Sunday, January 28, 2018

Bakerella Pastry and Cafe

Bakerella, I guessed the name has been able to give quite good hint on where this newly established cafe’s focusing on. Yes, for sure it talked about baked foods, particularly cakes!! You could now spot those blinking love-struck on my eyes. 

The soft opening was actually done last December, but the grand one just came this week. Good news I could have, just like the one you typically heard on any other grand openings, there was promotion! They uniquely offered different one on each day, and today it’s a special promo on the salad! Besides, till tomorrow they’re offering buy-one-get-one as well for the sliced cakes if you dined in the restaurant. 

Occupying a gigantic space in the extremely busy Greenville area, the brain behind the interior well-developed the design of the venue. You could strongly sense the ‘baking’ theme, spoken by the decoration put at some of the corners. You could spot the cute dummy cake display, a particular space looking like pantry with the kitchen utensils, and a glass-covered room for cake-decorating activities! Yes, they did offer that, focusing on cupcakes and cake pops. You could opt for the package you desired, and chose if you wanna take it in the room or on your dining table. Sounds awesome?

For kids, this place might look like a giant playground. They did have their dedicated play arena, and they could also take the cake-decorating activity. So for those who craved for nice coffee-time but couldn’t leave your children alone, now you had your answer. 

Despite Bakerella did focus on cakes, they did offer savory dishes in the cafe, serving mostly international dishes. Since I didn’t want to miss the on-going promotion, I went for their salad to begin my dining session. 

Smoked Salmon Salad (IDR 70k)

It’s not that I intentionally took healthy menu, but the waitress did say it’s one of the most favorites. It presented quite rich combination of veggies in the bowl, featuring mesclun, kyuri, tomato, green beans, boiled potato, boiled eggs, and smoked salmon. Completed with Vinaigrette dressing, this colorful dish wasn’t only good for the body, but also tasty for the palate. They’re quite generous in giving prolly the most-favorite element in the bowl, the salmon fillet, which was fresh and delectable. Though I did think it’s quite pricey sold at IDR 70k, but luckily it’s yummy and yeah, lucky me I could buy it at half price. 

Red Velvet Cake (IDR 45k/slice)

When in doubt, eat desserts. Well, that might be not applicable for me as I ate desserts all time, regardless I was happy or sad, regardless I was full or hungry. So if it’s on promo, what could be my reason of refusing to order it? So there they were, 2 slices of cakes beautifully landed on my table. 

The first was this round-shaped Red Velvet Cake, which I actually took as I couldn’t have the sliced one as the waitress told me it’s not cut yet and still in whole shape. I was honestly disappointed, yet having no choice but to take it. The vanilla sponge cake combined with cocoa touch, was slightly too dry for my palate. More than that, I wished stronger cream cheese flavor from those layers between the sponge cake; perhaps it’s because they’re slightly too thin? When I was about to pay for my bill, actually they finally cut the whole cake and I could spot those Red Velvet slices coming from the whole cake looked so good with more dense cake and much thicker cream cheese layers; unline my round-shaped one *frowned*. Fortunately the crunchy nougat toppings could heal the dissatisfaction a bit as its flawlessly executed in terms of texture and taste. 

Pineapple Crumble Cake / Nastar Cake (IDR 50k/slice)

This second cake was a better savior as it turned my mood 180-degree. The soft sponge cake was lovely, complemented by the flavorful layers of pineapple jam with a hint of cheddar. Not to mention the additional joy from the nastar crumble on top. This cake was just like a slice of sinful indulgence I would absolutely unable to resist!

Hot Cappuccino (IDR 35k)

To give my cakes their right partner (in my preference), I opted for Hot Cappuccino as my first beverage. In Bakerella’s version, they gave a touch of cinnamon by putting the powder on top. Despite that the coffee was quite too acidic for me, I loved the blend of coffee and cinnamon aroma which raised my appetite well as I pictured a cup of perfect warm drink in the middle of the cold rainy day. 

Green Hornet (IDR 35k)

The appearance was well explained by the word ‘green’ coming in the name. The ingredients inside the glass were all refreshing natural ones presenting the mixture of cucumber, lime, coconut water, agave, and aloe vera. I bet you could already picture how revitalizing it was with all those elements. You could also enjoy a play of textures as you had the chewy and crunchy components in the drink. If you loved cucumber, this drink was totally yours!

Chrysanthemum Tea

Finally, the most beautiful one, the well-presented hot drink which I’d never met before elsewhere. It’s actually a complimentary one from the house to end my dining session in Bakerella. Great news that it’s not only having adorable appearance, but also indulging taste. Explaining it simply, it’s like typical Chrysanthemum tea you would probably have quite often in Chinese restaurant. A nice one to go for if you’re in the mood for hot and classic beverage. 

All in all, I enjoyed my ‘sweet’ (well majority of those I had were literally sweet, weren’t they?) brunch session in Bakerella and I was so glad I had another one option of my kind of places, dessert specialist! Hope to see you again soon and pretty please make more of the sliced cakes available ;)

Taste: 7/10
Place: 8/10
Service: 7.5/10
Price: 7/10

Thanks for reading! :)

Address: Jl. Greenville Raya (besides Golden Leaf restaurant)
Operating Hours: Mon - Sun 10am - 10pm