Sunday, March 11, 2018

Balloon and Whisk PIK

Wow, such a peculiar couple!”, exactly the first thought came into my mind. No wonder why, it’s a balloon and a whisk, both of which I’ve never seem before being put together into a joint. Well, I couldn’t tell in my mind how the two could work together LOL. Nonetheless, featuring this uniqueness, this newly opened cafe in PIK area indeed caught my curiosity to pay a visit. 

It’s always nice to be back to Pantai Indah Kapuk, figuring out many changes have been delivered. Some new ones came, some existing ones went away; what a dynamic life! It’s just always like ‘oh man, I’d just been here couple months ago and now they had another new stars??!?’. Even that sometimes led to unplanned visits to multiple places, depending on where the feet and the brain got me into. 

For Balloon and Whisk, this time I intentionally came there, as I’d been waiting for this premiere visit time as the cutie ‘fairy-tale-alike’ interior couldn’t get my eyes away from its pictures. Finally I could witness with my naked eyes how it really looked like. It’s indeed an elegant and kinda girly one, somehow crafting the feeling that made you want to whisper ‘Ooohh. So sweet! <3

Being a specialist in cookies, when you had your initial door-open, you would first meet the stacks of cookie-boxes being neatly arranged right at the center to draw the attention of the guests. The concepts were all well built, presenting different theme in each of the variants. They got me really impressed there, and I couldn’t think of other things but this was an amazing gift to share. 

Coming deeper to the back of the venue, you would meet the garden arrangement, just like the classic setting in fairy tale. Big green trees, marble furniture, and a hint of golden-lines in the decoration; feeling like a princess going to dine at the palace’s backyard. 

It’s kinda surprising when looking at the menu and I then figured out they mainly featured Indonesian local dishes for the main courses as places with such concept  were usually more into patisserie or Western-themed ones. Well, but I would definitely not mind as long as what’s landed on my table later could give the same satisfaction. 

Hot Cappuccino (IDR 30k)

Starting point? Well you made a great guess there if you just mentioned this caffeine cup, yep nothing but coffee. My second cup of the day, but I didn’t know why, no matter how much I had it, how close the gap between the timing was, it seemed like the law of diminishing return didn’t prevail here. Honestly speaking the aroma wasn’t that tempting, but presentation wise it’s not bad at all and I was deeply in love with the color of my cup. I wouldn’t demand much as they indeed didn’t mention anything related to coffee specialist, and lucky me to set such preliminary thought as my first sip did tell I precisely made my guesstimate this time; slightly acidic, medium bodied, but overall was okay. 

Nasi Kucing (IDR 7k)

As I wasn’t that hungry but thinking of having the combo of savory and sweet, so I tried to find something light and such a nice coincidence that this menu was there displayed on the showcase together with its ‘other family members’. Yep, various choices of toppings to accompany the petite-sized rice wrapped in leaf, which will be re-heated when ordered. I picked the squid one which was surprisingly too spicy for my palate. Unfortunately the squid amount was very limited, but for sure I needed to tolerate that as the dish came in very affordable price. In case you weren’t that much into prawn, there were other choices like chicken and fish. Well, not a bad one just to give that blink of savory flavor on the taste bud. 

Chocolate Rocher (IDR 60k)

Fulfilling my expectation, I did go for the gigantic cake, which I knew was quite too much for single player but yeah let’s forget the hips for awhile and let the tummy get satisfied. I guessing you would also get as confused as I was when standing in front of the dessert showcases as everything there was apparently coming in ‘XL size’. Some might think it’s kinda pricey but looking at the size I still perceived it as worthy. 

I initially kinda underestimated the cake as I badly thought it might turn out quite dry, but it got my mouth shut and simply fell into the indulgence. The chocolate sponge cake layers were deliciously delivered in moist texture, being in beautiful balance between light and dense. The chocolate ganache covering the cake and the chocolate cream layers in between were my biggest crush due to their bold chocolate taste, making them turned out not overly sweet. Not to mention the nougat covering the top part which simply added extra addiction to this piece of sinful pleasure. 

However, if you just thought ‘eeerrmmm.... no no... I was not a cake person’, actually you might go for other options like doughnut (ps. It’s not the kind of o-ring you would finish in several-bites since the diameter was even more than a common saucer I guesstimated), croissants, danish, bread, and even some traditional sweets (yep, that typical homemade ones even like banana fritters!). 

If you’re hoping around PIK area and you’re much into new places, Balloon and Whisk could be one of your options, particularly if you’re looking for nice place to spend longer time. Perhaps easier to find parking space as well since it resided in the second-layer alley where there was less intensity of the crowd. You might also be interested to find some cutie pies (read: cookies) for gift-giving ;)

Taste: 7/10
Place: 7.5/10
Service: 7.5/10
Price: 7/10

Thanks for reading! :)

Address: Rukan Eksklusif Blok G No. 34, Pantai Indah Kapuk, Jakarta
Phone: (+62) 811 1766 855
Operating Hours: Mon - Sun 10am - 6pm

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