Sunday, April 22, 2018

Molecula, A Package of Awesome Presentation and Affordable Price

Hearing the name Molecula, you might have made the accurate wild guess that it had something related to molecular gastronomy. Yes, you were right if that’s what coming into your mind about this new born baby. 

I right away got hitched by the interior once reaching this house-alike cafe. It came with unique and consistent concept, mainly featuring green plants on the white walls as well as photo frames with all the menu called out on them. The peculiar fact was the menu was mentioned in the phrase that’s similar to periodic table you met in Chemistry class. 

Seemed to formerly be a house that got renovated and transformed into this cafe, the set up was really remarkable, leaving some spaces with glass ceiling where the guests could enjoy the feeling of sitting under the blue sky without being directly kissed by the sun and still accompanied by fully air-conditioned room. The showcase was right at the center, surrounded by several seats including the long one next to the window for individual visitors. 

If you just wanna breathe the fresh air, you might opt to sit outside right before the entrance, where the gorgeous instagenic green wall was also located. It’s surely not my option in the midst of this hot sunny Surabaya. 

Besides falling for the place, I was also impressed by how good the service was on my initial visit. Despite being a new kid in town, all the waiters seemed to be well-trained, knowing the ‘A to Z’ on best way to treat the coming guests. They were very knowledgeable and helpful in assisting my friend and I placing our orders as newbies who simply knew nothing about this place and what they served. 

Iced Americano (IDR 25k)

To begin the breakie set, my friend and I bet on their coffee despite we didn’t expect much as it’s indeed not their specialty. The Americano turned out fine, though it might be not that distinctive. Well for thirst quencher and morning coffee craving routine, that should be okay. 

Hot Cappuccino (IDR 28k)

Since I wasn’t into black, I opted for Cappuccino which was actually pretty milky as the beans were prolly medium roasted ones. I guessing my friend made the right choice as she could have that strong morning kick, but if you couldn’t handle non-milk coffee, you might wanna try double espresso shot ;)

Colorful Bread (IDR 35k)

If you just thought this would be kind of rainbow cake, which used to be hype, no it’s far different to that. FYI, this wasn’t close to anything sweet as well as this was savory dish featuring tuna mayo as it’s main actor. Stuffed in between whole wheat bread, it was accompanied by rich flavors coming from the combination of mascarpone, cream cheese, mustard, and ricotta. Well yeah, you could imagine well-balanced level of cheesy and creamy taste, further enriched by other toppings of prawn, egg, and onion; creating that pretty little dance of taste on the palate. 

Espresso Jelly (IDR 40k)

Shifting from savory to sweet would doubtlessly be more awesome with something in between as the ‘transition period’. Thus, the order landed on this bitter-sweet blend of espresso shot jelly, which was complemented by vanilla ice cream, hazelnut sands, and honey mixed nuts. The play of textures and flavors didn’t stop there as the molecular gastronomy concept went beyond expectation, serving espresso yolk which perfectly burst right at the first chew, and caramel foam which played its role well to blow you away by its fragrance. 

You were even given a small lipstick-alike caramel spray to add stronger scent to your dessert as desired. Despite I had to honestly admit that the taste was at moderate level and I did wish the espresso jelly had stronger coffee flavor as the yolk, I was totally impressed by the presentation and the concept of this sweet tooth!

Cold Lava (IDR 40k)

Being a bit mainstream and trying to listen to the crowd, this brownie came as my next dessert. Yep, you heard it right that it’s brownie instead of molten chocolate cake (in case you initially had the same thought as me). The brownie itself was slightly too dense for me, and since they covered the top part with dark chocolate compound, it took me quite some effort to slice the cake. 

Fortunately the pairing of chocolate sauce and vanilla Ovomaltine ice cream saved the overall judgment towards the came as they added distinctive points to this menu. I loved how the dark chocolate sauce being bold, satisfying my chocolate-craze. If you tried to find refreshing elements in the cake as you might be neither that much into cake nor a big fan of sweets, they gave you a little twist of freshness from the orange yolk and orange caviar; which boldly said I didn’t really fancy as I wasn’t a fan of chocolate-orange mix. The peanut butter sand was my top of mind, which seemed to be made of soft-grounded nuts. I was a lame for almost everything made of nuts and sincerely speaking this was top notch and impeccable complement to the chocolate taste!!

Berry Chocolate Cake (IDR 35k)

Regardless you might start getting full reading through this blogpost, please bare with me for couple of minutes as I did believe you wouldn’t want to miss this gorgeously presented chocolate cake, especially if you’re chocolate-addict just like me! With the shiny chocolate coating on top, the cake looked simple yet lavish, and most importantly tempting! I could feel it screaming from the showcase when I first spotted it there. Despite the base or the dense chocolate sponge cake itself was great, but I guessed they did have to improve the way they stored the cake as the edge was a bit dry. The chocolate ganache layers in between the batter were mesmerizing and did get me unstoppable in having my other spoon of it <3. 

Cutting the long story short, this place totally got piece of my heart left. I was so in love with the ambiance, particularly my favorite corner under the glass window where I could enjoy the sun-burst while munching my breakie and sipping my morning caffeine. Funny yet true, I even went there two days consecutively just to ensure I tried all the selections I was curious about ;). Despite the improvements required, it did deserve a ‘well-done’ appreciation!

Taste: 7/10
Place: 7.5/10
Service: 8.5/10
Price: 7.5/10

Thanks for reading! :)

Address: Jl. WR Supratman No. 43, Surabaya
Phone: (+62) 822 6969 6118
Operating Hours: Tue - Fri 12pm - 9pm, Sat - Sun 11am - 9pm, Mon Closed