Saturday, July 28, 2018

Piknik at Arif Inn

The tagline of #butuhpiknik seemed to be booming lately, yeah prolly aligned to the hype of vuca world where everything was so unstable, unpredictable, highly dynamic- and simply said it meant require you to be much energetic and way more agile than you’d ever been earlier! Holiday has become one of the essential elements people craved for the most, some indeed for stress relief, while some might also be for social recognition. OK, cut it short, people just want that chillin’ vacay badly or in more iconic Indonesian word, #butuhpiknik!

Awesome news, Piknik Cafe has tried visualizing this into reality by establishing its uber cute summer-themed cafe, which made me once again felt the hype of such-concept in Canggu got more and more flourishing in our J-town. You might have the right picture already in your imagination with the Instagenic flamingo decoration, green plants covering most corners, catchy pink walls, and unquestionably the mandatory pool at the center completed with the cute floaties! YES..YES..YES..nothing went too far from those checklists!!

One unique fact, Piknik was actually taking place in an inn residing at South Jakarta. Well, for sure great news for the inn guests as they could enjoy kind of point of attraction, which was still within ‘the empire’ of their place of stay. For those who were more into ‘North or West kid’, this area might go too South and too rarely be touched. Nonetheless, for those staying in Tangerang just like me, well it’s not that close to home but strategic enough to be reached. Let’s not mention the traffic to shoo away the bad mood ;)

Feeling like singing Cabeo’s Havana, I started skimming the menu to trigger the excitement for my tummy. Kinda disappointing honestly, because most menu I wanna go for wasn’t available. I was even kinda confused as I thought there were more dishes not available than available ones. IMHO, if they’re indeed not ready yet, better not mentioning the dishes on the menu or at least temporarily covered them just to avoid the guests for over expecting. 

Japanese Tuna Salad Bowl (IDR 45k)

Matching the summer theme, there came the Hawaiian poke bowl. Not that much into rice, I opted for the salad version with main protein of tuna. It’s quite pocket-friendly price compared to similar ones, but I couldn’t deny that some of the veggies and the tuna weren’t that fresh. The variation in the bowl was pretty rich with lettuce, cherry tomatoes, onions, fried garlic, and olive. The dressing was luckily not bad as well, so I could still enjoy the overall taste despite I wouldn’t call it able to trigger me having my next one. 

Cenil Rainbow Ice (IDR 45k)

Cenil rainbow ice without the cenil itself; might sound weird, yet that’s the ugly truth I finally went for because other desserts were not there. This colorful shaved ice featured some toppings underneath, including fermented cassava, black sticky rice, mung bean, and kidney bean; like what we probably more familiar to call as Es Campur. Quite simple dessert, okay-ish for the palate and perhaps perfect choice to quench the thirst in the middle of the super hot sunny day. 

Mangosteen Probiotik (IDR 27k)

As recommended by the waiter, I tried this healthy drink, which was claimed as not having additional sweetener besides the natural sweetness coming from the ingredients itself. It looked and tasted more like dragon fruit than mangosteen for me, and seemed like there’s a hint of mint as well but I wasn’t really sure. Overall it’s refreshing enough, might be interesting to be tried if you’re with me in the highly curious boat. 

Purple Lemonade (IDR 32.5k)
How it looked was best described by how it was called as it’s literally purple. I loved the presentation and the play of colors as they simply looked adorable and kinda anti-mainstream. The lemon sorbet was lovely and peculiar at the same time, catching my attention at the first place! It might be debatable as my sister said it had strong leaf scent, but for me it’s actually not bad. 

All in all, I guessed the place was kinda nice for first-timer like me, especially hunting those ‘hot photo spots’! It might be bit hot in the afternoon especially if it’s a sunny day, but luckily they had the indoor space as well. The improvement that might be required was on the foods and availability. Well, stocking wouldn’t be harmful, would it? ;)

Taste: 6/10
Place: 6.5/10
Service: 6/10
Price: 6.5/10

Thanks for reading! :)

Address: Arif Inn, Jl. Pertanian Raya No. 53, Jakarta
Phone: (+62 21) 7692 305
Operating Hours: Mon - Sun 12pm - 10pm

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