique blend, there’s no reason to skip it. Well, honestly speaking the Sydney’s version of Devon’s cap was slightly too light for my liking. Nevertheless, I was just curious how this one would turn out. 

Overall it’s okay-ish though bluntly said nothing distinctive too call out. Those fancying the light body for their coffee might love this one though ;)

Surry Hills Iced Tea (IDR 35k)

Surry Hills! Exactly the area where Devon resided in Syd. Smart idea to pick this name, and indeed quite catchy one. Stating it in simpler way, it’s mainly tea mixed with wild berry and orange. Despite the tea was the boldest element in the glass, the refreshing wild berry and orange could be strongly tasted as well. Although I still thought it’s a bit overpriced, I loved how the drink being so unique that I believed sooner or later the idea would be copied by others. 

Ragu alla Sichuanese (IDR 95k)
It’s quite tough when it came to time for deciding which main courses to order. So many of them in the menu my sister and I wanted to try, yet unfortunately our tummies were to tiny to afford them all. We did our hyper-quick spy-style research, observing what’s on the tables surrounding us and basically we found out almost all of them had this spaghetti-based dish. Skimming through the menu, we figured out it’s actually this Ragu alla Sichuanese, which from the description looked like Chinese-style cuisine especially the dynamic duo of  Dan-dan sauce and Sichuan pepper. 

The dish did smell and look extremely good when landed on the table. That 63-degree egg was flawlessly executed that when I just sliced it, the runny yolk burst out beautifully, seemed to be more than ready to be blended with the minced beef and mozzarella. The spaghetti was cooked al dente and the portion was highly fulfilling and I even preferred to share. All the dressings were more than enough, including the toppings in terms of quantity. Taste wise, it’s surprisingly more into curry flavor than Sichuan for my palate. Making it a little saltier would definitely make it more scrumptious. One tips, mix everything well prior to enjoying it so you could have every single element of the dish in one go. 

Breakfast with the Sakuma’s (IDR 180k)

Saving the main actor for the climax of the show, hereby I presented my all-time favorite menu in Devon, the one that got me first fall for Devon and still stayed as my number one there, Breakfast with the Sakuma’s! If in Syd it might cost around AUD 26, here in Jakarta this ‘champion-breakie’ menu was sold at around 30% cheaper *yeaaayyyy!*

This must-try colorful dish featured the uber tender miso grilled king salmon as the main protein. Perfectly cooked till pale pink, and best enjoyed with the yolk of the 63-degree egg, the mayo, and the furikake (seaweed mix); a feast of different succulent flavors in one bite. Another one not to be forgotten was the crispy golden brown eel croquette, which seemed to play the carbo role in the dish. Not sure if it’s the same here, but in the original outlet you could order additional portion of this croquette ;). Completing the set, you would also get the healthy sides of petite radish salad so you got your protein, carbo, and vitamin altogether <3. 

Sum everything up, I was so delighted Devon’s now just car-ride away and I needn’t fly 5500km to be able to enjoy my fave Sakuma. I would certainly coming back real soon for the other dishes. See you Devon!

Taste: 8/10
Place: 7/10
Service: 7.5/10
Price: 7.5/10

Thanks for reading! :)

Address: Senayan City LG - Crystal Lagoon, Jakarta
Phone: (+62 21) 7278 1590
Operating Hours: Mon - Sun 9.30am - 10pm

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