Saturday, April 7, 2018

The New Face of Turning Point

New face??!? Well, it’s not only ladies loved to try makeover and look totally different; a coffee shop could want it as well! Real proof? Welcome to the brand new Turning Point! Still residing at exactly the same location, now the cafe looked much more spacious having two levels opened for public, and the top one became special gallery you could only enter when invited. 

If you’re not told that it’s the old Turning Point being renovated, I guessed you would never be able to recognize it since it’s now totally different in appearance. The concept was so unique, covered in the design of Turning Point cold brew bottles, making it looked more like an art gallery then a coffee shop. Now the smokers could have more sizable open-air area as well, since the revamp included outdoor area rearrangements. 

The interior was extremely peculiar, very far from mainstream and common design of coffee shop recently opened which were mostly similar. They mixed and matched wooden, glass, and lamps; delivering a package of mesmerizing view you could enjoy while sipping your coffee. 

As for the dishes, I wasn’t really sure if they would bring back the complete choices they used to provide in the earlier outlet, which were surely far more abundant than the current one. Apparently now the focus was more on pretty lighter brunch dishes, like granola, cereals, and a kind. 

Tuna Croissant 

This savory dish was just one example of my favorite one from the old selections. Pretty sad I could no longer spotted it on the new menu, but I really wished this would just be temporarily missing. Coming in quite fulfilling size, the perfectly golden brown flaky croissant was well complemented by generous tuna stuffing and melted cheese. It did need stronger kick from more flavorful sauce, but this version was surely not bad to open the dining set with something salty. 

Belly Katsu and Salted Egg Tofu Bao (IDR 70k)

Luckily, now they came with the alternative savory option. The most recommended according to the attendants was this one, and seemed to be indeed their signature. A dynamic duo of grilled buns, coming with two totally different set of toppings. First one to accompany that fluffy onigiri-alike bao was pork belly katsu cooked in scrumptious teriyaki sauce. I loved the thick and juicy pork belly layers and I found myself immediately became the big fan of the scrumptious teriyaki sauce <3. The complementary elements like onions, lettuce, and other veggies made it not become healthier only, but also tasted more fresh. Great play of texture with the blend of tender and crispy components. 

If the first used sweeter version of sauce, the second was more into salty with the fried tofu pops soaked into salted egg sauce. Despite these bites were also delectable, I had bigger crush towards the first. Nonetheless, it’s actually a great idea to combine both, giving merrier party of flavors on the taste bud. For those with bigger tummy size, this dish might be kinda petite. With the price level, yes I did agree it might be quite small, but if we simply talked about how the size suited my preference, I couldn’t agree more. 

Not to miss, the lotus chips given like extra compliments, which did give you the chance to try these unique snacks without having to order the whole portion. For me it’s pretty similar to sweet-potato chips, but slightly tastier - perhaps because of the seasoning coating the chips. Shortly said, anti mainstream yet yummy ones!

Banana Cheese Pound Cake (IDR 30k)

To complete the happiness for the tummy, the sweet finally came afterwards, starting from something more general and perhaps the one that could suit all palates including those who weren’t that much into sweets, pound cake. It’s a lil bit more dense than common banana cake, but the texture was smooth at the same time. The bold banana flavor gave high satisfaction to me as banana lover, especially they’re creative enough combining this pound cake with cream cheese topping, spoiling my taste bud even more!

Peanut Butter Oreo Cake (IDR 45k)

Looking at the appearance only, the cake seemed to be already gave me an alert to pay a try. It woke up that cookie monster in me, and when I knew it did come with peanut butter, I was like ‘Oh geez. No reason for not ordering!’. The heavenly slice couldn’t fit my expectation better. The combination of peanut butter cake, oreo crumbles mixed with the batter, and cream cheese layers in between, were like triple trouble on the hips but triple addiction on the lips. Hands up to Lareia who’s behind the mind-blowing recipes. I’m so much into you!

Hot Cappuccino (IDR 35k)
Most of you might have been aware how well-known Turning Point was for their coffee, being the supplier for many coffee shops all around Jakarta and Tangerang. Hence, it’s surely odd if you came to the place without having the coffee. The type was slight acidic but still tolerable one, with medium to strong body. The after taste was pretty smooth, with nice bold aroma to pamper the coffee craving. 

Hot Earl Grey Latte (IDR 30k)

Nonetheless, you needn’t get worried if you’re not coffee addict as you still had mountains of options. For milk-based one, my recommendation would be the Earl Grey Latte which was kind of milk tra, but for me pretty peculiar as commonly it’s just using English Breakfast or normal black tea. Yep, similar to London Fog if some of you were more familiar with that name. This drink was neither too sweet, nor too milky, making it a nice choice to warm up the body. 

Warm Honey Lime (IDR 23k)

But if you’re looking for something with no milk at all, opt for something more classic like this honey lime. Nothing’s much too highlight, just simple sweet and sour combination which you might be fond of. The size might be quite tiny, but as it’s made of pure lime and they only added a little water, it did taste like original homemade one <3. 

Honey Spears (IDR 33k)

If you had higher curiosity, try their innovative mocktails. First one I had blending cold brew peppermint tea, mint, and honey. I loved how they added sweetness element using natural ingredient like honey, and then well balanced it with refreshing ingredient like peppermint. Additional mint leaves did give extra cool sensation, making it worked so well as a wake-up-call for me. 

Passion of the Lime (IDR 33k)

Catchy name there, fella! Seemed to be inspired by a religious movie, the name of the drink surely seemed familiar to most of you. Featuring one of the signature fruits from my hometown, I surely didn’t wanna miss trying this drink. It’s kinda similar to the prior one, also a mix of tea and other refreshing ingredients, passion fruit and lime, but this time it’s black tea! If usually you picked lemon tea, then this was the next level of it with richer components!

All in all, I found myself fell for this place for its remarkable interior, inventive yet flavorful dishes and beverages, and most importantly it also offered my favorite cakes from Lareia! Looking forward to having my upcoming visits <3. 

Taste: 8/10
Place 7/10
Service: 7.5/10
Price: 7/10

Thanks for reading! :)

Address: Ruko Golden 8 Extension Blok G No. 5, Gading Serpong, Tangerang
Phone: (+62) 811 1099 444
Operating hours: Mon - Sun 8am - 8pm

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