Sunday, June 25, 2017

Redback Specialty Coffee, My Kind of Heaven in Surabaya

This wasn't my introductory session with Redback as I'd been aware of it and I'd even tried some of their pastries at my last visit to Surabaya. Nonetheless, it's indeed the first time I visited its new outlet, which was surely a much more proper place to dine in. I wouldn't even call the first one as cafe, since they had very limited seats, only one or two table if I recalled correctly. Yeah, it used to be more into take-away kind of coffee shop and bakery. Selling awesome pastries and coffee, the venue was almost always packed with people, perhaps another reason was they're such an early-bird, opening since 6 am in the morning which wasn't a usual case in Surabaya. This was another trigger for more spacious outlet, especially considering the coziness to be delivered to the customers.

Occupying a space at the Graha Golf 2 show unit, the new venue was way bigger than my expectation. The indoor area somewhat reminded me of typical huge coffee shop in Sydney and Melbourne. The setting made me picture Top Paddock in my mind with that huge bar table and showcase right at the center, and the guest tables lined up at each corner around it. It looked like an elegant shared living room or private library. 

The outdoor one was actually more appealing, offering the panoramic scenery of the huge golf field which was just next to the venue. The people sitting here could enjoy their pastries and caffeine while watching the golf players doing their games. Regardless you loved golf or not, the green and blue view was surely mesmerizing, giving the peaceful feeling for the mind and soul, which I believe could rarely be found in any other coffee shops.

The selections provided in the brand new outlet got even richer as I could spot some new pastries, which I hadn't been familiar of. Moreover, they did serve heavy means here, which were mostly kind of brunch dishes. I wasn't really sure if it's just my feeling or it's indeed the actual case, but I felt the foods and beverages were sold at higher price now, compared to the last time I made my purchases here. Well yeah, something that people kept hunting for might be indeed worthy to be priced higher; another reality in life ;)

Smoked Salmon Sandwich

I let my friends picked the savory ones while mine was the sweet one since in the end, we always ended up sharing. Starting from his pick, we had the triple S - Smoked Salmon Sandwich. OK, please don't mention triple S to the waiter/waitress as they would definitely not notice it since it just popped out into my mind and I blindly wrote it LOL. Honestly speaking, the salmon slices didn't look like smoked ones to me, yet I didn't mind that much since the taste was succulent anyway. Those gorgeous pink protein were fresh and abundantly stuffed to the fragrant buttery sandwich. 

Croissant au Jambon et Bechamel

I didn't know what firstly came to your mind when you heard of this croissant's name, yet for me it was one word, DIFFICULT. Just like the name, the appearance was also something difficult, yeah too difficult to resist ordering it since it simply looked too tempting to be true with that shiny yellow egg yolk at the center.

It would even get more appealing once you cut the croissant into two and you saw what's actually inside. Ham slices, melted cheese, and creamy bechamel sauce, OH MY GOSH! Looking too good to be true. Unfortunately, the yolk wasn't runny as expected, perhaps because it's being re-heated before served making the yolk became closer to well-done level? Well, it's just my guesstimate and let's keep it a mystery. Again, just like the prior one, despite that this dish did disappoint us due to the not-runny-yolk, it didn't fail to amuse every palate having it. Every single ingredient was well-seasoned and both the cheese and the sauce were perfect complements to the whole meal. I felt like enjoying an indulging portion of croque madame, just that the bread was replaced by delicious flaky croissant.

Ovomaltine Danish

Being through the tough dilemma on whether to have the Chocolate Almond Danish or this Ovomaltine one, finally Ovomaltine won the battle. Yeah, I had ever had the Chocolate Almond one and got hitched to it at the first trial, thereby it's kinda hard to let my mind accepting the truth that this time I should try another one. The pick went to this Ovomaltine Danish, dropping many other enticing options. Yes, I was actually trying to play safe when too much of the choices being highly seductive. Well, simply said I'd never heard any people I met who had tried Ovomaltine, said that it tasted bad or even average. Seemed like it suited all taste buds too well, and that's why I ended up going for it. 

Gladly, I was proven beyond right since I loved this danish to bits and I got extremely spoiled by each bite of it. The danish came in flawlessly crispy texture and not overly sweet taste, which was impeccably balanced by the overflowing Ovomaltine stuffing in it. Moreover, the inner part of this danish was so moist, serving sponge cake/marble cake alike layer, which wasn't visible from outside and thus, turned to be hidden treasure found for me. 

Strawberry Banana Smoothies (IDR 40k)

Being in Surabaya, apparently I wasn't only reunited with my university friends, but also with our university memories, one of which was our most favorite drink to order - Strawberry Banana Smoothies. We used to brought banana from home then bought strawberry juice and asked the waitress to mix for us since they didn't offer such drink like Strawberry Banana. I've been missing this drink so much that I was beyond enthusiastic when I figured out that my friend Camel actually ordered it. It's such nostalgic moment when both of us enjoyed this refreshing, yummy, and healthy drink. Bluntly said, IDR 40k was such a great deal for having this type of goodness in pleasant doze.

Hot Cappuccino (IDR 30k)

Not to forget, probably the most important thing of the whole dining session, the coffee! Yes, the reason was quite simple, which was Redback was indeed firstly introduced as Coffee Specialist even from its origin country. Taking my first sip, you could spot a wide smile on my face as I fell in love with their cup of caffeine. It couldn't suit my coffee preference better, delivering bold coffee flavor with low acidity and smooth after taste. Awesome!

Overall, coming in huge size if compared to the common ones, all the pastry did get me extremely satisfied as well as super full at the same time. The combination of flavors were also extremely enchanting that got me intended to pack some pastries home. I couldn't imagine how excited I would be if I could have myself staying around this residential area and spending my breakfast here all mornings. I might quickly win any of customer loyalty program, just because I visited the place too often! 

Taste: 8.5/10
Place: 8.5/10
Service: 8/10
Price: 7.5/10

Thanks for reading! :)

Address: Raya Darmo Permai Selatan 3 - Papaya, Surabaya / Graha Golf 2 Show Unit - Grha Famili Blok K, Surabaya
Phone: (+62 31) 7329 206 / (+62) 811 3110 123
Operating Hours: Mon - Sun 6am - 10pm

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