Saturday, June 24, 2017

Sudoet Tjerita, A Corner to Craft Long Beautiful Stories

It's been awhile since the last time I went to Central Park, yeah kind of the area I didn't really wanna touch unless I had something to do, simply to avoid the challenging heavy traffic. Life had given enough patience test so it's better to avoid this one LOL. Nonetheless, since I would be going back to my hometown tonight, it would be great to kill the afternoon time around West area as it's close to the airport. Calling me lucky, my friend figured out there's a brand new coffee shop occupying a space in the shop house next to Royal Mediterania Garden apartment. 

Being greet by the friendly owner himself, I was told that today was exactly the grand opening day for public. Wow, such a funny coincidence that we were quote unquote the first timer (for sure excluding those who had come for the soft opening). Looking at the design, which for me was quite distinctive from other recently-opened coffee shop, I guessed it would be another hype and another successful story from the West area. 

I didn't mention it peculiar without any specific reason. The venue set up simply made you feel like you're dining in a middle of a park, having giant tree with lush leaves at the center, green plants all around the corners, and mini cactus pots lining on the tables. At the back side, right across the bar, an Instagenic point featuring a swing with wooden seat and big ropes tied with leaves. I had no single doubt that just in few days, this place would be packed of people and there would absolutely be long queue in front of this soon-to-be-hype gorgeous swing. That would mean you'd have tons of snaps of this corner soon flooding on your timeline ;)

Just like how the name of the venue pretty much described, the mind behind the venue's interior tried to arrange this place to be a spot for gathering, chilling, and spending long time sharing lengthy stories. There wasn't such thing like individual tables, as all of them were made for at least couples. They even served a communal table "under the tree", for people in bigger group to meet up and sit together. Those rattan chairs circled around the short round tables further beautified the venue and seemed to strengthen the cozy and spoiling ambiance for me. Simply said, I doubtlessly could sit there with friends speaking nonsense till serious talks over coffee. 

Nougat Cake
Having had some snaps of this adorable space, I tried to stuff my tummy with something as I hadn't had my breakfast. It's kind of unfortunate, I could only find Nougat Cake there being displayed in the showcase. Skimming through the menu, the other alternative would only be pancake, which I wasn't in the mood to go for. I didn't know if it's because of their premiere opening day or it's still kinda early or it's due to the Eid holiday coming real soon causing disruption to the food supply. Regardless of the reason, the fact that I only had a couple of choices remained there. 

Having no other option, I went for their Nougat Cake shown next to the order point. Anyway, it's still a great news that the cake did look appealing for me. The taste proved it right as this fluffy and moist sponge cake was pleasant enough, coming with mocha flavor both for the cake and the cream layer at the center. The sweet nuts covering the round-shaped cake weren't merely the components that gave the Nougat Cake name attached to this dessert, but also extra happiness boost for me.

Hot Kopi Rempah (IDR 38k)

This first drink was a complimentary one given by the owner as he wanted us to try the signature creation from Sudoet Tjerita. It's quite a breakthrough made there as the coffee was served with rich blend of herbs, including ginger and cinnamon as the two main components I could recall in mind. Honestly, I didn't expect too much from the well-presented cup as I'd known exactly that I hated ginger, regardless in any ways it was served. Having a sip from the cup, I just thought of why I didn't request it to be made without the ginger. I guessed I might love it if it's just the combination of the coffee with other ingredients except the ginger, because I actually kinda enjoyed that hint of cinnamon in this cup. So I guessed I would have my personalized version of this Kopi Rempah next time. Well, who knows if it would turn to be my favorite later on?

Hot Cappuccino (IDR 35k)

Moving on to my original order, the Hot Cappuccino. I heard from the owner that he initially established this coffee shop since he's also a coffee lover and thus he had that passion to serve a great cup of caffeine for other people belonged to the same boat. Apparently, my taste bud agreed with his handicraft as I loved this coffee, being served in medium-to-strong body level with smooth after taste. Another idea for my next trial would surely be the Hot Piccolo since I guessed it would deliver even better satisfaction for my palate with its bolder coffee flavor.

Delivering such delightful experience for me both in terms of the place as well as the chats companion (read: snacks and coffee), I would bluntly call this place as an impeccable stop for crafting long "episodes" with your loved ones. To whoever inventing the idea of Sudoet Tjerita, you've made a great success there fella! Salute <3

Taste: 7.5/10
Place: 8.5/10
Service: 8.5/10
Price: 8/10

Thanks for reading! :)

Address: Ruko GSA Blok B No. 8 BA, Jakarta
Operating Hours: Mon - Sun 8am - 10pm

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