Sunday, May 27, 2018

Thip Samai, the Best Pad Thai in Lifetime [BANGKOK]

Thanks to the internet, allowing information to be accessed very easily, from anyone regardless you know them in person or not and how far you were separated. I did feel the benefit so real, taking the simplest example, my sudden weekend plan!

Just view clicks away, I got my itinerary set while I was on my way to the airport. Yes you heard me right, being so hectic in last few days, getting myself fall asleep in front of my laptop, and simply having no dedicated time to arrange any schedule. But let’s escape from the routines for awhile and simply enjoy the weekend vibes. 

Back to the topic, basically not visiting Thailand for years already, making me want to eat the signature local dishes badly. Well, undeniably Pad Thai was on my top three. Hence, I tried to find the most recommended one and finally Thip Samai came up as the winner. 

It’s said to be preferred by both locals and tourists. No wonder, when I arrived there, from far away I could already notice the spot looking at the long queue in front of the restaurant. FYI, I was there at almost 10pm and I guessed I had 25-30 people in front of me, mostly the ones coming in big groups. I could see the nationality did vary from overhearing the language they spoke. I was lucky that it indeed opened till 2am in the morning so definitely I could still get my turn despite the long queue. Actually, they started opening quite late afternoon as they intended to serve dinner. Another good fact, please don’t lose your interest as I mentioned long queue; since the turnover was pretty fast and I guessed it took me less than 30-minute with those abundant number of people coming before me.

The restaurant looked more touristy than I thought, as I earlier imagined it would be petite traditional stall with no air-cond and nothing fancy. In fact, they had huge space with some areas being full air-conditioned and they did give extra charge for those sitting there LOL. There’s dedicated space like tiny shop, where they sold some of their ingredients like the signature Pad Thai sauce, as well as simple gifts. They had the wall-pictures as well as video showing the history of the place from the establishment till its current stage. I felt like being in a museum already ;)

Superb Pad Thai (THB 90)

The menu was pretty simple, offering the basic Pad Thai, Pad Thai with Shrimp and Egg, and the recommended Superb Pad Thai. Funny enough they called it superb, which indeed made it sound catchy. Simply translated, it’s the special Pad Thai  wrapped in fried egg and mixed with veggies and fresh prawns. You might go for bigger portion of prawns with additional charge, but this was already fulfilling for me. 

You would get the impeccably chewy and super fresh prawns accompanying the flavorful glass noodles. The texture was more into soggy and the noodles were perfectly soft. I loved enjoying it in my ‘own mix’, adding the chili flakes and soft-grounded nuts they provided on the table. The beansprout and leek served as the sides, gave let you add crunchy touch into the overall dish. That Pad Thai sauce was surely ‘da bomb’, blending sweet, sour, and savory into a sync. Yummm to bits <3. 

Orange Juice (THB 140 - might vary across time)

Don’t miss to try their homemade orange juice, which at first you would surely think pricey, but after getting sip would 180-degree transform your perception. It’s like enjoying sweet freshly-squeezed oranges with giant pulps still mixed in it. Well, I’ve had similar kind of drink in many other places in prior, but honestly none served the pulp in this size. It might be more costly than your meal, but what I could say was you would regret not trying ;). Now I understood why I spotted so many guests packed them home. Just a reminder, the price might change across time.

Thanks to all who’ve recommended this place. I was so lucky trusting your reference and able to taste best Pad Thai I’d ever had in lifetime!!

Taste: 9/10

Place: 7/10
Service: 8.5/10
Price: 8/10

Thanks for reading! :)

Address: 313-315 Maha Chai Rd, Khwaeng Samran Rat, Khet Phra Nakhon, Thailand
Phone: (+66) 222 66666 / (+66) 222 16280
Operating hours: Mon - Sun 5pm - 2am

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