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Say No to Mainstream at Typology

Yeay! I was so in the mood for weekend. Yeah, indeed who didn’t? Everyone must have been waiting for it even since the very first second of any Mondays :p. So what to have for this weekend? Absolutely something new! Just opened in July, Typology added 1 more line into the list of must-try coffee shops in South Jakarta area.

Still in line with the name, the design theme was also related to wordings. Not only the delicious menu served, the place itself was also an incredible mood and spirit booster for the guests, as there were so many inspiring sentences decorated every corner. I could not agree more if Typology claimed itself as a workspace and eatery. The venue was doubtlessly suitable for spending quite long time, either working or chilling, while letting your tummy be pampered.

Simplifica Snack Sampler (IDR 27k)

When I spotted this snack sampler mentioned on the menu, my heart was dancing. Who didn’t love deep-fried snacks? For a moment, I would put aside all those cholesterol thingy. This snack sampler was definitely a perfect choice for a light meal. The dish was rich and generous as the portion was huge and there were several variants of snacks served on the plate. They ranged from chicken fillet, cheese sticks, cakwe, dumplings, and french fries. Before looking at the real dish, I was thinking that this snack sampler would come in small portion as the price was affordable. However, it turned that the real one was really satisfying, especially because the taste was also great. All those golden-brown deep-fried snacks were crispy and not too greasy. The best one was the cakwe, which were completed with abundant fillings, instead of the plain ones. I actually do not know what the fillings were, but trust me, you just need to try it by yourself and prove that they are indeed exceptional!
Marlett’s Creamy Macaroni (IDR 35k)

For you who love creamy pasta, this one is surely a must-try! Given abundant melted mozzarella cheese, the doubtless creaminess was perfectly complemented with the super cheesy taste. The macaroni itself was cooked al dente. Besides, the toppings were so rich; combining smoked beef, sausages, and mushrooms. One kind reminder, please don’t underestimate the portion just by looking at the appearance. As this dish was so creamy, this tiny portion would surely be fulfilling.

Flagship Rainbow Rice (IDR 45k)

Reading the dish name only surely has raised your curiosity, not to mention looking at the real presentation. You certainly would be very excited to try the taste of each colors served on this plate. As said by the name, this fried rice indeed consisted of 4 colors; black which was made of squid ink, green which was made of green chili, yellow which was made of turmeric, and red which was made of tomatoes. To give extra excitement for your taste bud, the beautiful combination of colors was accompanied by chicken satay, fried egg, and vegetables. Yeah, this might be the most distinctive, yet wonderfully presented fried rice you’ve ever seen in your entire life.

How about the taste? It was actually lovely despite the fact that it was quite oily. My most favorite was the black one as it was the tastiest for me. The fried egg was also yummy as it was well-seasoned, the chicken satay was luscious with its juicy and tender meat, and the veggies added fresh and healthy touch to the plate. Not to forget, the rainbow crackers, which I believed every Indonesian would surely require to be served together with fried rice. If I might add one suggestion to make this fried rice tasted even better, it would be to make the rice texture flabbier. Besides that, everything else served on this plate was highly satisfying.

Arial Tuna Pasta

Serving sautéed spaghetti with olive oil, garlic, chili, and tuna/chicken (based on your choice) on the plate, this one was basically Aglio Olio Spaghetti in Typology’s version. The pasta was cooked al dente and the mixture of ingredients well-pampered my taste bud. It was indeed a flawless balanced between savory and spicy flavor. Besides, I was impressed as the meat element was given in a generous portion, delivering very affluent taste to be enjoyed.

Ice Peach Tea (IDR 28k)

As you must have been very familiar with this beverage, I will not talk much about it. It was simply refreshing with the balanced sweet taste. Another great fact was you could find quite many slices of peach coming as the toppings of this tea.

Hot Green Tea latte (IDR 25k)

Though the latte art was not that good, my focus was drawn by the generous size of this beverage. Yes, it was served in a quite huge glass. With the price of IDR 25k, this one was surely worth-to-have. Moreover, it was not only giving affordable price, but also delivering satisfying taste. The green tea flavor was strong enough, and the sweetness level was just precise. At the end, who cares about the latte art when your taste bud has said yes? 

Astor Smoothies (IDR 35k)

Still remember this one? One of our most favorite snacks back then in our childhood time, and might be for some of you, still your most favorite ones until now. But, I believe there were only very few of you, or might be none of you, have ever tasted smoothies made of this Astor. Then how’s the taste? This was definitely worth to try! For you Astor lovers, chocolate lovers, and sweet lovers, this was a call for you :p. Instead of just tasted like common chocolate smoothies (as what I expected before), you could really feel the Astor taste on your taste bud. Topped with a scoop of vanilla ice cream and more Astor sticks, this smoothies was surely a glass of sinful indulgence!  

Beng-beng Smoothies (IDR 35k)

Besides Astor Smoothies, this Beng-beng Smoothies was another non-mainstream menu served in Typology. Frankly speaking, this was actually my main reason visiting Typology as I was very curious to taste it :p. Decorated with whipped cream and Beng-beng bars on top of the smoothies, the presentation was simple yet appealing. In a sip of this beverage, you could taste the wonderful combination of wafer, caramel, chocolate, and milk; exactly similar with what you found in a Beng-beng bar! To whoever inventing this smoothies, you certainly deserved a triumphant salute! Tons of thanks to you for making me enjoying my smoothies until the very last sip :)

Taste checked, place checked, price checked, then what else? One more thing that I absolutely would not forget was the friendly service delivered by the waiter. At the time I visited Typology, actually there was a meeting held there. At first I thought it was closed for public and then I decided to leave. However, the waiter gave a very fast response by immediately ran after me and told me that he would try to find a seat for me as the meeting would be ended real soon. Just in a second, he found a table for me and directly served me. I was highly satisfied with Typology’s service and I really appreciated it. Next visit would surely get a yes from me!

Taste: 9.5/10
Place: 9/10
Service: 9/10
Price: 9.5/10

Thanks for reading! :)

Address: Jl Wijaya I No 5C
Phone: (021) 2912 6149 / (021) 9911 0021
Operating hours: Mon – Thu 10am – 11pm, Fri – Sat 10am – 00am

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