Sunday, October 1, 2017

Cups Coffee & Kitchen

Doing cafe hoping in Bandung is always an excitement as every single one has their own distinctive concept. The ambiance likely always amazes me, displaying creative idea and spoiling environment. Cups is definitely not an exception, having sizable space with monochromatic theme. 

It might be caused by the recently hyped trend of having pre-wed pictures in more casual styles, but the place was indeed an eye-catchy one for photo-shoots. I even met a couple who’re getting theirselves snapped for this extremely important life moment at this coffee shop. 

Actually the point of uniqueness was the wall painting combining blue and white to color up the mostly grey venue. The picture itself blended several concepts like humans and nature. It’s not only photogenic, but also decent one for the eyes. 

Another one that made this spot looked different was the seating arrangement. Yeah, perhaps those at the center were just like normal ones you commonly met anywhere else, but absolutely not the case for the ones next to the walls. Uniquely the tables for pairs were attached to the walls and only serving petite tables to place your dining utensils. Well, I guessed they suit those who only had drinks or light bites very well and besides looking great, they saved much space!

Not to forget, the high ceiling and huge glass window at the upper level, which didn’t only give natural lighting to the venue, but also a spot for enjoying panoramic scenery. Somehow this place gave the impression of going back to the nature; using fan instead of air-cond, racks and walls full-of green plants, and flower pots lining-up at the long bar table as well as on the floor. 

The ‘show’ was dominated by Western casts, focusing on brunch menu, pizza, pasta, burger, and sandwich. From each of those groups, they did have their specialties which I guess attracted first-timer like me the most. Not only they had peculiar ingredients in it, but the combination itself somehow sounded unique. Perhaps pretty complicated to imagine, yet you would prolly understand best later when I explained more details about my orders so you needn’t keep that frowned forehead. 

Hot Magic (IDR 25k) and Hot Piccolo (IDR 25k)

Nonetheless, let’s start with the mandatory preamble, the ‘dynamic coffee duo’! This time it’s not the cap as magic was there on the menu. Going first with this cup, it apparently didn’t successfully come with that ‘magical spell’ that exceed the palate’s expectation, being quite milky regardless the double espresso shot. 

I guessed it’s due to the light-roast beans used, since the experience was pretty similar with the piccolo as well. I guessed those who might love light and creamy version of coffee would have their taste bud suited to these cups, but they might be not us ;). 

Iced Lemongrass (IDR 25k)

Luckily, I had my other drink, something more refreshing and perhaps healthier? LOL. Mainly mixing lemongrass and liquid sugar, this drink came as perfect thirst quencher. As the lemongrass taste didn't go that bold, I thought those who might be afraid the taste turned out like herbal drink, didn't need to worry much since I personally perceived it's kind of acceptable by all preferences. 

Salmon and Scrambled Egg

Honestly speaking I totally lost the name of the dish from my memory. The only thing I could recall was it came from the new dishes list displayed on the table, but not available on the menu. Having this limitation yet still keen to write about it, I named it to the closest phrase that might represent what it actually carried out. Yes, a brunch menu presenting this protein from the sea. 

I was picturing shiny and fresh salmon slices in my mind, when this (bluntly said) pale ones arrived on the table. I was quite disappointed with it, including when it came to the tasting part. My friends and I all agreed that the fish wasn’t fresh, leaving a hint of unpleasant after-taste. The other protein component - the moist scrambled eggs, as well as the carbo - the golden-brown gigantic croquette potato did help to cure the whole taste; though I had to admit I couldn’t say they’re beyond okay. The green component, the fresh and tasty veggies did help, but overall I expected much improvement from the dish. 

Spaetzle Zuericher (IDR 55k)
We finally reached the part I mentioned in the beginning, one of the signature ones from the house which ended up on my order. It was actually a pasta-based meal, which I believed most Indonesians weren’t familiar of as it served spaetzle, the German egg noodles. The texture itself was unique, neither too chewy nor too mushy, a nice one that might be rare to find elsewhere. 

As the companion, there were the beef tenderloin slices sautéed in creamy mushroom sauce. Portion wise it was quite generous despite that the price did justify. The mushroom sauce was middling, yet the beef could surely be more tender. 

In a nutshell, it was a nice experience having been to this place, though I had to say that what I enjoyed best was certainly the place and the ambiance. In my view much improvement could still be delivered on the foods and beverages they served. So to close, I would finally say all the best!

Taste: 6/10
Place: 7/10
Service: 7/10
Price: 6.5/10

Thanks for reading! :)

Address: Jl. Trunojoyo No. 25, Citarum, Bandung
Phone: (+62) 8572 3511 395
Operating Hours: Sun - Thu 7am - 10pm, Fri - Sat 7am - 11pm