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Mezzanine, Dining in A Glasshouse

Dining in a glasshouse? Wooow! You must have had like fruit farm in your mind, where people usually experience picking the fruits themselves then eating them right away. No guys, it’s not even close to that imagination as this one’s the real dining experience just like what you usually have in restaurant/cafe, but indeed the cafe comes in glasshouse design. 

Resided near the heart of Jogja, I could easily access the cafe by any transportation mode. The parking space was also gigantic so those bringing their own vehicles could shoo away their worries. If even the parking space was that huge, you could already picture in your mind how the dining space would be, surely even bigger one. It even consisted of two levels, divided in two separated parts. One of them had been fully operated, while the other was still closed. 

First time coming into the cafe, you would first meet the kitchen which I could say as open one since you had quite sizable window to see the live performance inside. Then you would meet the long alley, whose side was occupied by the always-tempting showcase where all the cakes were displayed, then continued by the cashier. On the other side, there were several tables for small groups, which came in unique design. 

Entering the next area, there was the outdoor area in the building, which was actually the space without ceiling, allowing the guests to enjoy sitting right under the clear blue sky. Unfortunately it’s raining heavily at my time of visit so I couldn’t occupy that space as it’s all wet. 

Moving on, I could then see bigger area with more seats, standing next to the mezzanine, just like the name of the venue. 

The walls were mainly decorated by colorful paintings, kinda similar to graffiti, making them perfect spots for the snaps to be featured on your feeds. It did make the place looked lively, besides the glass walls that would let the guests enjoy the scenery from outside, which was actually green fields. Having such place in the middle of the city was like meeting a fountain in the middle of the desert, such a heart-warming view that I wished I could have in our beloved capital city. 

My biggest crush was surely the mezzanine floor, with some seats shaped like bird cages. They might be not looking new as there had been several restaurants earlier featuring the same concept, yet I was sure Mezzanine was the first one serving such interior with natural view. Flower pots right at the center of your dining table, well were else could you find it fellas?

One peculiar thing that I wasn’t sure if you noticed or not before I called out, the walls looked like ‘waterfalls’ with water flowing from top to bottom due to the rain. I wasn’t certain if this was intentionally made or it’s just that the ceiling hadn’t been properly set that it’s leaking. 

OK never mind, let’s see if the spoiling ambiance was well complemented by palatable dishes as well. 

Norwegian Salmon (IDR 110k)

The menu actually served various international dishes, ranging from Asian to Western ones. I picked this pan-seared salmon as the picture looked attractive. Size-wise it’s not bad, having the quite big salmon fillet further complemented by mashed potato and veggies. It’s quite sad to say that the fish was pretty dry, perhaps because it’s overcooked. 

Luckily, the savory sauce paired to it was quite yummy, and the veggies were all fresh and tasty. The mashed potato might not really suit my liking as my preference was the moist and creamy one, but it’s not bad at all and I would say it’s the matter of preference so you might love it if you’re in the same boat with those fancied the savory type one. 

Oreo Cheesecake (IDR 30k)

Honestly this cake was the first one I saw on Instagram as the dish served in Mezzanine and it’s also the one woke up my curiosity initially. It made me further browse about the place and finally decided to pay a visit. Thus, without even thinking twice, I right away pointed it to be listed on my order when I spotted it sitting gorgeously in the chiller. 

Thanks to the cover that didn’t lie, as it’s utterly indulging with the soft and creamy cheese as well as crunchy oreo base. The only component that’s kind of bothering me was the whipped cream on top which my taste bud didn’t really think suiting the cake well. Other than that, it’s well-executed and came as awesome ending to my dining session. 

Hot Chocolate (IDR 27.5k)

Mehhh.... perhaps that’s my first expression when looking at the actual drink for the first time. Yep, pretty dissatisfied as it didn’t look like the picture on the menu; no cookies and only marshmallow. But gladly, it turned out delighting as the chocolate taste was so bold and it’s not overly sweet, exactly matched my kind of hot chocolate! Dip the marshmallows into the hot choc and get fondled right away!

Iced Mezzanine Latte (IDR 37.5k)

However, if you're more into cold drinks and at the same time you did love coffee, then go for their Iced Mezzanine Latte. As the name did carry the cafe's name, for sure there's something special within it. Served in the form of frozen coffee cubes with a jar of steamed milk, you should pour the milk and let the cubes melt before being able to enjoy this beverage. This let you getting the short nice view right before giving it a sip.

When my sister said it's so good, I initially perceived her as over-exaggerating it, but finally I understood once I had it on my palate. Strong body, precise sweetness, and delightful fragrance. As you mixed the components yourself, you could even adjust if you want it to be bolder or milkier by putting the right doze of the milk. Awesomely fondling!

Having such coddling space with nice dishes especially indulging beverages, you could imagine how much I wanted to bring it back home if only I could do so! :)

Taste: 7/10
Place: 8/10
Service: 7.5/10
Price: 7/10

Address: Jl. Palagan Tentara Pelajar KM 8 No. 30, Yogyakarta
 Phone: (+62 878) 2406 3145
Operating Hours: Mon - Sun 9am - 0am

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