Sunday, July 8, 2018

Cafe Lulu, The 'Canggu' of Kemang

Spotting the cafe for the first time, I felt like being in Bali, sitting in one of those center of crowd either in Seminyak or Canggu. Yes, the design somehow delivered the ambiance of the coffee shops residing in the paradise island. The outdoor seats surrounded by green plants and covered with tent, the crowded bar table decorated with bottles of ingredients, and that iconic pink wall; all were simply so Bali, so adorable, awesome combination come together. 

I was always ‘trapped’ by the pastry case and cake display, wherever I found them in any places I visited. My brain somehow unconsciously took me there, caught me in long dilemma of which one to go for, and made me stuck for long time till I could make my tough choice. It’s not an exception here and it did distract my attention from the main menu. Having similar palate to mine, my sister even came up with the suggestion to go for ‘sweet brunch’ session, satisfying our dessert craze. Well OK, let’s go for it!

The pastries were indeed not freshly made to order, but well I surely didn’t mind as I believed most places did the same thing as well. So long as they gave the option for re-heating it prior to be served, I should have no worries, shouldn’t I? Having each one looked tempting, I was honestly confused which I should pick. My sister, offering no assistance, went to the toilet and gave me the freedom to make the choice, which I wasn’t sure if I should be happy with or not. 

Mac and Cheese (IDR 45k)

Firstly having the intention to go for all sweets, finally I ended up ordering savory dish as well. This Mac and Cheese as recommended by the waiter. He called out this pastry as one of the most favorite among the savory choices. Being reheated, I enjoyed a lot the crispy skin and the tender stuffings, which did come in generous portion. Thanks God the mozzarella cheese did melt a bit, just like how I loved it best. 

Chocolate Cruffin (IDR 35k)

Moving to the different pole, started by the cruffin. Always taking the role of the one who ‘allocated’ the meals into each sharing plate, I sliced the cruffin - hoping that I would spot runny chocolate filling burst out. Well, as always too high expectation meant more painful fall, as I got to see myself ended up disappointed with the cruffin which was actually having no stuffing at all! Prolly the waiter was just tired when telling me it had chocolate filling besides the gorgeous chocolate topping on too :(. Facing the reality, I just took my first slice and as expected (luckily I had toned down my expectation), it’s just okay as I could barely taste the buttery aroma from the batter, and the chocolate topping had nothing stood out (bluntly said). 

Raspberry Chocolate Cake (IDR 45k)

Thanks to the last cake, which had also stood out as the highlight of the brunch, saving the overall perception of the sweet dessert from Cafe Lulu as it was beyond expectation. With the addition of slightly sour and refreshing taste from the raspberry, the chocolate components were impeccably balanced, preventing the ones enjoying it from getting nauseated of too much sweets. Just like how I loved a cake served, it’s more into cream than spongecake. The moist main toppings well complemented the crunchy tart. In a nutshell, I fancied it as much as I was into black and pink collab!!

Hot Piccolo (IDR 30k)

Sweets without coffee? Surely feeling like going to the cinema, watching the movie till the last 10 minutes, but leaving before it finished. Nonetheless, as I wanted to try other options, I went for the Hot Piccolo. Yep, smaller size but extra kick on the palate which I generally preferred. I guessed I’ve made the right option as the coffee wasn’t that bold, being more into medium-bodied. Well, a good neutralizer to all the sweetness I had beforehand. 

Coconut Delight (IDR 45k)
Getting more Bali? Yeah that’s exactly what’s coming into my mind, especially with that petite umbrella stuck on top of my glass. The drink looked so refreshing and I felt like already quenched my thirst even before I had a sip of it. The name caught my interest first, being called as Coconut Delight. 

Having my first sip, it’s indeed a delightful one, mixing coconut puree and orange juice as the main ingredient. Well, sounded so Indonesian mixture, wasn’t it? I did have to admit these couples were simply meant to be together as they complemented each other too well. With a hint of macadamia and a touch of fresh lime, it turned out more delectable, with precise sweetness level. Not to forget, the shredded coconut blended in the drink, making it seemed to have pulps to chew ;)

Like how the last beverage flawlessly ended the brunch, Cafe Lulu did leave good impression at my premiere visit. The place was worthy to recommend especially for all fellas whose radars were around the south area.

Taste: 7/10
Place: 7/10
Service: 7/10
Price: 7/10

Thanks for reading! :)

Address: Lippo Mall Kemang GF, Jakarta
Phone: (+62) 821 1110 0335 / (+62 21) 2905 6900
Operating Hours: Mon - Sun 10am - 00am

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