Sunday, January 28, 2018

Klinik Kopi, where Rangga, Cinta, and Caffeine Meet

Hands up if you’re fan of AADC! Though I rarely wanted to watch Indonesian movies in the cinema, AADC’s one of my most awaited, a movie that could bring back the nice high-school memories. OK then you might wonder if you’re reading the right blog; if I would be sharing about foods or movies. No worries guys, I would stop right here on the movies, let’s go to the one you’re more curious about. 

Basically I was asking about AADC, because it headed towards my next query. If you’ve watched the movie, you would absolutely feel familiar with Klinik Kopi. Yesss, the one Rangga and Cinta went to, the cafe chosen by Rangga as a coffee lover. 

If you thought why I was going there in the evening when it’s dark and hard to get good pictures, the reason was they did open quite late, starting 4pm daily. I even heard that sometimes it could be even later or earlier, kinda random and made it better for you to call and ask prior to coming to the place. 

Actually I was told that the place hasn’t just been crowded after being used by AADC, it’s been so wanted even long before the movie took place. They’re well-known for the awesome brew coffee, which was made fresh when ordered, live in front of the guest and adjustable to the guest preference.

Having your caffeine cup here gave a very unique experience, which you might haven’t met earlier. Entering the venue, you would be given queue-ticket and you would only be served once your number’s called. Yes, they served the guests one by one, directly by the one and only barista, who’s also the owner. He wanted to ensure you get your best coffee experience by doing so. Another peculiar fact, he would first explain to you each of the beans, the origin, how they’re processed, how’s the taste, and much more facts as far as you wanted to dig. That would lead you to choose the beans you desired for your cup, which he would then brew for you. The beans came from various area spread all around Indonesia, which then they roasted themselves in their own micro roastery.

As you might have estimated, it surely took quite long before you got your turn to be served. Therefore they provided the waiting space, which was a very casual one, with floor-seating and ‘Green’ surroundings, feeling like chilling at your own house’s backyard. The owner did want to deliver the eco-friendly concept, putting plants at almost all corners, which simultaneously gave the fresh and natural ambiance. 

Just like the name, Klinik Kopi, I felt like I was waiting to be examined by the doctor in the clinic. When it came to my turn, the funny thing was all the conversations with the barista were completely recorded and documented (not sure what’s the purpose though). Having told the barista that my sister and I wanted to go for the non-acidic ones, he offered Banjar and Padusi, both were originated from West Sumatera.  We trusted his recommendation and right away ordered the two. 

I was beyond satisfied that my 1-hour queue did get paid-off. The brew coffee was so aromatic, not acidic, but the bold coffee flavor successful spoiled my taste bud. By paying IDR 25k for each cup, my evening coffee craving after the sleepless days got completely coddled by the two cups. It’s like just some long sips then both were unconsciously finished already. They differed in taste as for my palate one’s more into smoky while the other more fruity, but both were delectable. 

Starting from mere fad, I ended up became a big fan! If you said you’re a coffee lover, this place’s must-go whenever you’re in Jogja!

Taste: 8/10
Place: 7/10
Service: 8.5/10
Price: 8/10

Thanks for reading! :)

Address: Jl. Kaliurang KM 7.5, Gang Madukoro, Yogyakarta (north side of Gardu PLN)
Phone: (+62) 813 9278 4240
Operating Hours: Mon - Sat 4pm - 8pm

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