Saturday, October 7, 2017

Twin House, the Place to Find your Backyard

Almost getting lost since the café actually resided at the end of a small alley, finally I managed to get there. Uber thanks to my knowledgeable Uber driver <3. Reaching the place, I then figured out that it looked like a petite complex of 2 different buildings, which in my guesstimate still belonged to the same owner. Trying to do my little research to answer all the wild guess, actually the owners indeed try to make the Twin House became real twins by establishing a café in addition to their existing restaurant. Both of them occupied this same space where in between the place served huge parking space for the guests.

Talking about the café itself, it’s such a cute house-shaped one with 2 separated buildings stood side by side, and shared a front yard at their front area. The yard was further designed like a kids play arena having some attractions like slide, see-saw, etc. Moreover, it was also a perfect space for throwing parties for family and kids, exactly what I spotted at my visit time, where the guests rented the indoor space for the party invitees could dine and used the outdoor space for entertaining their kids. So if you had no open space at your own house to throw a garden party, it would no longer be a big deal as you could have it here! An awesome picnic concept served there ;)

The café itself looked so lovely, with the homey ambiance being successfully landed. The scenery of wooden furniture, hanging green plants, and an individual swing were just like my concept of impeccably comfy house, where I could find myself sitting lazily on the couch for hours simply doing nothing and just enjoyed the day. There’s also communal table at the center, to be shared by several groups of guests at the same time, more to western-style coffee shops where people wouldn’t necessarily have their own dedicated table. Not to mention another unique one, the tiny smoking room separated by the glass walls, making it looked more like an aquarium.

Just for your additional reference, this gorgeous place was started from a small noodle stall established by a group of food enthusiasts, who were all initially not fully in-charge of the management. Nonetheless, they finally realized they wanted to pursue their true patience and started to commit their full-time on this restaurant and café. Trying to share their love towards foods with others, they established these two pleasant spots for people to feel like going back home and enjoying something palatable together with the loved ones. 

So going back to my dining table, what to have for this weekend’s breakie? Well, my palate would surely demand its favorite - SWEETS!! Let’s just call it a spirit booster and self-entertainment upon the crazily busy days. Put calories and health concern aside please, life’s already too tough to think too much LOL.

Pisang Gepeng (IDR 40k)

From the selections of desserts, which were mostly containing banana, I picked this Pisang Gepeng as the description sounded most appealing to me, featuring caramelized banana as the star of the plate. The real one did turn out as what I already pictured in mind, highly tempting with that glazing brown color.

The taste further proved that the presentation wasn’t merely ‘make-ups’, with the banana being not overly sweet, and so flavorful with hint of cinnamon in it. The caramelized brown sugar sauce as well as the vanilla ice cream came as the perfect pairs to it, enriching the overall flavor served on the plate. Having the banana texture to be quite mushy (in the good way surely), it's such perfect marriage serving it with something crunchy like the granola and the crumbles. This traditional dish was now transformed to be a fancier and yummier version, crafting totally new way to enjoy it! 

Hot Piccolo (IDR 35k)

I was so glad to know that I made the exactly right decision by ordering piccolo. The flavor was just right; well-suiting my coffee preference with its bold coffee taste, indulging fragrance to enjoy at each sip, plus light hint of acidity and bitterness. AWESOME STARTER of my day, surely would be one of my most favorite caffeine cups!
Iced Kopi Nakula (IDR 40k) 

My sister passed quite a dilemma when she's about to decide if she should go for this iced coffee or not. She was so tempted to have it and I could already read that from her face even before she mentioned if she should order it or not. Being in the same boat with her, I right away called out this drink to be listed on my order list.
It was basically coffee ice cubes served with hazelnut flavored milk. It was pretty creative that they served two types of iced coffee; Nakula and Sadewa, the one I ordered and the other one was coming with caramel flavor. Some of you might think it's no something totally new as you might have seen such serving method for iced coffee in some other places. Nevertheless, let me tell you one thing, "THIS IS SURELY MUST HAVE!".

Despite the price was actually quite expensive, I still thought it's worthy to try, serving that wonderful flavor of hazelnut, whose aroma was so spoiling at the same time. The coffee did play an important part here as its strong taste well-balanced that sweet element, making overall cup went beyond satisfying! Briefly said, it's too good to be true that I could see my sister didn't stop sipping and even asked me if I still wanted to have more or she could just finish everything *giggling*.

Going quite far to this kind of 'most south part of South Jakarta', I had no single regret in spite of all the jams I had to go through. I got my palate and my tummy totally pampered by everything served on my dining table. I would surely come back for more of their dishes.
Taste: 8/10
Place: 8.5/10
Service: 8/10
Price: 7.5/10
Thanks for reading! :)
Address: Jl. Cipete Raya No. 4b, Jakarta
Phone: (+62) 81 9311 7351
Operating Hours: Tue - Sun 8am - 10pm (Mon closed)