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Exquise Patisserie, where Cakes are Named as Ladies

Exquise Patisserie might be a name that's already been very familiar to some of you as it's indeed neither a new comer, nor a re-branded cafe. The outlet has stood there at Central Jakarta, particularly Rumah Cokro which did host some other shops with various theme, for few years. This wasn't my first visit to the venue as well, yet I hadn't gotten the chance to write about my premiere visit. I might not be able to recall the cakes I had had at the initial trial, yet I could still clearly remember that I fell in love with everything served on my dessert table. Therefore, when I got contacted to pay another visit to the venue for trying their newly introduced cakes, I got no objection at all on the offer and I was even beyond excited waiting for the time to finally come. 

Having to share the space with some other outlets at Rumah Cokro, the cafe was indeed not a sizable one. I myself couldn't imagine sitting there for hours since it was quite petite and the capacity was very low, even after including the outdoor area. 

Despite that it still had the feminine touch in the classic decoration, bluntly said it wasn't that elegantly designed French Patisserie which could deliver the high-class and formal ambiance. Nonetheless, the casual theme it carried out was indeed the key attractive point being sold as the guests didn't have to dress-up formally to come and satisfy their sweet tooth craving. 

Carrying the title of patisserie, Exquise was also named after a French-originated word, meaning possessing qualities of unusual delicacy and fine craftsmanship. Well, using this term, I guessed they did take it seriously to show their commitment in delivering the best quality of products to  spoil the customers. 

Knowing that Exquise was the specialist of desserts, the visit I had merely featured desserts on the order list. Okay, perhaps I would set my amnesia mode on for the impact on this few-second indulgence on my hip finger-crossed. 

Hot Cappuccino (IDR 36k) & Hot Piccolo (IDR 36k)

As I arrived quite early in the morning, the team was still preparing for the desserts to be served. Not having my morning caffeine doze yet, I went for both their Hot Cap and Hot Piccolo. Using the beans from Brewphobia, bluntly said it's my first time hearing the name. They're both decent cups though the cappuccino in particular was slightly too light for me. Despite the indulging coffee scent was there in each sip, I couldn't tell it's my favorite cup yet. Well, yet I wouldn't say much on it since I indeed came here for the cakes instead of coffee :); each person had their own expertise, didn't they?


Starting with something basic, the traditional French butter cake any French Patisserie must be offering. If anywhere else this spongy cake was typically served 'naked' or as it was, Exquise came with the breakthrough, decorating their Madeleine with chocolate coating, drawing the face-alike shapes on each piece. While the cover might offer something different, the taste was similar to common Madeleines, being crispy on the outside and moist on the inside, delivering the buttery vanilla aroma in each bite. 

Emilie (IDR 50k)
Mango Mousse with Coconut Dacquoise, layered with Vanilla Chantily Cream, Dulce de Leche and Ginger Mango Marmalade

Some new cakes were launched as well, making me feel unfamiliar with what's shown on the display. Many of them were different from the ones I saw at my initial visit. Cute yet kinda funny for me, all the cakes were named after girls' names, so you couldn't really tell what they contained till you saw the real appearance of them. 

This first one was called as Emilie, bringing something light as the opening of the cake session, serving mainly mousse. As most of the ingredients were originally fruits, you might feel less sinful to have this (self-defense :P). Merely containing mango and coconut, this 'chicken-little' cake wasn't only waking you up and opening your eyes wide by its color, but also by its wonderfully pleasant sweet and sour taste. 

Adeline (IDR 45k)
Chocolate Devil Cake with Orange Cheese Frosting, and Apricot Glaze

The second was Adeline which was served in long block shape and had the base of chocolate devil cake. The texture was in between light to dense kind. As Indonesian loved to combine chocolate and cheese, simplest example was our beloved Martabak, this cake seemed to be the answer by pairing the chocolate cake with orange cheese frosting. Yes, smart idea there for adding hint of fruit; not only for better taste but also beautify the cake by coming as toppings. 

When you preferred sponge cake than mousse, this would be the great option. No need to worry with its chocolate devil name as it's not as heavy as the typical one. The sweetness level was proper and the taste surely deserved a 'yes'. 

Ellaine (IDR 50k)
Banana Cake, Mango Marmalade, Passion Chocolate Mousse

I intentionally saved this as the last since I loved it best! Yeah it seemed like a throwback to Easter, where all you want to find was eggs, and gladly it wasn't even hidden on this cake as it served a half-opened one right on top. The presentation of this cake absolutely wow-ed me with gorgeous mix of colors and shapes. Same as the two cakes before, again this cake blended fruit and chocolate; hmm.. I started to wonder if it indeed was the signature characteristic of Exquise. 

Oh yeah, this time you got one additional main component which actually acted as the base, banana! While you usually enjoyed this (probably) Minion's favorite cake by itself, or to the maximum extent with chocolate chip or grated cheese, this one was a totally different idea as you had it coated in chocolate shell and covered by the trio of chocolate, passion fruit, and mango. Rich choir of taste, none of each overpowered the others. Great one!

Closing the dessert time with the climax, I was one happily satisfied girl sitting with bloated tummy there. I would doubtlessly come back for more of the cakes, and definitely had Exquise on my list of patisserie to look for cakes for celebration in the future! Not to forget the best news, it's even easier to reach them now with them opening a small take-away outlet at Food Hall Grand Indonesia. Yeaaaayy!

Taste: 8/10
Place: 7/10
Service: 7/10
Price: 7.5/10

Thanks for reading! :)

Address: Rumah Cokro, Jl. Hos Cokroaminoto No. 42 A, Menteng, Jakarta / Food Hall Grand Indonesia West Mall LG, Jakarta
Phone: (+62 21) 316 1413 / (+62) 8777 671 4772
Operating Hours: Sun - Thu 9am - 9pm, Fri - Sat 9am - 10pm

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