Monday, October 13, 2014

Big Feast at Cook’s Affair

Having missed Cook’s Affair for 2 times, when I heard that this event was about to be held for the third time, I immediately saved the date. Still at the same place, which was Hyde Kemang, this one-day food market served both savoury and sweet dishes specially made by famous and talented chefs. Those amazing people even attended the event and directly sold their products to the customers. Most of the savoury dishes were placed at the outdoor part, while the sweet ones were all perfectly organized on a long table at the indoor part. Trust me, if you were sweet enthusiasts, you definitely could not stand in front of this table without drooling! Every dishes served on it seemed like calling you to order them straightaway. This time, I hadn’t browsed or whatsoever to find any information about the foods served in this event. Guess what? Yeah! The impulsive buyer soul of me promptly went out looking at all these appealing dishes. Planning to order two cakes and sharing them with my sister, we turned out ordering one savoury dish, one donut, and two cakes; not yet counting the drinks.

Maccheroni Al Fromagi (IDR 35k) by Natz Homemade

Serving macaroni and cheese on a pie crust, this dish created a perfect opening for my snacking session. It was indeed beyond my expectation as I could strongly taste the cheese and the macaroni itself was cooked al dente. The pie crust also created a perfect base for this dish with its crispy texture and luscious flavor.

Vegan Banana Bread Donut (IDR 35k) by Elevate Juicery

I really really love banana and I do love most dishes that use banana as their main ingredient. Certainly, this banana bread donut was not an exception. Mixed with banana paste, chocolate, almond, and walnut; this dish proved its distinctive point, which I’d never found in any other banana bread.   

Raw Strawberry Coconut Lime Cheesecake by Elevate Juicery (IDR 40k)

Another vegan dessert! I guessed my perspective toward any vegan dish would change 180-degree starting from today. Well, thanks to Elevate Juicery for that. Instead of calling vegan dessert as ‘not bad at all’, I would prefer mentioning them as EXCEPTIONAL! Gluten-free, refined-sugar free, less fat and most importantly wonderful taste! What else could you ask for? I actually did not intentionally order this as it was healthier than the other cakes. It just had very appealing presentation, calling out my curiosity to try it. Combining strawberry, coconut, and lime for the creamy part with almond for the base part and berries for the garnish, this cake became one of the richest raw cheesecake ever! Wait. RAW? Yes! It was indeed not baked. So if you’re the ones currently on diet but really craving for desserts, I guessed you’ve found your answer just now. No more ‘A moment on your lip, forever on your hip” :p

Salted Caramel Cake by Thatiara Patisserie (IDR 35k)

Though I was having two vegan desserts this time, it didn’t mean that I said no to the non-vegan one. And this was the proof, SALTED CARAMEL CAKE! I was a BIG BIG fan of salted caramel. Cake, chocolate, ice cream, anything with salted caramel, just name it. Exactly at the time I saw this cake, I put it on my order list right away. It was simply sponge cake with salted caramel as the coating, as well as topping between the layers. It might sound simple, but once you tasted it, you wouldn’t be able to drop your spoon until you finish it. Flawless! :)

Revive by Elevate Juicery (IDR 50k)

This currently trending cold pressed juice belonged to my sister, but I did try it :p . Based on my observation, it seemed like so many people routinely consumed this type of juice now. Yeah, it was indeed healthy and simple. You just needed to buy it instead of making it by yourself. For you who’re consuming cold-pressed juice and never tried Elevate Juicery’s, you might give it a try. I tried their Revive, which was the combination of pineapple, lime, and ….. sorry but I forgot the mixture :p . All I knew was it tasted great! It was indeed wonderful to know that healthy was not painful at all.

Matcha Milk by Matcha of Gods (IDR 25k)

If my sister’s choice was juice, here was my choice, the milky one! Even since I was busy choosing which foods to order, I had already been distracted by this matcha milk. My mind had known that this was surely not to be missed. So how did it turn to be? The name could be the best answer. The taste was indeed heaven! It had balanced sweetness level with balanced Matcha flavor. It would undoubtedly be my most favorite matcha milk now.

Choux Ovomaltine (IDR 40k) and Croissant Ispahan (IDR 40k) by Iscaketory

Though I didn't order these two as I didn't have any space left in my tummy, I couldn't resist myself from posting their super alluring look. Actually I had tried the choux ovomaltine one before, and the only thing I could say was what could ever go wrong with Ovomaltine. It's simply too good to be true that any combination made out of it always turned to be brilliant. Here Iscaketory blended it with cream cheese, which was also my favorite. This was surely a must-try choux!

For the Ispahan Croissant, I also haven't known how the taste is. However, as you can see, it just looks so tempting! I might have to try it in any upcoming event joined by Iscaketory.  

Overall, I really enjoyed my dining experience in today’s Cook’s Affair. Every dish I ordered tasted beyond my expectation. I am really looking forward to attending the next Cook’s Affair and to having bigger feast! :)

Taste: 9/10
Place: 8/10
Service: 9/10
Price: 8/10


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