Sunday, April 29, 2018

Poach'D Brunch & Coffee House

Sounds ‘eggy’ enough? Well I believed it’s a nod there when you heard people mentioned poach especially at breakie time. Spotting the sneak peak of some of their menus, I couldn’t deny how it right away got myself excited to try. Those gigantic plates with rich combination of ingredients on it, served in wonderful presentation via mix of colors. Feeling much like a champion, huh?!

The spacious place was in Kemang, yup one of the centers for awesome breakfast, seemed to try challenging the other long-standing players. The venue was pretty obvious as it was there at the main road, exactly the peak of the crowd. If you’re early birds, throw away all your worries as they opened their doors as early as 6am (yeah you heard me right guys!! Now you’d better be cheerful ;) ). That might in turn have impact as they closed earlier too at the same time in pm zone. Well, I believed not a big deal as most of you must be having this type of dishes around breakfast to lunch time, right?

Having quite big space, the venue carried out kind of contemporary concept, not too much into simple coffee shop but more to a bistro-alike design. Having the coffee bar and showcase right at the center of the venue, the seats were placed at their surroundings. Individual ones were mostly facing the outdoor area which actually didn’t really give you any special scenery, but did give more chance to enjoy your own ‘namaste’ time. 

The interior itself wasn’t focusing on anything specific in my view as it had kind of cherry blossom tree at one corner, another green tree at different corner, and some murals on the walls whose pictures weren’t all in one theme IMHO. Nonetheless, bringing all of them together wasn’t a bad idea and overall the place was a quite cozy one for having my morning tummy booster. The fact that they had high ceiling and utilized it well by making more spaces through the mezzanine was creative one, also being the chance giving the view of the overall cafe ambiance. 

Hot Cappuccino (IDR 37k)

Yeay! It’s finally time for morning caffeine sip and weekend one was always the most awaited, not because of the coffee but just the feeling of able to refresh the mind and sit in relax. The coffee wasn’t bad with aromatic fragrance and medium body. Great one that the after-taste was smooth, playing its role as great starter. 

Hot Rainbow Sprinkles Latte (IDR 37k)

This one might be not mentioned on the menu, but as I saw the pictures, it captured my interest and I believed so would you. Basically it’s the same with the common coffee, just that it’s served in the paper cup with rainbow sprinkles stuck on the edge, making the presentation looked peculiar. For me, I enjoyed having the rainbow sprinkles molten together on the palate with my coffee <3. 

Texan (IDR 117k)

The breakie menu selections wanted to capture different likings; offering Aussie, French, Indian, many more even Indonesian! My pick was Texan, offering slices brisket as the owner of the spotlight, cooked lusciously in bbq sauce. The meat was juicy and tender, flavorful in every bites, though I needed to get rid of the fats as the meat did contain quite lots of the fats parts. 

To give more taste, it was complemented with marinated capsicum, jalapeno, and veggies; which basically were healthy elements but indeed seasoned very well. As the cafe’s name indicated, most menus did have eggs and this one were serving two pieces half-done sunny-side-up; whose shiny yolk were flawlessly runny! I wished the bacons added extra delicacy to the dish, but unfortunately they had a certain smell which was pretty distracting. I wasn’t sure what was it, but my sister who did taste it also felt the same. Perhaps problem with the storage I guessed, which was kinda pity as the texture was actually so good. Fortunately I still had the cheddar cheese, which I did save a bit to be enjoyed the last since I knew it wouldn’t fail me. All in all, I guessed you could’ve imagined how exciting it was to have such royal mix in a single dish!

Despite my big desire to have something sweet to end my course, sadly the only cake available in the display was only Carrot Cake. No desserts were also called out on the menu, so having solo option, I preferred not to go for it as I was also not that much into carrot cake in general. I wished I could try more of the dishes, and hopefully could get more options for the desserts as well in my following visits ;). That statement did mean see you again (hopefully real soon).

Taste: 7/10
Place: 6.5/10
Service: 6.5/10
Price: 6.5/10

Poach'D Brunch & Coffee House
Address: Jl. Kemang Raya No. 11, Jakarta
Phone: (+62 21) 719 0706
Operating Hours: Mon - Sun 6am - 6pm

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