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After You Dessert Cafe [BANGKOK]

Just like its name, when I was writing this post I felt like it’s already running after me for another dining session there. Still couldn’t move on from the sinful delicacy regardless I just had it like few days ago LOL. 

I could bet most of you have seen the pictures of their dishes as most people visiting Bangkok did pay a visit here. Yep, it’s been so well-known for it’s signature desserts, which might be not all traditional Thailand ingredients or flavors, though some indeed were. If you just thought you’re not familiar with it, please wait till you saw the pictures of what I had, then you might nod your head and found your ‘AHA!’ moment. 

Having several branches already, spread all around Bangkok, I preferred going to the head outlet, pre-reading some recommendations that it’s less crowded, and most of the time didn’t require any queue unlike the ones mostly in shopping malls. Besides, I did little research on it and found the space was comfy enough for short afternoon chilling time. 

Such a coincidence that it’s actually located quite close to the hotel I stayed, taking around 10-15 minutes car ride depending on the traffic. I felt like going back to Jakarta having to pass such heavy jam just to move between very short distance. OK never mind, it’s holiday and nothing had to be in a rush ;)

The venue seemed to be located around alleys of cafes and restaurants, quite crowded space despite the road was actually pretty narrow. It might look quite small if you just looked at your surrounding, but if you tried combining the three separated spaces located just next to one another, it’s a quite huge cafe. 

The design might be not like the most outstanding, but the ambiance was homey enough. At least, for me it could deliver the calming feeling and most importantly it provided mountains of sweet companions for the guests to enjoy. 

The giant menu showed so many choices of flavors for each of their signature desserts, including Shibuya honey toast, flavored-shaved ice or kakigori, warm soft-baked cookie with ice cream, mille crepes, and many more. You could imagine how complicated my dilemma was, having to choose among the dish variants then the flavors. Thai tea and mango as Thailand’s signature ones were absolutely there and for me were indeed the most tempting despite the others like Nutella, banana, matcha, and cream cheese were also appealing. 

Seemed to understand my deep confusion, the attendant tried offering me their most favorite ones and I ended up being very obedient customer. 

Warm Chocolate Chip Panookie (THB 175)

I followed the majority, ordering the chocolate one instead of banana. This type of dessert was always my weakness, and I even had it almost every day in the office, buying the soft-baked cookie and reheated it myself before enjoying it. Having the special one served in hot plate, freshly made to order, then even added by additional happiness of chocolate sauce and vanilla ice cream, it’s MINDBLOWING!

My taste bud did tell me it’s slightly too sweet yet it didn’t reduce even a bit my enjoyment towards each spoonful I took. Such an awesome mix of texture and exciting party of hot and cold temperature melt in my mouth! 

Baby Mango Sticky Rice Kakigori (THB 185)

Next turn belonged to the shiny yellow tropical fruit of Thailand, Mr. Mango! Well yeah, who on earth went to Thailand without having their mango. Nevertheless, I couldn’t deny that I initially thought this particular dessert was just over exaggerated by those having tried it, and perhaps it’s just cute in appearance but so-so in taste. 

Guess what? It got my jaw broken when I took my first spoon. WOOWW! Super good and I was deeply in love!! Those fresh and sweet diced-cut mango as well as those chewy and succulent sticky rice, all hidden under the mango-flavored shaved ice, together had me astonished and right away transformed into a BIG FAN! Not to mention the extra toppings of coconut milk and mango sauce, UHLALAAA~~need to hold myself from drooling.

Being a solo traveler was always quite tough as you had limited tummy capacity to afford all you wanna try :( . But yeah no choice as this was indeed impromptu business trip. I felt kinda lucky as After You seemed to understand its customers too well, serving Baby-size for almost all their menu, just like the kakigori I had. Despite it might be bit pricey having each dish ranged from THB 175 to THB 250, the taste worth the price paid. One more thing, if you’re not into trying the sweet drinks or liquid desserts, you could have their free-flow tea. Would surely be back <3

Taste: 8/10
Place: 7/10
Service: 8/10
Price: 7/10

Thanks for reading! :)

Address: J Avenue Thong Lor 13, Bangkok, Thailand
Phone: (+66) 02 712 9266
Operating Hours: Mon - Sun 11am - 0am

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