Sunday, July 1, 2018

Ottoman, The Brand New Home

I hope I wasn’t too late for joining the hype and writing the post on this cutie pinky spot taking place at Mega Kuningan. Actually once you reached out to the place, you would figure out it’s not so pink, since the venue was dissected into several areas, featuring different color and theme including turquoise and blue. However, I had to admit the pink area did attract me best as it somehow suites my liking on colors and design.  

Occupying the main lobby of Sopo Del Tower, Ottoman wasn’t a new comer in the coffee shop family as it’s been there for awhile, only that it resided in different side of the town. It used to be in the north, to be precise Pluit area, in line with some other members of the family. 

The new home (yeah I called it that way as they closed the former one) was as spacious, or might be even more, as the previous. Despite I loved the interior of the old house, I fell deeper with the brand new one with its gorgeous play of colors and contemporary concept. Those awesome ideas of staircase-style seatings, bar table with individual seats, and iconic Ottoman wall made it a flawless spot to hunt mountains of Instagenic snaps. No wonder the place all of sudden turned to be center of crowd just in few days from the time it’s introduced. I couldn’t imagine how packed it would be once the office tower had its occupancy rate increased. 

Not only coffee and light bites, you could even enjoy various fulfilling brunch menu at very early hour in the morning, as early as 7am, so yeah you could make it before facing your hectic office hours. For those having the habit of early dinner, you could pay a visit before 7pm everyday. 

As I earlier only had the chance to try their coffee, this time I managed to taste more from the menu including the main courses. It captured my excitement well as the menu provided so many selections, ranging from rice-based dishes, egg-based breakfast, various-style pasta, till stunning desserts. 

Cappuccino (IDR 39k)
I started my brunch by trying their coffee, ordering the basic cappuccino. Served in the uber cute pink cup, my first thought was it's kinda costly being priced at that level with this size. Nonetheless, let's give it a sip before judging too much.

I'd tried this once in the former outlet, but the iced one instead of hot, so this time let's hand a turn to the high-temperature cup. Recalling the Iced Cap I had earlier, the hot version was actually better as the coffee taste was bolder, though bluntly said it's still too milky for my coffee preference. I would recommend double espresso shots for those preferring stronger body for their caffeine cup. 

Bacon Hash Cake Benedict (IDR 85k)

When english muffin got too mainstream for egg benny, hash brown would definitely do a great substitute. Paired to the runny yolk and fluffy white, the golden brown fried potato was flavorful and enjoyably crispy. 

Giving more twist on the palate, there sat the generous-sized pork bacon slices on top of the hash cake. Together with the hollandaise sauce, it gave extra sparks to the party of flavors. Don’t forget the colorful veggies on the side as they’re surely not mere decoration, but extra fresh and healthy elements to complete the overall menu. Tasting it myself, I highly recommended any first-timer to go for this dish, especially if you’re a fan of savory kind of brunch!

Soft and Firm (IDR 79k)

Contradicting name? Yeah the two seemed to be the opposite of each other, but if I called out panna cotta, you might finally get your head nodded as you got why it’s called that way. The colorful dessert served vanilla panna cotta accompanied by fresh fruit cuts, starring the trio of strawberries, red dragon fruit, and kiwi. Just like the lonely snow white being accompanied by the colorful seven dwarfs, this sweet was beautifully served on the gigantic plate. 

Despite I had to honestly said that the panna cotta itself was okay but not 'wow-ing', I loved its companions especially the matcha crumble and the chocolate hazelnut paste on top. I did think the brain behind it was inventive enough, letting the sweetness to be carried out more from the fruits and the chocolate, while the panna cotta was made just slightly sweet. Moreover, slight bitterness from the green tea flavor impeccably balanced everything out, making the sweet tooth a great match to those who wasn't that much into sweets. 

All in all, it's a pleasant dining experience and I loved the overall ambiance of Ottoman's new home. If only my office was still in Gatot Subroto, I could already imagine myself coming here at least once a week for agile working. Their main courses, particularly the savory ones, were doubtlessly faultless partners to both your relaxing and busy dining sessions.

Taste: 7.5/10
Place: 8/10
Service: 7.5/10
Price: 7/10

Thanks for reading! :)

Address: Sopo Del Tower GF, Mega Kuningan Barat III, Jakarta
Phone: (+62 21) 5080 6510
Operating Hours: Mon - Sun 7am - 7pm

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