Sunday, March 11, 2018

Lemari Kopi

Lately, I could see people are getting more and more creative in inventing catchy names for coffee shops. Yes, no choice but to do the right branding since the very first start, or otherwise you might get fade away much faster than you could’ve ever imagined. The same reason would prolly what lead to this coffee shop residing in BSD area being named as Lemari Kopi. Some might think like, ‘Hmm. Okay, coffee cupboard?’. But for me personally it did catch my curiosity to figure out more; if it’s indeed shaped like a cupboard, if I could have peculiar spot for taking amusing snaps, and many more queries buzzing in my brain. 

Proving it myself, I finally got exposed to the real appearance of the outlet. Perhaps nothing really represented a cupboard from the outer view, yet I would say I loved the front corner, looking like cute petite store I usually saw in Western movies. More like an antique-stuff store even for me!

I fell for the idea of combining brown from wood and grey from cement as it gave that zen ambiance, which was simply heart-warming and not overwhelming for the sight. The front corner, located right next to the entrance, was a unique one, having 2 different tiny ‘room’ separated by a small alley. One was for the order point, while the other was functioned as coffee bar; creative idea though somehow gave the impression that it’s quite too packed. 

The capacity of the venue was indeed limited, with only few tables for a group of two up to four, and a mini semi-outdoor space for smokers located at the back. Perhaps if you weren’t smoking, you would have the same thought as me that it’s not that preferable to sit outside, knowing the humidity of this area. Nevertheless, it might work well in a windy afternoon when you could try seeking some fresh air. With the design featured, the cafe might look a bit dark with pretty dim lighting, but in my view still in a proper level especially during day time. 

Realizing it’s only dedicated for quick coffee or short break over caffeine-energizer, you might have expected limited dishes offered. Good news they still tried their best to serve those who might be starving, by offering some choices of heavy meals like rice bowls. 

Well as I went here for breakie only, so I still thought I had quite some choices ranging from Pastel, Fried Tofu, Kacang Kukus (Steamed Nuts), Risol, or even Asinan. Yesss you heard me right and honestly I was so happy knowing they served those traditional snacks to accompany my morning coffee and everything’s served in cafe ambiance! Not only that, you could even find more traditional ones like Es Kacang Ijo and Jamu Gendong; such amusing fact, wasn’t it?

Hot Cappuccino (IDR 23k)

As usual, trying the standard one first as I still had the perspective if they could make the basic one good, then the rest would be awesome. Though I couldn’t say this cappuccino was the best one ever, it’s surely not bad. It would suit those who couldn’t take too bold coffee. For my palate, I wished I could have stronger coffee taste in my cup. 

Es Kopi Soesi (IDR 17k)

Though I had no idea what Soesi meant here, my wild guess would be it’s related to milk, and yes that happening iced milk coffee in Lemari Kopi’s signature style. It’s a lovely cup and for me it’s slightly less sweet compared to the general ones. The elements in it, particularly milk and brown sugar, were in right portion that they blended in well. Next time I would absolutely request it with less ice, just to ensure I enjoyed the same taste till the last sip. 

Roti Isi (IDR 20k for 3)

Looking familiar? Having seen the pictures quite too much on your timeline lately? Yeah these signature buns originally found in Thailand seemed to be delivering a big hype here in J-town. It’s such pleasure that Lemari Kopi did serve it with several choices of flavors, from which I picked the most favorite ones; chocolate, milk, and srikaya. I simply loved all of ‘em with the highlight placed on the bun for being so moist and fluffy, as well as tasted flavorful with the indulging mix of milk and butter in it. The different fillings stuffed into the bread were bonus of delicacy to pamper my palate, and thanks to Lemari Kopi for being so generous in giving the bonus! My addiction was doubtlessly my almost all-time fave mate for sweets, CHOCOLATE! Served warm, you would have it literally melt in your mouth <3

If supposedly what’s left in the memory was the coffee, this time I would say my biggest crush from this place was still its Roti Isi. Couldn’t wait to come back and munch some more of them!

Taste: 7/10
Place: 7/10
Service: 7.5/10
Price: 7.5/10

Thanks for reading! :)

Address: Ruko Sektor 1.1 Blok RE 2 No. 4, Jl. Griya Loka Raya, BSD, Tangerang 
Phone: (+62) 838 7290 2773
Operating Hours: Mon - Sun 8am - 8pm

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