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Dailycious, “To Eat is Human, To Eat Well is Divine”

“To eat is human, to eat well is divine”. Carrying that tagline, the place definitely aimed to serve something amusing to pamper all the palates of the guests. It didn’t only want to serve something fulfilling for the tummy, but meals that gave ultimate satisfaction. 

Not stopping there, it did want to let he guests enjoying great foods with heart-warming ambiance. The theme carried was quite different between the first and the second level. The first was most cheerful, bringing more colorful tone though the chosen ones were more to the soft side like light turquoise and baby pink. I was deeply in love with the interior that all I had in mind was I wanted to have my bedroom being decorated this way!

Not only targeting the youngsters, they did aim for family, proven by the playing area provided at the front corner. Those with small kids could enjoy their time while let their kids play. More than that, I guessed the photo-holic could get themselves completely satisfied with tons of instagenic snaps here as they would simply want one more snap at each corner. 

While the first floor was more lively, the upper level presented the currently happening simple and monochromatic design with mainly grey color, using cement tiles and walls, which were then colored by the green plants - either hanging on the ceiling or standing on the floor. This kind of ambiance was always delighting for me as it gave the homey feeling and nothing’s too much for your eyes to take. As the place was quite sizable and they did provide communal table, it could be utilized as co-working as well as meeting space. To note, you could have better privacy as well since some of the corners were separated by glass walls. Furthermore, an outdoor space facing the front side of the cafe was also there, giving another options of ambiance to enjoy.

When you stayed around Tangerang, the place was accessible as it’s located at the center of the area, being close to both who had the radar around both BSD and Alam Sutera. Having said so, I believed this approximately one-month old cafe would create the big hype here!

Right at the time I took my first step into the venue, I was given a wide smile and directed to some tables as the options for my seat. I picked the one next to the window, as usual to get the best slot for my flatlay pictures giggling. Besides, my friend could also get his best spot to look after his son who was playing at the kids spot, located just next to our table. 

Looking at the menu, the ones behind the kitchen apparently tried to be innovative, combining several ingredients, which were not commonly served together, in many of their dishes. Honestly speaking I was at first pretty disappointed, finding that most foods I wanna tried weren’t available. Yeah, I called out like 3 menu and they were all not there. The waitress tried to explain that they indeed wanted to modify their menu, removing some of the current dishes. Though I finally ended up ordering other meals, I was still kind of annoyed and I thought it would be better if they could quickly replace the menu to avoid same case happened to other customers. 

Rawon Buntut (IDR 65k)

Since my friend was told that their traditional Indonesian dishes were the favorites, so he opted for the dishes coming from this particular group. Starting with this Rawon, the soup with kluwak as the main component. Indonesians were definitely familiar with this dish and might be the big fan of it. 

The signature characteristic of Dailycious was it featured oxtail as the substitute to beef cuts. Overall, my friend who had it mentioned that the broth was pretty decent and the oxtail was juicy enough. It’s a nice one though he couldn’t say it’s the best kind of rawon. If you’re the fan of fried snacks, you would be happier as you got that corn fritter to enjoy with your main dish. Not to forget the best friends of rawon, yeah for sure boiled salted egg and bean sprouts, so you would get your more-than-complete set of rawon!

Nasi Gulai Chicken Bakar Kemangi (IDR 40k)

Compared to the first, this was more peculiar and flavorful at the same time, serving tender grilled chicken accompanied by Indonesian’s favorite carbo, rice! Great news, the rice gave extra delicacy as it’s not the plain one, but the version grilled with basil, making it became more aromatic and tastier. It was quite a good deal, sold at this price level and came with quite big size. 

Mie Tektek (IDR 30k)
Who said you could only enjoy street foods by the street? Now I thought the trend had spread out anywhere that restaurants started serving these types of dishes as well. Yeah in the end people seemed to enjoy going back to the basics <3. This dish could be one of the best representatives, serving something I ate quite often during my college times. Besides very affordable, I did enjoy the taste a lot, like simple happiness which you could get with a single door-open. 

It was nothing more than egg-noodles, fried with eggs, shredded chicken, and various veggies; but the taste was absolutely indulging! The abundant fried shallots on top was heaven for me, and despite that this dish might have simplest ingredients compared to the first two, I enjoyed it best. 
Bubur Ketan Saus Mangga (IDR 25k)

The sweets finally came on the stage, as if they didn’t wanna lose to the savory ones. Following the latest trend, it did featured mango in the bowl, as the additional toppings to the normal black sticky rice porridge. Speaking bluntly, I still preferred the normal one, with black sticky rice, mung beans, and coconut milk only. For my palate, the diced mangoes were kind of weird to be combined here, and it simply demanded the mainstream version.  Yep, when it came to invention, it was always back to preference. 

Colenak (IDR 35k)

When you had your radar based on West Java, or you did enjoy their foods quite too much, you certainly were aware of this traditional dessert. Made of fermented cassava, it was normally served with liquid coconut sugar or brown cane sugar and shredded coconut. 

Nonetheless, Dailycious brought out the brand new version, with chocolate, caramel, and crumbles. Nothing’s wrong with the new kind of toppings and my palate well accepted them; only that it wished to get the fermented cassava to be served in more moist texture. Perhaps cooked it slightly longer? ;)

Hot/Iced Kopi Tarik (IDR 17k)

To end all the meals, my friends and I this time had one voice, Kopi Tarik, which was made of Aceh coffee beans. You could guess how strong these cups of caffeine were, for sure. If you loved acidic type of coffee, this would suit you best, but my coffee liking wasn’t that much into it. Fortunately the sourness was balanced by the sweetness from the condensed milk, yet I recommended iced version than the hot one as it might ended up being overly sweet.

In a nutshell, I was hitched by this place at my premiere visit and I could guarantee I would be going back for their other meals. What I loved the most was its ambiance that could let my brain had its best relaxation treatment.

Taste: 7.5/10
Place: 8.5/10
Service: 8/10
Price: 8/10

Thanks for reading! :)

Address: Ruko Bolsena B1-3 Boulevard Gading Serpong, Tangerang
Phone: (+62 21) 2222 8651
Operating Hours: Mon - Fri 10am - 10pm, Sat - Sun 10am - 00am

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