Thursday, January 25, 2018

Artotel Yogyakarta, An Artsy-Cozy Piece in the Heart of the Cultural City

As a first timer in Jogja (yes you might either laugh or get surprised but that’s the pretty little fact), I got so excited for this trip and it’s been a long awaited one for myself. Upon having several failed trips, the chance finally came when my company conducted its annual meeting in this iconic cultural city. As the meeting took place from Wednesday to Friday, I didn’t think twice to make the choice to extend my stay till the weekend ended. 

For sure I was quite picky in deciding where I should stay for my 2-night sweet escape. That didn’t mean I would look for a fancy five-star accommodation as my preference was always the comfort though interior would always be a plus point. 

Browsing through several websites, I finally ended up with Artotel, the brand that has been so well-known with its unique contemporary concept. Having its brand new branch just been established last December, it triggered my excitement even more to give a try. Moreover, the strategic location, residing at the heart of the city, gave me more confidence to decide staying there. 

My guesstimate on how this 4-star hotel looked like, was finally proven by the time I stepped into the entrance. A super instagenic view was there, sitting nicely for me to stare and get wow-ed! Not merely in the lobby, each floor did have its own design by different people, all of which were provided to amaze the guests. 

Simple facilities like breakfast buffet and swimming pool were there to be enjoyed and could even spoil you together at the same time as they’re located side by side. As the special feature, the guests were given the Dolce Gusto machine right in your room to let you get the live beverage-making experience. 

Despite the simple concept, the room size was quite okay and the arrangement was efficient enough to allow you getting some free space. Mine was the studio one, coming in 23sqm size. With the affordable price, it did worth the penny paid, especially if I took into account all those Instagenic snaps I could take at different corners at the hotel. Trying to find out more information, actually it offered 105 art-infused rooms, coming with different design! For sure, this involved quite many artists behind them (just in case you were curious enough, you could find out more about them here)

Cleanliness of the rooms and facilities as well as the knowledge and speed of service from the attendants were doubtless, and perhaps my only concern was with the foods which in my view could be improved in terms of the taste and the freshness. 

For you who had the chance coming and staying here, you surely didn’t wanna miss the most-hyped golden slide that could carry you from the mezzanine floor to the lobby level. Not only kids, it could even accommodate adults who still had the spirit (and perhaps courage) to give it a try. You needn’t worry of getting ashamed as not few people did it, not to exclude my own self!

Overall it’s a nice couple-night experience staying in this hotel and I wouldn’t feel reluctant to recommend it to others ;)

Thanks for reading! :)

Address: Jl. Kaliurang KM 5,6 - Depok, Yogyakarta