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Meet the "Who-Doesn't-Know" Red Velvet and Friends at UNION

Thinking that this place is too mainstream? Hey hey hey.. I guess you need to re-think again. Because the gap between ‘mainstream’ and it’s simply just the best’ might be very very small. If you think that this restaurant is crowded just because it’s happening and people wanna look exist by coming here, you’d better give it a try before judging :p. Why? Union has been there for quite long time, but still, it’s almost always fully occupied all day long (not to mention on weekend).

Again lucky me, Union is just a 15-minute-walk from my boarding house. So, I’m always able to immediately have that giant piece of ‘who-doesn’t-know’ red velvet every time I crave for it. Ok, I’m seeing that envy face now :p. I actually have been to Union for quite many times, but I’ve just written my very first review on it this time. So, be ready to keep drooling as I’ll be quite generous in this review by providing you many references :)

Beef & Mozzarella Melt on Toasted Brioche (IDR 110k)
Before going to the main savoury dish, let’s have an introductory session with the brunch menu first. If only you’re holding Union’s brunch menu on your hand right now, it would be very easy for you to guess which dish a cheese lover like me would order. Yeah, this Beef & Mozzarella Melt is surely the perfect choice for any cheese fanatic. You might be even gladder to know that Union is actually quite generous for the portion, even though this one is a brunch menu, which commonly comes with not too big size.  Although this dish is just a simple combination of smoked beef, melted mozzarella, toast, fresh veggies, and chips; I think it’s satisfying enough. If I have to pick one element of this dish that I favor the most, I will doubtlessly pick the sauce served together with the dish. I’m not sure about its ingredients, but it has balanced sweet taste and it’s simply a great mate for the toast.

Smoked Salmon, Cream Cheese & Capers on Pretzel Rolls (IDR 90k)

This is another appealing dish from Union’s brunch menu. I actually haven’t tried it as my friend was the one having this dish. Presentation wise, it’s served beautifully. My friend did enjoy it as the Salmon was so fresh, as what you might also see in the picture. What’s so unique from this dish is the Pretzel rolls, which you might rarely find in other restaurants’ brunch menu. 

Union Burger, Bacon, Aged Cheddar, Fries (IDR 100k)

Apologize in advance for the bad picture. This was taken quite long time ago, when I was still not attracted as I am today at taking great pictures of foods :p. Ok, forget about the picture, let’s just go to the taste. For me, this burger’s patty is surely the star of the dish. It is so tender and juicy, making you feel as if you are enjoying high-quality steak that’s stuck between 2 pieces moist bread. The bacon and melted cheddar successfully make this burger worth even more for the quite high price paid. Not to forget, the soul mate of any burger, the golden brown French Fries. Because there will always be something missing from a great burger when it doesn’t come with great French Fries.

Spaghetti with Pork Crackling, Bacon Lardons, and Alba Truffle Cream (IDR 80k) – non halal

This appealing pasta was also my friend’s dish. Just from the presentation, you can immediately know that it’s so creamy. If you’re a creamy pasta enthusiast just like me, I believe you’re now drooling looking at this picture (you might drool even more when you see the real one!). Served with Pork Crackling and Bacon Lardons, this dish is surely piece of heaven for any pork lover!

Crispy Skin Salmon, Mashed Potatoes, Orange & Ginger Soy (IDR 140k)

For you the salmon lovers, this one is HIGHLY RECOMMENDED! It’s one of my two most favorite Salmon dishes (another one is Tea Smoked Salmon Trout from Baker’s Gallery, until now I still can’t decide which one is better). Not only that, this dish is also my most favorite savoury dishes at Union. I really really love the moist texture of the fish and of course the crispy salmon skin, which I always save to be enjoyed at the last bite. I also admire the smooth mashed potatoes and the refreshing slices of orange, which come as perfect companion for this wonderful dish.

Latte (IDR 30k)

I won’t give much comment on this latte. Just a kind reminder for you who don’t really like coffee with quite high acidity, you’d better order latte instead of cappuccino. As it contains more milk, the milk can balance the acid taste from the coffee itself. Moreover, as I prefer to enjoy my coffee hot instead of warm, I do love how Union serves its hot beverages as the temperature perfectly suits me.

Strawberry Juice (IDR 40k)

Watermelon Juice (IDR 40k)

If you prefer something fresh (and healthy maybe :p), then there’s nothing wrong with trying their fresh juice. I’m not really sure whether they add sugar or not to the juice, but based on what I tasted, I think they either not adding sugar at all or only adding slight amount of sugar. Most importantly, the juice is indeed fresh as the original taste of the fruit is very strong.

I don’t care whether you believe in the statement of “there’s always room for desserts” or not, but one thing for sure, trying Union cake is a must! If you’ve dined in Union but you’ve never had its cake, then unfortunately I have to say that you haven’t really dined in Union.

Nastar Crumble (IDR 50k)

Another unique menu from Union, but this time it’s desserts. You might have been familiar with Nastar or you might even have had it in so many occasions. However, having it as a sliced cake might be something new for you, including for me, who was very curious to try this cake when I was firstly aware of it. Combining pineapple jam, cookie crumble, and vanilla sponge cake, this distinctive cake has successfully delivered exceptional taste! Blending sweet and slightly sour taste into a single cake is indeed a brilliant idea. This new innovative way to enjoy Nastar is certainly worth to try.

Peanut Butter and Jelly (IDR 60k)

Some of you might have heard the term “peanut butter and jelly” for quite many times in movies or cartoons. Some might have tried it as well. I know it’s not really common in Indonesia yet, but it’s somehow quite familiar in American countries as people there love to enjoy peanut butter with jam. Reflected by the name, this cake is actually layers of vanilla sponge cake with generous amount of peanut butter in between and much more peanut butter and crushed peanuts on top and side of it. Not to forget, the jelly itself! It’s basically strawberry jam that’s put together with the peanut butter on top of the cake. If you love peanut butter, you’ll surely love this cake! Just one message, beware of getting very full when you eat this cake as the portion’s big and remember it’s peanut butter! :p
Red Velvet (IDR 50k)

Having tried this or not, I believe you’re surely aware of this ‘who-doesn’t know’ red velvet I have talked about before. Some of you might even have known it as the best red velvet ever in Jakarta! I’m neither over-exaggerating this cake, nor being paid to promote it. I have to admit that until the second I’m typing this sentence, this red velvet is still the best one I’ve ever had during my entire life and it is surely incomparable to any other red velvet existing on earth! The amazing combination of fluffy sponge cake, rich cream cheese, and adorable peanuts is surely unable to be described by words. Though the size is big, I have always failed to stop myself from having another spoon of it. And although I’ve tried some of Union’s other cakes, which also have awesome taste, the winning position of this red velvet is still irreplaceable for me.

Based on my experience, Union does not only serve you with cozy and elegant place, but also distinctive foods! If your taste bud is looking for unforgettable dining experience, I guess it has found the answer by now. The dishes served here surely worth both the price you pay as well as the time you spend for the queue. 

Taste: 9/10
Place: 9/10
Service: 8/10
Price: 8/10

Thanks for Reading! :)

Address: Plaza Senayan GF / Pondok Indah Mall 1 GF
Phone: (021) 5790 5861-62 / (021) 2952 9781-82
Operating hours: Mon – Sun 11am – 2am

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