Saturday, May 26, 2018

Verve Coffee Bar & Boulangerie at The Breeze

The Breeze, this ‘open-air mall or food center’ (up to you how you wanna called it), has been one of my most visited places ever since my office moved to BSD and located right across it. At first it’s pretty quiet there, having limited numbers of resto and cafe, giving only few choices for me to opt for. Nonetheless, the development can be said as quite fast (despite it’s followed with quick turnover of outlets as well), being a quite packed space already with tons of selections to dine in. 

Now that it even had IMAX, more and more ‘food suppliers’ raised their interest in establishing their outlet here and the place indeed got more and more crowded across time. Last weekend, when my sister and I were too lazy going anywhere far (also adding the fact that it seemed not really that safe going to malls lately), we decided just heading to The Breeze to check if there’s any cozy place to stop by. When I was still busy looking at my dining-guide app, I noticed the banner of Verve, forming a line at the entry gate of The Breeze. 

Asking my sister if she’s aware of this newly opened cafe, apparently she’s known it but hasn’t had the chance to pay a visit as well. WOW! Such lucky coincidence that we’re looking for a place to dine in then suddenly the answer came easily. Giving you the easy guide, basically it’s located across the XXI, or next to the car park. I recalled seeing this place when I played bowling at the Spin City several weeks ago. 

The outer appearance was quite catchy, looking like a European-style petite cafe. Entering the venue, it’s bit freezing as indeed it’s been raining quite heavily since earlier in the morning. The interior was more into classic and elegant tone with white and gold touch being combined. Like typical Western-style patisserie, all the dishes sold were there sitting nicely at the order counter, were not only ready to give you gigantic temptation, but also to make you most times emotionally buy them. Well at least sweet tooth like me never skipped ‘the trap’. 

Looking at the menu when I was about to make my order, I noticed they were also a catering and even their focus seemed to be more on the bulky order for both the savory main courses and sweet endings. So seemed like this petite cafe acted as the ‘testing point’ to get you to your ‘real order’. Trying to find more info, Verve's actually not a new comer in F&B industry as they'd been 'playing' for awhile in this particular world, starting their existence in Semarang.

For my weekend brunch, I picked those ‘seduction’ in front of my naked eyes, which had made me gone through the tough time in making my final decision on what’s to land on the table. You needn’t worry that you wouldn’t be able to enjoy your food while they’re warm as anyway you could request them being re-heated. 

Chocolate Cheese Tart (IDR 10k)

Not want to be missing out of the on-going hype of cheese tart, Verve did serve trio of them including original, chocolate, and smoked beef. The choc one I tried was pleasant with super thin crust as the base and sweet creamy dark choc as the main flavor. I wouldn’t say it’s the best, but surely worth to try. 

Bacon and Cheese Doughnut (IDR 20k)
The pretty one enticing me from the very first time was this shiny doughnut. As if it tried to match the sunshine, it did shine bright sitting among the others with its yellow color. My decision to pick it as my savory one was never wrong. It’s indeed so good having abundant cheese on top of the gorgeous doughnut. The salty taste seemed to well complement the crunchy yummy bacons which were generously served as well. Yum yummmm!

Peanut Butter Doughnut (IDR 20k)

My center of weakness, Mr. PB!! Knowing it’s there, I surely didn’t wanna miss it. Moreover, the presentation was flawless, making it drive bigger temptation. It’s like heaven on earth enjoying thick peanut butter on my O-ring, well blended with light touch of chocolate. Voilaaaa <3. 

Assorted Cookies (IDR 5k)

At the end of the order point, you could spot some glass jars with various cookies inside them. Looking at the price, I felt like ‘WOW! This was the chance try as I was such a cookie monster just like Elmo!’. Taking two of them, Peanut and Cranberry, I loved the latter better despite the first one was pretty good. It might be sort of preference, as the first was more into crunchy while the second was more like soft cooke though the texture wasn’t that soggy. The cranberry was adorable as it’s not overly sweet and felt like melting milk powder in your mouths. 

Hot Cappuccino (IDR 45k)

For sure such meals wouldn’t be complete without coffee to accompany them. So I opted for hot cap, also to get my daily caffeine dose fulfilled. I was thinking if they did cross-subsidization as the drinks were relatively pricey. 

My Hot Cap was bit acidic and I guessed the beans were dark-roasted, as the aroma and flavor seemed to tell that story. It wasn’t bad, yet my coffee preference was not really into that kind of smokey flavor. Great news for the ‘free-hunters’, for any purchase of coffee they offered free Mini Croissant worth IDR 10k, such a perfect pairing, wasn’t it? You could even did grab-and-go for this very quickly. The lovely flaky pastry would be awesome choice for filling in the tummy. 

Cold Avocado Coffee (IDR 25k)

Displayed right at the checkout counter, the bottled drinks were another ones attracting you to add more into your ‘basket’. My interest went to the Avocado Coffee, which wasn’t like thick avocado juice added with espresso shot, but this was more into the one already blended and served in much thinner texture. Briefly said, it’s succulent and very suitable if you’re in the mood for avocado coffee yet you’re demanding for lighter version. Seemed like it just got another new loyal fan here ;)

In a nutshell, I loooveeed the place, being simple yet chic. Yeah it might be not the best place for working, but for hangout or chillin’ it’s simply flawless! Most importantly, everything served was decent yet very affordable. As they had tons of sweets among the ones served, the place was just SO ME!!

Taste: 7.5/10
Place: 7.5/10
Service: 8/10
Price: 8/10

Thanks for reading! :)

Address: The Breeze Unit Lake Level L59 A&B, BSD, Tangerang
Phone: (+62 21) 8064 0071
Operating Hours: Mon - Sun 8am - 7pm