Sunday, November 19, 2017

Oranje Juicery, where Being Healthy is Indulging

Hello to all the health-concern fellas out there! Well, I guessed nowadays more and more people moved into this particular group, realizing that it’s no longer a certain lifestyle or trend, but it’s something mandatory to ensure you lived your long life nicely. 

With this increasing demand of healthy stuffs lately, people didn’t stop till exercise, supplements, or medicines. They’re now craving for high quality foods and beverages as well, which didn’t only taste good on the palate but also bring goodness for the body. Healthy catering, diet menu, low-fat drinks, and many many more; just name it. One thing not to forget, the healthy cafe, the place I named to the cafes serving healthy foods and beverages. It sometimes came in the form that’s as simple as juice bar, but could also go much complicated, serving a selections of smoothie bowls, salad, organic snacks, ‘green’ wraps, cold-pressed juices, and smoothies - just exactly the option Oranje was taking. 

Occupying a hook space in the arrays of shophouses in Gading Serpong area, the space was a quite sizable one if you combined the indoor and outdoor spots. The theme was literally orange, just like how you called this cafe. For me it’s a smart pick since it did give the fresh and natural ambiance in the overall venue. The stronger element delivering the concept was the small yard located in front, where the cafe put several mat-seating for the guests to enjoy the feeling of having picnic and going back into the nature while having their orders. Unfortunately it was raining heavily at the time I visited so I did have to ‘say bye’ to that awesome scenery *deep frowned*

Not only from the yard seats, you could still spot the clear blue sky from the other open-air space, which was actually just next to the yard. Quite many tables for small groups were there, made it a great spot when the weather went friendly enough. 

The indoor one wasn’t bad as well, with long wooden seating at one corner and small chairs on the other hand. With the petite fruit-shaped bolsters decorating the seats, the place simply looked beautifully colorful. 

Oranje Lemonade (IDR 25k)

Despite the heavy rain, the weather was pretty hot and humid, making me craving for something refreshing. However, as I was already full enough, having had my lunch prior to coming there, I opted for something lighter and the cold pressed juice was my choice. There were actually quite many variants mentioned on the menu, but the available ones were limited *frowned*. Yeah, only those displayed on the fridge, which if I recalled correctly not even more than 5 kinds. 

My choice then fell to one of the most mainstream as the other I did want to try wasn’t there. Like typical lemonade, Oranje’s version featured lemon and sugar, but it added another ingredient to make it more special, which was the Himalayan salt. This ‘extra bonus’ did work for my palate as I enjoyed that salty hint in the fresh beverage. Perhaps if they could provide the variant with less or no sugar, I would be even more delighted since this one was slightly too sweet for me. 

Berry Sunrise (IDR 45k)

In the mood for clean eating? Your desire would completely be served here. The size might look petite in picture, but wait till you had it yourself. These mini bowls were fulfilling enough as the mixture of ingredients was indeed not light one. It might take quite some time for them to prepare all the orders, so do expect quite long wait especially if you come in bigger-sized group and order different meals. 

Starting from the general one, Acai bowl! Oranje’s version was actually pretty rich as it’s not merely acai with other berries, but they did feature banana and pineapple being blended together with the main actor. On top, then you would get your quadruple happiness from the granola, coconut flakes, almond, and fresh apple slices. It’s a nice play of texture as the toppings were pleasantly crunchy. They did add extra sweetness to the overall bowl, but still at decent level. 

Tropical Mango (IDR 38k)

Stepping up to a more peculiar one, which you might be rarely meet or even never meet in other places selling similar foods. Pretty similar with the previous ones in terms of the complementary components as this one did use banana and pineapple in the mix, but differentiated by the main one as this time it’s the tropical fella - mango, as the substitute to acai. Still had granola, almond, and coconut flakes as the toppings for sure; however this bowl’s tropical name wasn’t only represented merely by mango (both the smoothies and the diced-cut ones). It did give you much more than that with extra coconut flesh, coconut milk, and star fruit! Yesss you heard it right guys, a super generous bowl with overflowing elements inside to ensure your tummy got its peak of prosperity. 

Cut the long story short, I would say that this place was worthy to be visited, especially if you were kind of struggling to find the place serving luscious healthy food at affordable price. One note, no blame on me for addiction ;) . For myself, I would definitely go back to try their wraps, rice bowls, and all the rest!

Taste: 7.5/10
Place: 7.5/10
Service: 7/10
Price: 7.5/10

Thanks for reading! :)

Address: Jl. Ki Hajar Dewantara, Ruko Golden 8 Blok I No. 22, Gading Serpong, Tangerang
Phone: (+62) 877 1101 3338
Operating Hours: Mon - Sat 7.30am - 8pm, Sun 7.30am - 6pm

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