Saturday, October 11, 2014

Omona Kawairashi-sa at Aranzi Aronzo Cafe

Moshi moshi! I don’t know why but I feel this week pass so fast and yeay, it’s weekend again! It seems like yesterday was still Monday and today’s already Saturday, which is surely a great great thing :) (I’m writing this with a very wide smile on my face). So what to try this weekend? You needn’t wait for even a second this time because I will immediately give you the answer, “Aranzi Aronzo”! I have been impatiently waiting to try this new hip café in town. It seems like so many people have posted about it and in these last five days, I could just wish that I was not stuck in the office staring at those uber cute pictures. Woohoo! Finally here I am, getting my turn to try it and make others envy :p

Aranzi Aronzo actually started from Japanese-style crafts books, introduced by the company of Mrs. Saito and Ms. Yomura. They have several adorable characters, including Panda, Kapa-chan, Kappa, Usagi, Warumono, Usotsuki, Kuma, Saru, and many more!

As you could see, this quite small venue is indeed so Kawaii! It is mainly designed with blue color, and you can find so many pictures of the cute characters decorating the whole café. The seats are not that many, but they do provide several variations for the tables, including the cage-alike ones and the kotatsu (Japanese low table) ones. I thought the service was quite amusing, since not only the waiters and waitresses were very friendly, but the one in charge for their social media was also highly responsive.

Kappa’s Green Tea Mousse (IDR 55k)

First cake to try was this Green Tea Mousse with Kappa face on it. As told by the waiter, this was one of their best sellers so my sister decided to pick it. Actually, the cake mainly consisted of three layers, which from top to bottom were the light green tea mousse, the thick green tea mousse, and the green tea sponge cake. Between the middle and the bottom layer, you could find Anko (sweet red bean paste). I really admired the presentation of this cake, whilst I didn’t really enjoy the taste. As it actually belonged to my sister, she was the one who should finish this huge cake. She said that luckily it was not too sweet so she was still able to eat the whole portion.

Monkey’s Caramel Banana Mousse (IDR 65k)

Mine was Banana Mousse with Saru-the-monkey’s face on it. I basically didn’t know from what ingredients the face was made, but I loved its sweet flavor and it somehow tasted like vanilla candy. Under the face you could find caramel sauce, inside the mousse there were fresh Banana and berries, and the bottom part was chocolate sponge cake. The taste was okay, but again the portion was too big to be finished by a single person. Moreover, if I might suggest, instead of making the cake in the form of mousse, I preferred it to be banana cheesecake :).

Kappa’s Japan Matcha Coffee (IDR 33k)

To be honest, I did not really fancy this drink. The coffee was quite too acid for me (some people might love acid coffee though), and I guessed the Matcha mixed in this drink was the powder one because it was not too sweet. For you who loved bitter coffee, this one might suit you. However, for a sweet enthusiast like me, a shot of sweet Matcha syrup might make this drink better.

Shiro Usa’s Raspberry Coffee (IDR 38k)

This raspberry coffee with super cute latte art was my sister’s. She enjoyed it as she said that the raspberry flavor successfully delivered a refreshing touch into this drink. She also found it unique as she had never found any similar drink before in all coffee shops we have been to.  

I personally think that Aranzi Aronzo Café already have their own uniqueness, which is the cuteness concept they offer, differentiating them from any other existing café. However, in terms of taste, they might still need much improvement. More variations of cake besides mousse and smaller portion could be taken into consideration, since people do not always share their cake with others. Ganbatte Kudasai and Dōmo arigatōgozaimashita!

Address: Central Park Mall 1st Floor
Phone: (021) 2920 0489

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