Monday, March 26, 2018

Samakamu Kopi, The Pink Wall of Kuningan

If you’re thinking that I was trying to flirt with someone, no guys I surely wasn’t. It’s the name of the newly opened coffee shop located at Satrio. It’s somehow funny for me as they used that name, and put a crocodile as the logo (well, if you knew what I meant *wink*). 

Talking about the exact location, it wasn’t a hard one to find. I bet you all know Sampoerna Strategic Square and thus I would recommend you to use this well-known building as your key guidance since the cafe was right across the building. Occupying a space next to DHL, it’s actually a shophouse which was gorgeously transformed into a cutie pinky cafe, matchy matchy with my blog background *pardon my OOT*

The baby pink color married to white and complemented by nature touch via the decoration, made the space become such a stress-reliever. Everything looked so ‘zen’ for me and I wouldn’t mind sit there spending my long hours. This kind of feminine and spoiling bedroom color I’d always been dreaming of. Well, I believed in next couple of weeks this ‘pink wall’ would surely be a trending topic where everyone wanted to have at least one snap. 

I wasn’t sure if they did want to keep the menu simple by providing very limited selections of menu, not only for the beverages but also the foods. Despite they did carry the last name ‘coffee’, bluntly said what’s on the menu were simply black coffee and milk coffee, served in the guests’ choice of hot or cold. Other than that, non-caffeine drinker could go for chocolate or green tea latte. 

Hot/Iced Kopi Sama Kamu (IDR 18k)

Sold at very affordable price, actually both the hot and the cold version were exactly the same except the temperature for sure. The ingredients combined coffee, milk, and brown sugar; and please don’t expect beautiful latte art on top of the cup as you wouldn’t get any :). Speaking about the taste, I wished I could have bolder coffee flavor in my cup, as this one was like in between; neither milky not strong bodied. 

Nevertheless, if I had to make my choice between the hot and the cold one, I would go for the cold, from which my palate could get more of the brown sugar taste. One tips from me, request it to be served with less ice to get the bolder flavors of the elements. 

Nougat Spongecake (IDR 18k)

For those whose tummy could never get full without rice, sorry guys but you had to be pleased by snacks only here. Most of them were sweets though occasionally they might have savory ones as well. From the trio flavors of sponge cake, I went for nougat which was said as the most favorite, serving the crumbling flavor peanut toppings on top of the fluffy spongecake, and buttercream layer at the center. It’s okay-ish, but still not to the level that could beat similar ones from other places which had been on my top list. 

Doughnut with Icing Sugar

Woooww! Classy enough? Yesss! I couldn’t be happier when I knew this old-style light bites was also available there. I was initially not aware of its existence till the barista told me that when I ordered two drinks, I could get this ‘Snow-White Doughnut’ for free. What a surprise! Giving more happiness than than getting something free, it’s actually quite good, coming with the right moist texture and not going too much with the toppings, being covered with the all-time favorite icing sugar. 

Being the new cute kid on the block, it would absolutely raise the curiosity of the crowd. If you’re one of them, just ensure you came at the right timing, knowing the location was kinda famous for heavy jam especially before and after office hours in weekdays ;)

Taste: 6.5/10
Place: 7.5/10
Service: 8/10
Price: 7.5/10

Thanks for reading! :)

Address: Jl. Dr Satrio 18B, Kuningan, Jakarta
Phone: (+62) 81 2879 90168
Operating Hours: Mon - Sun 7am - 7pm

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