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Dining with A View at SKYE

Located at the 46th floor of BCA Tower, SKYE is one of the pioneers in developing sky bar and lounge concept. Serving the customers with breath-taking scenery, SKYE is able to attract the crowds not only just by its dishes. SKYE actually provides both indoor and outdoor area. The indoor one is dedicated for all-day dining, while the outdoor one becomes bistro in the afternoon and lounge at night. With its exclusive ambience and high-quality service, SKYE successfully delivers what’s expected from a best-class restaurant.

Kamameshi Rice (IDR 210k)

This dish actually belonged to my friend. Served in the hot stone, this dish came with the most unique presentation among all dishes we order today. Unfortunately, as I was afraid the rice will be burnt, I couldn’t focus on taking even a single good picture of it :( . So basically this Japanese menu consisted of rice with unagi, salmon, chicken, mushrooms, tobiko, nori, and shoyu egg. I believe if now I ask you to mention all the ingredients I’ve just told you without re-reading it again, you definitely won’t be able to do so. Yes, this was indeed a very very rich and generous dish! My friend enjoyed it sooo much. One of the plus point was you could enjoy it hot until the very last spoon.

200gm Black Angus Sirloin (IDR 250k)

I awarded this dish as the most photogenic one among our orders. With its quite simple presentation, this steak was able to attract those who looked at it. According to my friend who ordered this dish, the meat was tender, juicy, and well-seasoned. Regrettably, she only enjoyed the side part of the steak. She actually requested it to be medium-well but it turned out being medium. As the middle part was still quite raw, she couldn’t finish it. Luckily the luscious golden-brown sweet potato fries could at least cure the disappointment.

Seabass Polonaise (IDR 180k)

Sooo. Here came my turn. I was totally in a seafood mood so my choice went to this pan-seared seabass. I really loved the presentation of this dish as it came with a gorgeous variety of colors. Under my wonderfully taste seabass, there were broccoli, cauliflower, bread crumbs, almonds, cherry tomatoes, and lemon. Together, all the ingredients successfully created an excitement for my taste bud, as well as delivered the refreshing taste.

Hot Irish Cream Coffee (IDR 45k)

By the time I read that the coffee served here was Djournal’s coffee, I immediately decided to have coffee for my beverage. Simply said, I really loved Djournal’s coffee as for me, it had strong coffee scent, balanced acidity level, and perfectly suited my preference for coffee. As expected, yes I did fancy it so much that I finished it even before finishing my meal.  

Passion-fruit Mocktail* (IDR 45k)
*not the real name

Here was my second drink. After having the milky one, I decided to try the refreshing one. This was one of the several mocktail selections shown on the menu. Having passion fruit as the main ingredient, this beverage called me to give it a try. Apologize for my short-term memory, but I really couldn’t remember what the other ingredients were. Worst case, I even forgot the name :’( . But, don’t worry if you talk about taste. One thing for sure, I would never forget the taste of any foods I tried. If you’re about to visit Skye, this mocktail was a must-try! It was certainly a perfect blend between sweet and sour taste. If I didn’t consider that I had had too much sweets on that day, I might have ordered my third glass, which surely would be this one AGAIN!

Ice Blended Green Tea (IDR 45k)

This beautifully served beverage belonged to my friend. It was a quite common beverage menu and I believed you could easily find it everywhere. Based on my experience, which was also proven with my friend’s opinion about this drink, ice blended green tea never failed to deliver pleasant taste.

In a nutshell, I really enjoyed my dining experience at Skye. At first, I thought that I would probably just enjoy the scenery and the photo session. I even thought that the foods might be horrible. However, it was a total 180-degree different in actual! Both the foods and beverages were far beyond my expectation and I even considered going back to Skye and tried their other menu.

Taste: 8/10
Place: 8.5/10
Service: 9/10
Price: 8/10

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BCA Tower 46th Floor
Phone: (021) 2358 6996
Operating hours: Sun – Thu 10am – 1am, Fri – Sat 10am – 2am

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