Saturday, October 7, 2017

Sec Diner, from Online Sales to Successful Outlet

Being long well-known as the best salted egg chicken rice in town, I believe this physical outlet of Sec has been the long awaited one by many of its big fans! Regardless I was actually a newbie for Sec, I did count myself belong to the group since I’d been longing for this time when I could finally try this infamous bowl! Yeah my sister and tons of my friends had kept telling me how good it was, yet there were always hindrances that didn’t let me get the chance to taste it myself. You might call me over-exaggerating, yet I was indeed hyper-excited as the time finally came (you could spot that wide wide grin on my face!).

Distance might not matter when you badly wanted something, and I prove the statement right. Taking the space at the ‘heaven of hyped restaurants and cafes’ at PIK, Sec Diner was actually far far away from my ‘normal circle of areas-to-visit’. Nonetheless, that didn’t beat my curiosity to have this ‘extremely-happening’ dish on my own taste bud. So there I was in front of the entrance, standing in uber exhilaration just like a child being allowed to have ice cream.

Precisely matching my imagination, the venue was nothing but yellow, true representative of that salted egg concept. It was a cozy spot for hang out, and the ambiance seemed to suit people from all ages - children, teenagers, adults, and families - I could spot the guests did come from all ranges. There was even a birthday bash thrown at the venue at my time of visit, occupying the second floor and making so much children’s noises at all the corners. 

On the walls you could spot some signature wordings that had been carried out by Sec, including the most catchy one, ‘Let’s Have Sec’. Looked like an alignment across most cafes and restos in PIK, Sec did come with that long bar table at one side, covered with hanging green plants and flower pots. Then at the front side, there was the glass window, making the venue looked like an aquarium when you passed-by.

Despite being a new kid on the block, seemed like Sec Diner had trained its waiters and waitresses very well that they’re all highly responsive starting from welcoming the walk-in customers, helping them to find seats, till assisting them with placing the orders based on the favorite ones. The one serving me particularly was very nimble, able to read my confusing face and tried to help answering all my queries and doubts.

Sec Croissant (IDR 35k)

So let’s not further make any further delay and directly go to your most awaited part, the meals!! Yeah for you who haven’t been here, you definitely feel extremely curious what types of dishes they do serve at the physical outlet; if they’re only their signature rice bowls as in the online shops, or if they cane with something else to spoil your palate. As customers, we’re beyond lucky that Sec loved us too much, coming with tons of other options to get your tummy prosperous.

Some might think this was dessert, yet for me this was what I called appetizer; no wonder, sweet-craze like me could even go for sweet opening, sweet main, and sweet ending LOL! I was honestly kinda annoyed at the beginning when I tried to order this and they mentioned that it would only be ready in 30 minutes. My irritated mind apparently couldn’t hold itself that the word ‘why?’ immediately popped out of my mouth, which was then answered by the waitress that it’s because they made it to order from scratch. I wasn’t that sure about this, but never mind, let’s forget it and yeah it ended with me not giving up and still placed my order for this croissant as my curiosity was bigger than my impatience.

It was actually not yet half an hour when the waitress came serving this pastry on my dining table. The appearance seemed to speak out the awesome taste already having those crumbles on top and gorgeous golden brown color. Cutting the croissant into two pieces, that shiny salted egg filling right away burst out, making those who saw it would absolutely drool! Coming to the first bite, it was like heaven on earth!! Flaky skin with fragrant buttery aroma, flawlessly paired to the smooth and flavorful filling. Geez!! I could certainly calling out how marvelous it was continuously. Must must must try!! Perhaps one of the most worthy 30-minute waiting time for a dish.

Salted Egg Chicken over Rice (IDR 55k)

Woooohoooo! The signature of the house, the one that has brought Sec to this top, and prolly still the most favorite of most customers, yeah the well-known salted egg chicken over rice. The bowl you might have repeatedly ordered via online delivery service. Call me a lame, but I was indeed a first timer for it as I mentioned before. Being honest (and please note this is surely not a paid-promote), I would doubtlessly award it as the best salted egg chicken bowl I’ve ever tried in my lifetime!! It’s like a portion of perfection, combining moist rice, juicy and tender chicken coated in scrumptious crunchy batter, and the creme de la creme - the beyond-impeccable salted egg sauce. OMO, nothing but the best meal one could ever ask for <3< 3

YES (IDR 40k)
Yuzu, Earl Grey, soda

Say yes to the drink? My answer was a BIG ONE! Despite the menu did offer some options for mocktails, smoothies, shakes, and more, YES was the one able to make me giving a YES. Featuring Yuzu, my favorite Japanese orange, I definitely go for it right away. It reminded me of the good old days in Tokyo, where I would have any Yuzu flavored drinks all weekends. Blending it with earl grey tea and soda? Surely a brilliant idea, like an upper class fruit tea with sparkling sensation!

Having read my story, without telling you I believe you guys have known how satisfied I was in this premiere visit to Sec Diner. I couldn’t wait any longer for the upcoming ones!!
Taste: 9/10
Place: 7.5/10
Service: 8/10
Price: 8/10
Thanks for reading! :)
Address: Ruko Garden House Blok B No. 9, PIK, Jakarta
Phone: (+62 21) 2903 3468
Operating Hours: Mon - Sun 11am - 10pm