Sunday, February 25, 2018

Forever Love Afternoon Tea at Peacock Lounge, Inspired by Bvlgari Spring Summer Collection

Surprise surprise, it’s been long long time since the last time I had my classy afternoon tea here at Peacock Lounge. It’s surely one of my favorite, especially when my mood was really after calm and elegant ambiance to accompany my stress-relief moment. It wouldn’t only pamper me with the palate spoilers, but also give that self-relaxation moments by the comfortable place with stylist interior. 

Taking place at Fairmont Hotel Senayan, for sure it became one of the most chosen place for gatherings, either formal business meetings or casual meet-ups. Every time I came here, it would be either fully occupied or the vacant table had been fully reserved. This could be a note for you to make reservations when you intent to pay a visit. 

This month till the third week of March, they featured ‘Forever Love Afternoon Tea’, which was inspired by Bvlgari spring summer collection 2018. Yes, that jewelry and fashion bag brand, which you would definitely be familiar with and prolly even a big fan of! So you could imagine how excited myself was, knowing that this time finally came!!

Nothing had changed much since the last time I was here. The same sizable space, located at the left-hand side from the main entrance of the hotel. It looked like a huge lounge with several tables surrounding the long table at the center which became the main display where they always put the props representing the theme of the afternoon tea. As this time it’s Bvlgari spring summer collection, you could spot the gorgeous red bag beautifully sitting there, giving a huge temptation for the ladies. Some books displaying the collection were also there to get your mind hypnotized. 

While enjoying the fancy view, I got my Forever Love tea set amusingly served on the table. That catchy drawers featuring both savory and sweet light bites to accompany the signature tea flavors offered on the menu. 

Silver Moon

I started my fancy afternoon by sipping my choice of tea to enjoy. Beginning with Silver Moon, serving green tea with a hint of berries and vanilla, which delivered natural sweetness flavor, completed with fresh sensation. It became a good opening to the snacks, and a good balance to the desserts. 

Creme Caramel

Besides the green tea, I did enjoy the red one, originated from South Africa with a twist of sweet French spices. Both cups were like a couple of happiness for me, serving my two favorite flavors for beverage, vanilla and caramel. You needn’t worry that it turned out become something extremely sweet, as the caramel only came like infused aroma in the tea; an indulging cup to get you addicted. 

Smoked Mackerel Doughnut, Chili Aioli, ,Crispy Salmon Skin
Tartine of Grilled Asparagus, Cured Beef, Melted Cheese, Winter Truffle
Mille Feuille of Crab and Avocadeo, Creme Fraiche, Dill
Prawn in the Cone, Prawn Tempura, Soya Fluid Gel, Seaweed

Before I went to my drawers, I let the ones served on a separated plate to open the curtains of the stage. The highlight from this opening was surely the fried prawn uniquely served in chocolate cone, deliciously combining various taste and textures in a single bite. The asparagus was another one I loved, surely because the truffle. Well, it’s like who on earth could say no to truffle ;)

Beef and Asparagus Mille Feuille
Vegetables Tartine on Beet Rye Bread, Dragon Cream Cheese
Salmon Bouche, Saffron Toast
Egg Salad Florentine on Dill Brioche

The savory group didn’t end there as they still had another ‘choir’ to get my taste bud coddled. My top-of-mind was the beef and asparagus mille feuille, which was another peculiar one getting my sight amused by its awesomely neat and colorful presentation. The egg florentine seemed to try to beat it with its fancy ‘dress’ as well. However, taste was always number one, so there was the salmon toast took the spotlight; so flavorful with soft texture like literally melt in the mouth. 

Suprise Tabanan
Blueberry Velvel Mille Feuille
Vanilla Pots Raspberry Panna Cotta
Passion Fruit Choco Glazed
Pot de Creme
Berry Macaron
Red Velvet Decadence
Carmelita Eclair
Chocolate Pralines
Lemon Butter Cake
Lychee Chiboust

As you could see in the picture, all the pieces of sinful indulgence were right there in front of me. Starting from the top, I got lovely blend of colors and shapes. Every single piece was seriously with precise attention to details, presenting complicated shapes in flawless package. The compilation of flavors and ingredients were so rich as well that I got different surprises from each bite. Chocolate, milk, biscuits, fruits, like named it and everything was there being amazingly joint. Some were smooth, some crunchy, some were the merge of both. If I had to call out my top picks, I would mention Lychee Chiboust for its fresh and bold lychee taste, Carmelita Eclair for its pleasant filling and yummy skin, and Vanilla Raspberry Panna Cotta for the impeccable pair of sweet and refreshing flavors delivered in super silky form. 

Before it came to the end, I would absolutely not forget to call out the signature parts in Peacock Lounge tea set, which were always there; the fruit tarlets, madeline and scone. All flavors of the tarlets always delivered happiness on my palate, and the scones especially the raisin one was my forever crush. If some people might perceive them as just 'sidekicks', for me they were the ones I've always awaited for <3.

In a nutshell, even for me who’s so much into this type of dishes, it's quite a big set for two. With the fondling place and palatable dishes served in abundant portion, despite the quite high price for the set of around IDR 588k++, what you got did worth the money spent. Moreover, for me personally it would be more pleasurable to share with slightly bigger group like around 4 people. Anyway you could get the choice of adding extra drink as the package only included 2 cups of either tea or coffee of your choice. It was always a memorable experience spending my tea time here and you would surely want to have your own now ;)

Taste: 7/10
Place: 8/10
Service: 8.5/10
Price: 7/10

Thanks for reading! :)

Address: Fairmont Hotel, Jl.  Asia Afrika - Senayan, Jakarta
Phone: (+62 21) 2970 3333
Operating Hours: Mon - Sun 9am - 9pm