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The Award Winning Katsu at Katsusei

Holaaa! How’s your weekend peops? I hope you and your tummy both enjoy it! My tummy has been very prosperous in these last few days. Not only because it’s weekend, but also because I had several feasts during the weekend. One of them was my friend’s birthday bash and album launching celebration, which was held in Katsusei. Katsusei has been well-known as one of the best places to have Katsu in Jakarta. Originated from Japan, which was indeed Katsu’s hometown, it’s doubtless that your tummy would have its prosperous moment here. 

Pork Tenderloin Katsu Nabe – Ala Carte (IDR 115k)


Are you a pork lover? I’m totally a big fan of it! I enjoy almost all pork-based dishes and Katsu is surely part of them. Every time I have Katsu, I always look for pork first. As I really love pork, of course I had high expectation on this Pork Tenderloin Katsu Nabe. It was basically pork tenderloin katsu, mixed together with onions and egg. Yeah, looked exactly like Katsudon. The first time it was served on the table, I was kinda surprised with the quite big portion. Please bear in mind that this was ala carte one, so there was no rice at all under the katsu and egg! I immediately took my first bite, and guess what? It was SOOO GOODDD! I directly awarded this dish as my MOST FAVORITE PORK KATSU, surpassing all other pork katsu I used to admire before trying this! The crispy skin and the tender meat were indeed an ideal blend! Combined with the onions, egg, and sauce, this was surely a bowl of excellence!   

Chicken Cheese Roll Katsu – Ala Carte (IDR 105k)

Could you guess one ingredient that almost always existed in every dish I had? If you just mentioned cheese, then you deserved my standing applause :p. Looking that there was a dish containing cheese mentioned on the menu, I doubtlessly ordered it (even when my friend asked me which one I ordered and I mentioned this Chicken Cheese Roll Katsu, she directly said “Yeah, so you!”). The presentation of the dish once again amused me. Looked so tempting! Moreover, to give my tummy additional happiness, I also ordered curry sauce to be enjoyed with this dish. Yeah, I deserved sinful pleasure on weekend :p (ok I lied this time. I often said the same thing on weekdays. So I guessed I deserve it every single day). So what do you think about the taste? I thought I did not need to give long explanation on it. You surely could imagine how wonderful the taste was. What could go wrong with flawlessly cooked chicken katsu which was mixed with generous amount of cheese and dipped into luscious curry sauce? One thing you surely had to do was just forgetting about cholesterol, fats, and calories :)

Prawn Fry – Ala Carte (IDR 155k)

Do you dare to say that you are not drooling looking at this picture? Thanks for lying if you just said yes. The perfect golden brown color as well as the huge size was surely great temptation for anyone who looked at it. Covered with bread crumbs, the prawns were so crispy at the outer part, while so chewy in the inner part. Another important thing was it was not greasy at all. One word to describe this dish was IMPRESSIVE!

Agedashi Tofu (IDR 35k)

Actually, I didn’t taste this one as it belonged to my friend. It came in quite big portion for Tofu. Looking at the appearance, I could guess that the texture was so moist. Just by looking at my friend’s expression when she was eating this dish, I could say that she enjoyed it sooo much. She even said that this side dish was indeed one of her most favorite dishes in Katsusei, and she kept promoting it to me :p. If only I still had enough space in my tummy, I surely had tried it.  

Green Tea Ice Cream (IDR 25k)

This green tea ice cream has perfectly closed my dinner. This time, one scoop was enough as I was already super duper full. The texture was light, and the sweetness level was balanced. As it was not too creamy, it was very refreshing and was surely a great choice for dessert! 

Overall, I really really enjoy my dining experience in Katsusei! Every single dish I had was beyond my expectation. Though I had to admit that their dishes were quite pricey, but once you tasted them, you would think that the price did worth the taste. So for all Katsu lovers out there, I believe you certainly don’t want to miss this restaurant :)

Taste: 9/10
Place: 8/10
Service: 9/10
Price: 8/10

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Address: Plaza Indonesia L1 / Sentral Senayan 1
Phone: (021) 2992 3560 / (021) 573 1001
Operating hours: Mon – Sun 10am – 10pm

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