Tuesday, June 27, 2017

Kopi Nalar, The Complete Package of Coffee and Ambiance

"Oh my! How gorgeous!", those phrases could probably well-described my first impression when looking at the snaps taken by my real and virtual friends on social media. Yeah, they've been overflowing my timeline recently with this newly opened coffee shop in South Jakarta area, particularly Kebayoran. It's a pretty visible one and quite accessible especially when Jakarta's traffic being so friendly like in weekend's morning. 

I've been longing for going to this place since weeks ago, yet time apparently didn't permit me to do so till last week when finally I could have spare time, breathing for awhile and hanging out with friends. I reached the venue slightly earlier, like 10 minutes before 10am. It's my bad that I didn't check their IG account while they'd mentioned there that during fasting period they opened 2-hour later than the normal opening time at 8am. So at least since now the Ramadhan break's over, the early bird has come back waking up early in the morning to serve those morning fellas. 

Arriving first than any of my companions, I already smelled something weird as no one's apparently there besides a guy sitting at the smoking area, which physically was also inside the coffee shop building. Hmm, perhaps I might need to revise a bit there, as it would be more suitable to call it a house than a building due to the shape itself. OK back to the empty venue, the door was actually open so I decided to come in. Everything's on besides some of the lighting so I just made myself comfortable, taking pictures of the venue while waiting for my friends. I only saw the opening time at the door which showed 8am so I wondered why nobody's there. When my friends got there, he then told me that indeed they mentioned they would be opened only by 10am during this month. 

The design of the venue was definitely as gorgeous as even more gorgeous than what I saw in the pictures. It simply felt like entering the Kinfolk world, having that various types of furniture made of combination of wood and rattan, exactly like what you usually saw in the magazine. I could even call it like a furniture gallery or a show house of a property as I couldn't stop get mesmerized by the arrangement and the interior. Those white walls, wooden tiles, hanging plants, and vintage wall decoration were simply mind-blowing. I even had two favorite spots here (yes you heard it right, TWO! T.W.O!!); the bar table and the smoking area. 

The first one was so beautiful, having marble table and green plants covering the back walls. Seriously, I couldn't stop taking another snap of this corner. It's so heart-warming and refreshing at the same time looking at those greens, which absolutely delivered the fresh natural ambiance. 

The latter was totally different, yet also a heart-stealer. Even before sitting on the space, just looking at the sofas and mat for floor-seating already gave that comfortable feeling. They even had that long table for individual seating, facing the outdoor space with transparent glass windows. It's kinda funny and unique as they served that people-watching experience for the guests, just that it didn't immediately face the main road, but the other guests sitting outside. If only this wasn't a smoking area, I could doubtlessly sit there for hours, not feeling of going back home. 

Coming in larger group would give you no worry since at the back side they still had tons of seats. Yes, this coffee shop could be called as gigantic one though from outside it might not appear that huge. For those who just stop-by for quick coffee or just wait for your take-away package, you could simply enjoy sitting by the bar or at the outdoor space where they also had both individual as well as communal tables. It wasn't that hot actually despite that you sit outside, since there were trees with heavy leaves surrounding the venue, and actually this road wasn't as crowded as typical ones in Jakarta. 

Being said as open at 10 am, certainly I expected them to start the preparation beforehand so that right at the time they're finally ready to serve the customers. Guests had started to come more and more yet they apparently were still busy here and there, not really serving anyone. Actually, I wouldn't say it they but him. Yes, only a single person's there being in charge for barista, cashier, and waiter roles simultaneously. You might be able to imagine how chaotic it was, and yes the reality wasn't far from what's in your mind. When he started to get some orders, for which the customers were required to immediately pay as well, then when he's just about to make the drinks, another customer came and asked for tons of things as the reference to place the order. The guy then got distracted, put aside the coffee he's going to make and explained details to that customer. The virtuous cycle happened, making bottleneck on the abundant customers waiting for the order to be served. 

Being through the disappointing experience, I finally got my coffee after 'continuous ask' I did to the barista. Well, I knew I might annoy him yet I was just demanding my right, so I hoped he did apologize me :).

Hot Cappuccino (IDR 33k)
Initially wanted to opt for sweets to accompany my coffee, I was excited when I knew they did serve Marie Regal Pie. Another option would be brownie but I was in the mood for something unot too mainstream. Unfortunately, all the pies were still in fridge. Though they said it's ready to serve, looking at the fact that they're kind of 'short-of-resources', I guessed I'd better not going for the cake than later finding myself got disappointed as I might need to wait for another full-moon LOL (if you got what I meant). 

Just as usual, the cappuccino was requested with double ristretto. Waiting for quite long for it, my friends and I had mentioned that this gotta be good or otherwise let's call it our bad day! Lucky us, the day seemed to still love us and want to boost our mood up as the coffee matched our preference very well. Bold coffee flavor, smooth after taste, and only very light hint of acidity. You surely worthed the wait, my cup of joe! <3

Hot Piccolo (IDR 25k)

The piccolo didn't go far either, simply as good as the first one and it even got me hitched stronger with its slightly higher level of body yet the same clean finishing. 

Having tried the coffee only, I could say that generally it was a recommended space to go for your caffeine doze. The place was top-notch and the coffee was delightful as well. Nonetheless, the service absolutely required much improvement. Being efficient without being effective would definitely not work sustainably ;)

Taste: 7.5/10
Place: 8.5/10
Service: 6.5/10
Price: 7.5/10

Thanks for reading! :)

Address: Jl. Prof. Joko Sutono No. 7, Kebayoran Baru, South Jakarta
Phone: (+62 21) 2708 1900
Operating hours: Sun - Thu 8am - 11pm, Fri - Sat 8am - 0am

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