Sunday, October 29, 2017

Hommie Cafe, Where you Simply Feel like Being at Home

Just like how the name mentioned, the place was indeed a cozy one and I was sure they wanted to give that feeling of ‘welcome home’ to all the guests. Taking place at a shop house at the Icon BSD area, you would easily find the cafe as it looked quite distinctive to its surroundings, colored in Turqoise. Right away reminding me of the infamous Tiffany & Co, I did get the impression that the color looked warming for the eyes and the feeling. Entering the venue, the dining space was actually residing at the second floor, and you could find a perfect spot, the single-person swing placed by the window, where you could enjoy the view of the surrounding area. 

Matching the ambiance and the main theme carried out by the interior, the foods were also aligned, featuring the types of simple comfort foods, which weren’t complicated to prepare and whose taste simply suited all taste buds. When I mentioned about this, perhaps you’re could start guessing in your mind what the foods were. Please don’t overthink it since we’re talking about something all Indonesians and I guessed foreigners as well loved. Wanna try your luck to answer? If you just called out instant noodles, you couldn’t be more right. 

Yes, Hommie did serve instant noodles as its main meals on the menu, just in more unique way. If several months ago it’s more about serving it similar to the packaging, now it’s about crafting it yourself. No, it didn’t mean you cooked it yourself in Hommie’s kitchen, but you’re the one deciding what you wanted to land on your plate. 

First time entering the venue, you would meet their ‘little market’, an array of shelves displaying the brands and variants of instant noodles provided. Actually the options weren’t limited to local ones, but also imported brands, which lately flooded even more into our beloved country and seemed to suit most people’s taste buds as well. 

Upon choosing the main actor, you could then customize the ‘sidekicks’. Of course you’ve been familiar with this kind of ‘mix and match’, or even have already been the experts. You would have eggs, corned beef, cheese, and many more to accompany your noodles. 

Hot Cappuccino (IDR 33k)

Papa Bear’s portion! Sorry if it sounded cheesy, but I guessed pretty much representing the bigger size, relatively compared to common Cappuccino. Unfortunately it’s kind of too strong for my coffee palate as it’s quite acidic. I actually didn’t mind the bold coffee flavor, but my taste bud didn’t fit into the sourness. Perhaps if you’re the one preferring dark roasted beans, this was your kind of cup :)

Chocolate Cheese Toast (IDR 9k + 5.5k + 7.5k)

Besides that, if you weren’t into having something savory or too heavy, you had another choice to satisfy your palate, which was actually the one I opted for. Yeah, that simple homemade toast with toppings as your desire. 

The bread was lovely as they’re using the thick and moist one. Despite you might think it’s quite pricey when you accumulated the price, luckily they were quite generous in serving the toppings so did expect abundant shredded cheese and thick layer of Nutella if you ordered the same as mine. The taste was not bad, but I guessed next time I would request for less condensed milk so I could have my real toppings flavors sent stronger. 

Overall it’s a nice space for working, meeting, and simply killing time. It might not serve luxurious or complicated scenery to enjoy, but it’s an enjoyable one, as nice as sitting lazily on your couch at home.

Taste: 7/10
Place: 7.5/10
Service: 8/10
Price: 7/10

Thanks for reading! :)

Address: Jl. Verdant Ville I, Tangerang
Phone: (+62) 877 7565 0302 / (+62) 8111 767 717
Operating Hours: Mon - Sun 10am - 10pm

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