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From Brilliant Talents to Prosperous Tummy

Some of you might wonder what Local Fest actually is. However, I believe definitely not few of you have been aware or even have known this very well! For you who have not known about Local Fest, it is a festival that tries to find and expose the local potentials possessed by the Indonesians, especially the youngsters. Not only the talent in art, this unique event also brings out the talents in fashion, culinary, music, and many more. You can be surprised finding that actually there are lots of young Indonesians who have been very successful with their own businesses they build from scratch.  

I have always been interested to join this type of event. I have been to many similar events and I must admit that I really really enjoy the time spent there. Not only able to enjoy great foods or buy great fashion items, I am also able to be inspired by those young motivated people behind the businesses.

Talking about the foods served there, I have always experienced my ‘tummy-prosperity moment’ every time I visit such event. I can find so many great foods, especially snacks and desserts, which are usually sold online and only able to be ordered with certain minimum order quantity. However, here I can buy anything in single portion so I can try so many foods I can only wish to try before.

So now, let’s check out those I’ve ever tried!

Beef Quesadilla

Honestly, I was quite disappointed with the real dish as I expected it to look like the picture shown at the booth, in which the filling looked so rich. The actual Beef Quesadilla was much thinner compared to the picture as the beef and the mozzarella were given in quite stingy amount :( . Taste wise, I thought it was just so-so. If only the actual filling were similar to the picture, I thought this dish would be much much better.

Cherry Crumble (IDR 38k)
By Ladies Who Bake – Owned by Rianti Cartwright

I have been very curious to try the fruit crumble made by the well-known Rianti Cartwright. I have heard from quite many people that they taste so amazing that you will often find them sold out already if you visit their cafe in the afternoon. That's why, when I knew that this crumbles were available in Local Fest, I was beyond happy. This opportunity should never be missed. It was quite a dilemma when I had to choose between the Apple Crumble and the Cherry Crumble. Both of them looked so tempting, but I knew I had to save some space in my tummy for other appealing dishes I wanted to try. Finally I decided to pick the Cherry Crumble as the booth keeper said that it was sourer, while the Apple one was sweeter. 

First spoon and OMG, it's SO SO SO GOOD, I DIED! It was indeed a perfect balance between the slightly sour taste from the cherry and the sweet taste from the pie crust. Additionally, the cherry was so refreshing and the pie crust had incredible texture. The crumble put on top of this cake also completed it, making me have to admit that this was indeed a slice of perfection. 

Actually, you were also given a small cup of slightly sweet cream (based on the taste I guessed it's whipped cream) to be enjoyed together with the cake. However, I still preferred to enjoy the Cherry Crumble without the cream :)

Original Egg Waffle with Chocolate & Cheese (IDR 25k)

If you are an active Instagram user, who follows some Foodies' accounts, you definitely have seen this snack for quite many times on your timeline lately. Some people said that this egg waffle was actually originated from Hong Kong. Actually I have been very familiar with this snack as I used to stay in Surabaya and you could easily find this snack everywhere with various brands. 

Looking at the case, you probably have correctly guessed that I did have very high expectation on this egg waffle as I've tried the best ones in Surabaya. Since I wanted to try both their dark chocolate and cheese topping, thus I ordered the original dough so it would not be too chocolatey. 

For me, the taste of the egg waffle itself was just okay, but I did not find something exceptional in it. The dark chocolate topping tasted quite strong and I loved it, but unfortunately, it was not evenly spread throughout the whole waffle. For the cheese topping, I was quite upset as I could barely tasted it. My high expectation might be blamed as the reasons behind this :p . But I really wished Egg Eats could give more generous portion for its toppings so this snack could taste better. Otherwise, the taste would be somehow similar to enjoying plain egg waffle.
Salted Caramel Éclair (IDR 35k)
By Byod Patisserie – Owned by Chef Odie Djamil

This eclair was indeed 'judge-the-taste-by-the-appearance' type. Not only good-looking, the taste was also doubtless! The dough taste was perfectly chewy and moist. The cream filling was generously given and the taste was so rich. The sweetness level was ideal and the strong salted caramel taste could be enjoyed by your taste bud. The additional toppings put on top of the eclair were surely plus points! Though I thought the eclair was kinda pricey, I did enjoy it uber much!
Green Tea Éclair (IDR 35k)
By Byod Patisserie – Owned by Chef Odie Djamil
The only differences of this green tea eclair with the salted caramel one were the filling and the topping. The taste was similarly incredible! So, which one to choose only depended on your preference :)

Sandwich Waffle Ice Cream with Melted Milk-Chocolate Toblerone (IDR 40k)
By Spiky Smooth

Some of you might know that I've ever reviewed this particular dessert before. So if you've ever read about it, you might jump to the next review or you might also share my previous review on this to others. I would just repeat it to remind you just in case you've forgotten what I wrote about this dessert previously. 

This waffle ice cream was definitely different from others. Instead of being served on a plate, you have it put into an open-top paper box. The waffle was served warm as it was baked right after you make the order. The melted toblerone topping was also just made at the same time. So if you wonder how the taste was, it was surely heaven for me because it perfectly combined the warm and moist giant waffle, the cold ice cream, and the sweet melted Toblerone on top of it. Additionally, you have several choices of exceptional flavors for the ice cream, such as Cream Cheese, Peanut Butter, Marie, and others. Unfortunately, I don't think this sandwich waffle ice cream is available at Spiky Smooth's permanent stall all time.

Coconut Ice Cream with 4 Toppings
By Kelasi Kelapa Isi

For you who miss the traditional ice cream flavor, this one is definitely for you! The refreshing taste from this coconut ice cream, which you might rarely find lately, was indeed perfect for our hot beloved capital city. Added with various choices of toppings, this dessert could absolutely give you the ultimate satisfaction.

Royale (Snickers) Milkshake (IDR 40k)

Not only foods, you could also find various choices of beverages here. One that captured my interest the most was Jerry's 1987 Milkshake. Providing various choices of unique flavors, this milkshake made you unable to resist trying it. As you might be confused (read: galau) choosing which flavor to order, the seller came with the perfect answer for you by offering free tester. After tasting some of the flavors (and still galau), I finally chose to order this Royale Milkshake, which basically used Snickers as its main ingredient. As this ice cream was mixed with vanilla ice cream, even before I tried it, I had known that the taste must be wonderful. And yeah, I then proved that I was not wrong at all. The taste was BEYOND PERFECT! I really really loved it, especially because I was also a Snickers fanatic! You do not need to worry as the sweetness level was so balanced as well. And I highly recommend you, please do not ruin your excitement by counting the calories of this indulgence.

So for you who have never been to Local Fest, what are you waiting for? Go and give it a try and be ready to be drooling! For you who have been to this event, there's nothing wrong with coming again and experiencing another tummy prosperity moment!

Thanks for reading! :)

At Grand Indonesia 5th Floor
18 – 21 September 2014

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