Saturday, February 17, 2018

On Three, Coffee in between The Skyscrapers

Nope, I wasn’t in a basketball court for a three-on-three with anyone guys. I was in a gorgeously styled coffee shop located at the third floor of Senopati Suites apartment in South Jakarta. Built in monochromatic style, it looked so classy and chic, making you feel like dining in a glass house, with the scenery of skyscrapers around you. 

Coming here when the day was kinda gloomy and cloudy was like the one of the best timing as the weather’s neither dry nor humid, enjoying you to enjoy breathing the fresh air sitting under the blue sky without getting burnt by the sun heat. 

As the apartment itself was quite a luxurious one, you could felt that top-class ambiance since entering the gate for the first time. Warm service, beautiful entrance, and amusing design were just few points to name. 

Going up to the third floor where the cafe resided, you might feel like entering a totally different space, which was simply another one to get your jaw broken by the wonderful interior. I myself felt like jumping into an art gallery, only that it didn’t have those beautiful masterpieces on the walls to display. Nonetheless, the simplicity and plainness made it just a perfect cozy place to spend long hours either killing time or also enjoying the seconds. 

Despite they did serve main courses, the choices were quite limited. I guessed it’s because they did wanna focus more on the coffee and indeed the place was a flawless one for short stop for coffee. 

Hot Coconut Latte (IDR 40k)
Following the recommendation of the barista, I tried the one claimed as one of most wanted. A peculiar choice which I only found earlier in very limited places. Basically the coconut element cane from the coconut oil mixed into the hot latte. 

Perhaps it’s the matter of preference, but this cup unfortunately didn’t suit my palate well. I found it quite awkward to have my coffee being oily, though I could luckily say I enjoyed that touch of coconut flakes put on top. 

Hot Cappuccino (IDR 38k)
Great alternative that this cup was also there on the order list. The mainstream choice, without any ingredient that the taste bud might be not familiar with. 

For my coffee preference, this was kinda milky, and I thought I should’ve gone for double shot to get it my way. 

Hot Piccolo (IDR 35k)

The one suited me best from the three caffeine cups would be this last one, having the boldest coffee taste in the petite cup. I wouldn’t say it have anything distinctive that made it stood out compared to similar ones, but for sure not a bad one. 

Almond Choco Croissant (IDR 27k)

Something sweet to pair the caffeine? OK, I would go for the only option I had, being displayed next to the order point. I wasn’t sure how many choices were actually available as at that time this was the one and only. It’s quite disappointing that it’s not as expected as the pastry was quite dry and rubbery, perhaps due to not being freshly baked. But on the other side, the chocolate filling was also limited, kind of like trying to find the treasure inside the croissant. I hoped it’s just this time that they might be not that prepared yet, or it’s just my my unlucky coincidence. 

Smoked Beef Quiche (IDR 35k)

Being a sweet lover who tended to prefer anything sweet than savory one, this time I had to stand on the different side. Not getting my sweet tooth pleased yet, I got my order list lengthened by the savory light bite. Finally this last comer closed the afternoon coffee session well, with the crispy pie base and the flavorful mix of smoked beef, egg, and cheese on top of it.  For you who still wondered what to go for in this newly established cafe, you could start note down this one. 

Those with explorative soul and did have the ‘radar’ around South Jakarta area, you could have one additional to-go list now :)

Taste: 6/10
Place: 7.5/10
Service: 7/10
Price: 6.5/10

Address: Senopati Suites 3rd floor, Jl. Senopati Raya 41, Jakarta
Phone: (+62 21) 2753 3333
Operating hours: Mon - Sun 7am - 10pm

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