Thursday, February 8, 2018

Farmer's Bowl, Enjoying the Healthy Lifestyle

Could you make your wild guess on how a farmer’s bowl would look like? I loved the name chosen by the people behind the petite cafe as it triggered my brain to make my own creative guesstimation on the meaning. As farmers were closely related to farms, so basically the place talked about natural ingredients being served together to craft scrumptious dishes. Yeah, I thought once you arrived at the venue and saw the menu, you would surely got it right away. 

Residing at Ciranjang, one of the hotspot of restaurants and cafes in South Jakarta, the place was easily accessible. If you happened to know Buba and Bump, perhaps the mommies and soon-to-be mommies were familiar with it, Farmer’s Bowl was just next to that place and they’re even connected inside. Or in case you knew Nitro Coffee, Farmer’s Bowl was right across that coffee shop. 

This place wouldn’t only be the crush for those who struggled to find healthy and organic foods, but also families with kids as they provided quite many entertainment for the kids, which I believed could let the little fellas stayed still for long long time. I could even see some of them refused to leave when the parents were about to go home LOL. 

Back to what the kitchen offered, basically the concept was more into DIY bowl with healthy ingredients, of which the house had provided the options of set course that would ensure you got the complete nutrition package including carbo, protein, vitamin, and more. 

The main course ranged from around IDR 90k up to IDR 120k, coming in fulfilling size for adults. As kids might have different preference, they did serve special menu for kids prepared in engaging presentations! As you might bring your nannies with you, they did have special section on the menu, offering the dishes for the nannies. 

Though you could be as creative as you could be and decided what you wanted to mix in your bowl, Farmer’s Kitchen did help you with their signature set. There were 5 choices presented by the house; Ninja Bowl bringing soba and salmon, Gangnam Bowl bringing white rice and beef, Summer Bowl bringing quinoa and grilled chicken, Harvest Bowl bringing quinoa and tempeh special for vegetarians, and Siam Bowl bringing mix of veggies and salmon. 

Ninja Bowl (IDR 119k)

My pick was the first one, named as ninja as the main carbo carried Japanese touch, soba noodle. The sauce and other ingredients somehow made the dish turned to be even more Japanese style, with  sauteed beansprouts, grilled scallion tofu, and salted edamame. The key highlights which made me fell deeply into it were the garlic honey glazed salmon perfectly paired with the sous vide egg! 

The salmon was so smooth and flavorful that I could feel the seasoning infused till the inner layer. The perfectly runny yolk which I could mix with the other components flawlessly gave the succulent creaminess into the overall taste. Not to mention the roasted sesame caramel and garlic chili flakes, which made the mix of seasoning even went stronger. Yummy to the very last spoon and at the moment I’m writing this, my saliva felt like dropping!

Peanut Nice Cream (IDR 50k)

Having my Ninja Bowl come in gigantic size, I almost couldn’t take anything anymore. Nonetheless, I surely didn’t want to miss trying their Nice Cream! Yes you heard it right fellas, Nice Cream. It’s neither typo nor misspelling. Basically this sweet dish came in 3 variants; chocolate, berry, and peanut, of which I went for the last one - my all time favorite flavor. 

The base for all was frozen banana (including the sliced bananas as the giveaways!), blended with your chosen flavor so you could already picture mine, mixed with generous amount of peanut butter, giving bold and indulging taste on the palate. Just like common smoothie bowls, you could meet the toppings of coconut flakes, goji berry, and granola. I could say Farmer’s Bowl version was so satisfying as the simple mixture was thick yet refreshing. Oohhhh how I wish such healthy food could be on my breakie table every morning!

Honey Lemon Jelly

Sounded interesting? Well yeah, the name basically the one captured my attention first to have it on my order list. I was a fan of the trio; honey, lemon, and jelly, and picturing them collaborating together seemed beyond awesome so I had no reason for saying no for a trial. Giving me a surprise, it’s more lovely than I expected as the drink was surely refreshing and the great thing was the natural sweetness coming from the honey, was balanced by the slightly sour flavor from the lemon. The jelly went beyond abundant and even made me got more full by closing my dining session with this beverage. I could even tell that you could go for it as light to-go breakfast. 

Coconut Water by Kokonat

Well I guessed this drink was another RTD one offered but prolly not made by the house. Actually they did offer tea, coffee, and fresh made-to-order juice but I just wanted to go for something easy. This was another one I tried, and actually had been one of my favorite drinks as well. I wouldn’t comment much as it’s pretty similar to the ones you might have elsewhere from other brands. Overall a simple thirst-quencher that might suit most palates. 
Summarizing my experience, Farmer’s Bowl was such a nice place to go, for those who’s seeking for freshly-made healthy foods. You needn’t fly miles away to Bali to get such dishes anymore as now you had it just car-ride away. Beyond that, it’s surely a family-and-kids friendly spot, which could add one more line to your list of favorite cafe to visit. 

Taste: 8/10
Place: 7.5/10
Service: 8.5/10
Price: 7.5/10

Thanks for reading! :)

Address: Jl. Ciranjang No. 9, Jakarta
Phone: (+62) 821 2804 6861/ (+62 21) 7056 2345
Operating Hours: Tue - Sun 11am - 9pm, Mon closed