Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Pleasant Dining Experience at Largo Bistrot

Largo Bistrot is located in Kemang area, close to Moe’s Place and Cuadrilla. The place is a two-storey building, in which the first floor is dedicated for smoking area, while the second one is for non-smoking one. The design theme for each floor is actually quite different as the first one is more to oldies style, while the second one is more modern. I am really in love with the hanging plants put on the ceiling of the first floor as it gives the fresh and natural ambience. Additionally, for you who love to dine while enjoying live music, this place is definitely you! At certain hours, you are able to enjoy the life band performance, shown on the stage located right in front of your table. On the other hand, for you who want to find cozy atmosphere for chilling, I think the second floor which is furnished with huge comfortable sofas really suit you. 

The First Floor

The Second Floor

Largo Bistrot offers the consumers various choices of European dishes, which are all created by its French chef. However, for you whose tongue does not suit with European taste, you needn’t worry as you also have the option to have their Asian menu. 

Beef Orlof (IDR 190k)
First impression? Stunning presentation! Combining several ingredients with various colors and serving them together on a squared wooden plate have successfully created a very photogenic appearance. At the middle was the main actor of the dish; the perfectly cooked 200gr beef tenderloin, which was stuffed with generous amount of Edam and Mozzarella and served with distinctively taste brown sauce. At the time you ordered this food, you would always be asked to mention the degree of doneness you desired. Mine here was well done. The beef was so tender and juicy, definitely making you fly since the very first bite. I still could see the slightly pink color at the inner side of the beef and by the time I sliced it, the juice still squirted. Not only that, the crispy outer side of the beef made it even MORE and MORE delicious. And for you the cheese lovers, that melted Edam and Mozzarella cheese would surely create the climax moment for you!

Still not stopping there, this dish would not be complete without the potato gratin and sautéed vegetables. I really loved the light texture and slightly creamy taste of the potato gratin. While for the veggies, the combination of sliced carrot, taro, and spinach sautéed with garlic, have indeed created perfect complementary side dish. Not to mention, the fried enoki put on top of the veggies was certainly an extra plus point delivered by this dish.  

Profiteroles Au Chocolat (IDR 55k)

Yeay! My most favorite part, dessert! This one was choux pastries filled with vanilla ice cream and topped with whipped cream and melted chocolate. As seen in the picture, the portion was super generous as the choux size was bigger than the common profiteroles. I loved the texture of the choux as it was so moist. But taste wise, for me it was just okay. What I loved the most from this dessert was the balanced taste created by the mixture of the sweet vanilla ice cream and the slightly bitter melted chocolate topping. Although the vanilla ice cream had already melted when this dish was served :( , but fortunately the taste was still great. Moreover, you needn’t worry that you would run out of the chocolate topping as it was abundantly given for you to pour it on the choux by yourself, as much as you desired.  

Fondant Au Chocolat (IDR 55k)

If you’ve ever read some of my previous posts, you might have known that this mainstream dessert was one of my most favorite! As I have always been curious to taste the chocolate melt in every restaurants I visited, thus this Fondant Au Chocolate was definitely unable to be missed. The presentation was actually quite simple, yet looked appealing. Then it came to the moment of truth when I had to slice the cake. Yuhuuu! I was so happy looking at that runny chocolate! Yes, I have experienced the same moment for quite many times, but I also did not know why I was always beyond satisfied every time I found out that the chocolate inside the cake melted out. Ok, enough talking about that, and let’s went to the taste. First spoon………. And………… one word, SUPERB! This time, I have proven that choosing the mainstream one luckily did not go wrong! I really really loved every single element put on this plate. The cake was so moist, the chocolate filling had ideal sweetness level, and the vanilla ice cream was so refreshing! Coming up to balance all those sweets, was the berry coulis with its slightly sour taste. I thought I did not need to give more comment on this. Just one message, if you were a chocolate lover, you would surely regret missing this. Period.

Overall, I really enjoy my dining experience in Largo Bistrot. Not only the main course, the dessert has successfully amused me as well. Not to mention, the service was also first-class. The waitress was really friendly and knowledgeable about every single dishes mentioned on the menu. I was even more pleased when the manager herself, came to my table to ask my opinion about the dishes. All in all, I guess next visit is a must.  

Taste: 9/10
Place: 8.5/10
Service: 9/10
Price: 8/10

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Address: Jl. Benda Raya No. 7A, Kemang
Phone: (021) 780 4263
Operating hours: Mon, Wed, Fri, Sat 11am – 2am; Tue, Thu, Sun 11am – 11pm

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