Saturday, May 5, 2018

Fedwell, Another Healthy One in Senopati

Fed well??!? Meaning lots of foods to keep your tummy get overflowing supply? Well, somewhat true, but not 100% accurate as the name ‘Fedwell’ didn’t only talk about the quantity, but also the quality of your intake as they served good supplements for your body. 

The moderate-size cafe occupied a space  at Senopati, right next to Monty’s. The ambiance made you feel summer enough, having bright tone dominated by the soft amber color, mixed with green from the plants put at different corners. The back side seemed to be the semi-private space as it’s not that visible from the front one, though physically the two weren’t separated by any door. No wonder it’s targeted for group reservation, including at my time of visit, making me unable to sit there even if I wished to. 

Hot Cappuccino (IDR 35k)

Having the flamingo-print on the to-go cup captured my interest, I opted for the hot cap, though I actually ended up having it on the glass cup anyway LOL. The beans were slightly acidic, causing the after-taste wasn’t that smooth, yet I guessed the quite-heavy milk content making it not too bold. In case you were a fan of soy latte, you had the option to go for it. Almond milk could be your other alternative, but with extra charge of IDR 20k. 

Fedwell Iced Tea (IDR 25k)

I wasn’t sure what’s mixed in the glass and I just chose it as I wanted something refreshing. The color turned out pretty pale, almost alike to mineral water. I could taste mint in it, but I could barely taste the tea. Lesson learnt, prolly next time I should’ve asked prior to placing my order. 

Do-it-yourself Bowl (IDR 75k)

In spite of going for the signature bowls, offering combinations of components crafted by the house, I tried to test my creativity in doing mix-and-match on the ingredients called out on the menu. Yep, my sense of invention seemed to go higher than normal today and I simply wanted to have something anti-mainstream. I picked the regular D-I-Y bowl, for which I was entitled to 1 base, 1 protein, 3 toppings, 1 dressing, and 1 crunch. The other option offered more protein at higher price (just FYR). 

For my base, which was basically the carbs, I picked ube mixed, for which they’re combining both the yellow and purple ones. I had love-hate relationship with this dish as apparently the diced-cut yam wasn’t standardized, some were undercooked so hard to bite while others were moist, sweet, and just yummy. 

As the week was quite packed with beef on weekdays, I kinda missed fish quite too much and decided to go for Salmon Gravlax, which was also the one looking most tempting on the showcase. If you had no idea what it looked like, just imagined raw salmon in sugar, salt, and dill seasoning; indeed lighter and fresher type of protein. No worries if you neither liked something raw nor liked fish, because you had bunch of other selections to pick, either cooked or marinated in different spices. My pick wasn’t bad, serving the fresh Nordic-originated dish in lovely soft texture which literally melted in my mouth. 

For toppings, I combined the chewy and the shiny ingredients provided - onsen egg, mushroom party, and charred corn. I could enjoy the party of textures in one chew as I got everything from soft to crunchy. The yolk flawlessly bursted out from the moist whites at the first slice as it’s perfectly poached. I wished slightly stronger flavor-kick from the mushroom, but overall it tasted okay. The sweet corn played nice role as healthy yet scrumptious veggie with its natural sweet flavor. In a nutshell, the trio might be only toppings but did play important roles in the mix. 

For sure the earlier mentioned components didn’t go on-stage by themselves and did need extra dressings to make them going to the better level of taste. My bowl came with honey mustard sauce, one of my favorites and I could feel it worked well with the gravlax. Appearance wise it might be no the champion, but the taste was flavorful enough. The extra crunch made the bowl to be even richer. My furikake (Japanese traditional crunch made of dried fish, sesame seeds, and chopped seaweed) well-complemented the salmon and did make it look Japanese enough, which I initially wasn’t really aware of till I was about to enjoy it. Together all the components finally crafted healthy and luscious food to enjoy. 

Honey Cake (IDR 38k)

Who said places like this wouldn’t sell sweet? I was sooo happy, finding my sweet tooth would also get satisfied as they did offer couple of desserts. Opting for the Honey Cake, I was proven wrong as I in prior did judge the cake from its appearance. Once it landed on the table I directly had the thought that it must be pretty dry and just so-so. Nonetheless, it was surprisingly succulent as the sponge cake was neither too light nor too dense, the honey (and I guessed caramel?) layers in between impeccably gave the ‘sparks’ into the cake with its delectable and not overly sweet flavor, and the crumbles covering the cake which I guessed composed of oats simply tasted great! Not to mention the raisins mixed in it which added extra delicacy especially for raisin-lover like me <3. 

Despite I did have my other favorite place to go for similar kind of food, Fedwell was worthy to try overall ;). Even in my view, the latest hype in this particular market did offer similar things but all of ‘em had their own distinctive points.

Taste: 6.5/10
Place: 7/10
Service: 6.5/10
Price: 6.5/10

Thanks for reading! :)

Address: Jl. Senopati No. 82, Jakarta
Phone: (+62) 822 1110 0059
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