Monday, February 19, 2018

Hayati Specialty Coffee

Remember the trend of the phrase ‘hayati lelah’? Well, I wouldn’t tell you anything about that, just a coincidence that I recalled that hype when I was about to share about this coffee shop in Jogja. 

I had spotted it for multiple times, shared by different people earlier, and I did admit the place was indeed Instagenic, and that’s why it tickled my curiosity to pay a visit. The place wasn’t that visible as it occupied a space in quite narrow road. Nonetheless, it’s surely not a silent corner as I could see quite many stores nearby. 

From the outer appearance you might not recognize it’s big enough as the cover made it look like a simple shophouse. Nevertheless, coming inside and going to the backyard, you would get exposed to the wide spaces with many seating provided, especially in the outdoor area. 


The monochrome corner was bit wet as it had been continuously raining since early morning. It didn’t stop the guests to utilize the place for taking photogenic snaps though. Grey walls, cement tiles, hexagonal mirrors, were only few of the great spots to be called out. A hint of green brought by the hanging plants as well as flower pots made it simply feel lively. 

Just in case you’re indoor-seater, your need was also accommodated as I did love the space nearby the coffee bar; not that ‘special special’, but just feeling cozy to kill long hours. The concept of long joint table did work, especially during the busy hours, just sat together and enjoyed your caffeine-sip. For girls, you could even spoil yourself with the window-shopping as there’s female apparel store next door, separated with this coffee shop by a glass window (Wow! I saw that love-struck already)

Honey Cappuccino (IDR 30k)
Honey and coffee? I could spot some rolling eyes wondering hot the taste would be. Well, I was exactly in the same boat when my sight fell on the name of the beverage mentioned on the menu. Feeling curious, the drink finally ended up being there on my order. 

Presentation wise it had nothing different, exactly similar to the common cappuccino with gorgeous latte art on top. Taking my first sip, I was bit astonished by the sweetness as it’s kinda too much for my palate. As the coffee’s actually quite bold and pretty acidic, my palate just felt the honey couldn’t blend in well; might be the matter of preference, but this wasn’t my kind of cup :(

Hot Cappuccino (IDR 25k)

My second cup saved the moment, with general cappuccino taste, though I did think I would love it better if it could be less sour. For you who might love strong coffee flavor in your cup and you loved it to be acidic as well, this would fit you flawlessly. 

Oreo Cheese Pancake (IDR 29k)

Just wanted to let my coffee cups not feeling lonely, I ordered this pancake, picturing in my mind that it would be a petite one looking at the affordable price. Giving me a delightful surprise, it’s actually a gigantic one, and to note it’s even double stacks! Even the single layer was already thick and this came in ‘twinnie’ portion. 

Nevertheless, I was silently dancing in the heart, knowing that I had excuses to take this sinful indulgence *big grin*. Giving me extra happiness, it didn’t stop at spoiling me via the quantity, but the quality as well, serving scrumptious and fluffy pancake with generous vanilla ice cream, abundant Oreo, and mountainous grated cheese. You could imagine my non-stop exciting munching moments. Somehow it reminded me of ricotta hotcakes, the signature brunch I missed the most from Sydney. Well, if only I had this in Jakarta, at least it could cure a bit my longing towards the one in that Harbour-Bridge city. 

Serving comfort food and cozy place at very affordable price, I bet those who’re in Jogja or prolly going to Jogja soon would be interested to stop-by and give it a try. I myself would surely be back for its pancake if I could have another chance visiting this city. 

Taste: Food (7.5/10) Coffee (6.5/10)
Place: 7.5/10
Service: 8/10
Price: 7.5/10

Thanks for reading! :)

Address: Jl. Demangan Baru No. 6-7, Sleman - Yogyakarta 
Phone: (+62) 8311 6769 363
Operating hours: Mon - Sun 8.30am - 0.00am

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