Tuesday, October 17, 2017

Jars Coffee Now Serves you in the Outlet

Jars Coffee was actually not a new comer as it’s entered the ‘coffee battlefield’ since a couple of years ago. Starting with online-based business, serving mainly cold brew, they now finally established their very first physical outlet. I have always been extremely happy looking at how people could be consistent in developing their business from ‘seeds’ till they grew being a big tree with abundant fruits. Big congratulations, guys!

Located at the busy road of Gandaria, it would be very easy to find the venue. Only to reach it you might need quite some effort especially at peak hours, since you might have known how busy this area was. 

The space itself was a petite one, yet cozy enough for stopping by and having your caffeine craving satisfied. Opening their door early in the morning starting from 7am on daily basis, they were there to serve the busy ones who had to start their day just a moment upon the sun rose. Good stuff for you who couldn’t survive just by having drinks and demanded more stuffs to get your tummy filled, they did serve foods, starting from light bites, pastries, cakes, till several breakie menus. The selections were indeed not that abundant, yet quite various for this size of coffee shop. 

One distinctive point this coffee shop featured, which was certainly not all others had, was its caring value, manifested in its real action of donating part of the profit to the people in need. The crews did mention that they intended to change the groups helped in regular basis and for now, they’re partnering with an organization helping needy people in India. What an admirable desire!

Crispy Chicken Bowl (IDR 35k)

OK, moving back to what finally landed on the dining table, as the tummy demanded something fulfilling, I started with their rice bowl for which I opted for chicken. It was particularly deep-fried karaage, serving tender chicken fillet indulgingly covered in crispy coating. The idea of topped these chicken with creamy seawood mayonnaise turned out delectable as the sauce was served in right doze, making it coming as perfect complementary element that didn’t overcome the main ingredients. Though I wasn’t a big fan of rice, when I had it I always wanted it to be quite mushy, just like the Japanese style one, and Jars Coffee surprisingly seemed to understand me too well! I was looking forward to having their rice bowls available for order via online delivery service as the price was pocket-friendly matching the size of the dish, and the taste was satisfying. 

Banoffee Pie (IDR 27k)
Wooww! That huge slice of Banoffee Pie only costed me less than IDR 30k? No reason for not giving a try! If only my tummy could afford more, I would’ve ordered the cheesecake as well LOL (pardon my greed please). 

Banoffee Pie might be not the most gorgeous cake in terms of its appearance, yet for me it never failed to get me tempted to have it on my order list. This time wasn’t an exception as I found it won against all other pastries and cakes displayed on the showcase, in stealing my attention. Gladly, the taste flawlessly got me pleased as much as the look had seduced me. Despite I wished the cream on top to be more flavorful, it was overall a decent one and I did fell for each spoon of the bottom layer. The caramel wasn’t go overdose in terms of its sweetness level, and the smooth banana came as perfect pair to it. The crunchy pie base turned to be my most favorite part with its lovely texture. A slice of sinful indulgence whose additional slice I prolly wouldn’t ever regret to have. 

Hot Piccolo (IDR 25k) 

Being my second coffee cup of the day, I intentionally offered this petite one. Besides, I was indeed in need for stronger ‘slap on the face’ as I was so sleepy in the middle of this hot sunny day. Having been satisfied by Jars Cold Brew before, I once again found myself fell for their other version of coffee. The piccolo was nice, being bold, slightly bitter, and ended with clean after taste.

Once again congratulations to Jars Coffee and I wish you endless success for the days ahead. PS. I couldn’t wait to try your Es Kopi Susu! Make it available A.S.A.P pretty please ;)

Taste: 7.5/10
Place: 7/10
Service: 8.5/10
Price: 8/10

Thanks for reading! :)

Jl. Tembus Gandaria No. 1A, Kebayoran Lama, Jakarta
Operating Hours: Tue - Fri 7am - 6pm, Sat 7am - 7pm, Sun 2pm - 8pm, Mon closed

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