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Kimsoo Home, from A Well-known Homeware to a Hype Cafe

Starting as a homeware and furniture shop, Kimsoo has been long well-known in Bali, but definitely not as a cafe. I still remember the time I visited Bali when Kimsoo hadn't established its cafe, accompanying my friend looking at tableware. It was such a unique shop, which I might haven't met before in Jakarta, providing items in vintage and classic design. 

The not-sizable shop wasn't only packed with stuffs being displayed, but also people walking around. All the alleys were mostly very narrow since they tried to show the combination of stuffs they sold into the real setting like bedroom, dining table, etc. 

The back space was doubtlessly the most favorite spot of majority of the guests since it provided the photogenic petite pool and park-benches just besides it. There's also the currently trending white stairs where almost all people visiting Kimsoo must have taken picture at. Yeah, I guessed people were delighted by the fact that Kimsoo allowed the guests to come inside, take pictures freely, and even experienced using some of the items they're actually selling. Just a note, this was applicable for all guests, regardless you're only coming for the cafe or for the homeware shop as well. 

Talking about the cafe, actually this visit when I could finally dine in there, wasn't my initial one. I had been there for the cafe  at my previous visit to Bali months before this one, yet it's already late in the afternoon and hence they're already closed. Not repeating the same mistake, at this particular one, I intentionally came early in the morning. Besides, I did hear that the venue's usually having very high occupancy rate so it might be hard to get vacant seats particularly in busy hours. 

Arriving there, I was kinda surprised that it's already that crowded at early morning. Luckily I could still get the seat at the outdoor area, which was actually located at the front space of the shop. Most tables there were only able to accommodate a group of five at max in my guesstimate. It's nice to sit at this corner since you could enjoy breathing the fresh air while watching the people passed-by. 

While the outdoor space was mainly white and minimalist, it's somehow the opposite for the indoor one. It's mostly dark brown with more ethnic touch. The long bar table standing at the right side as well as the huge round table at the center of the venue displayed various cakes to be enjoyed as either coffee companion, main meals for high tea session, or simply desserts to close the full-course.

Bali's always a paradise to me for domestic trip. Simply said, it's like you'd never get bored of it. Besides it always came up with something new to mesmerize everyone, the hospitality of the people was top notch, being very friendly and helpful to any tourists and locals. Not to exclude here in Kimsoo, where the waiters were very nimble, immediately giving a warm welcome to any guests coming in. They're also very knowledgeable and passionate in explaining the top recommendations based on your preference. 

My other crush on Bali would definitely be the brunch menu which was something not far from what I could get in Australia. Great stuff, wasn't it? At least I didn't have to spend a lot to get an indulging breakie on my dining table since it's much closer to home. 

Pittaya Bowl (IDR 49k)
When I mentioned that the menu was Australia's brunch alike, it didn't put an exception on either sweet or savory; it was a total package of both! You could even get rich variants from the appetizer, main course, till dessert. 

Every time it came to Bali trip, one of my biggest excitement would be the smoothie-bowl breakfast. There might be abundant places serving it already in Jakarta, yet I still thought very limited of them serving the palatable one. When I discovered that Kimsoo did serve it though only few variants were provided, I knew this was the perfect choice to go for in the middle of this hot sunny day. 

As expected, the presentation itself already looked so appealing with combination of colors, just like typical smoothie bowl. Having my first spoon, it both satisfied my hunger as well as quenched my thirst as the blended cold dragon fruit which came as the base was so refreshing. The natural sweet taste which was further complemented by other fruit cuts like strawberries and banana made me got terrifically spoiled by my meal with less guilt feeling as I knew what I ate was clean and healthy. The mixture of chia seed, granola, as well as shredded coconut made this bowl delivered complete play of textures, from the silky, chewy, to the crunchy one. Such an impeccable and healthy choice to start the day!

Hot Cappuccino (IDR 29k)

Though I might go for something refreshing for the meal, I still couldn't stop myself from having my morning caffeine doze though it might not be as restorative as having cold juices or smoothies. Well yes, I preferred it to be hot as well since it's my very first coffee cup of the day (yeah, it's like mandatory natural rule set up in my mind starting the time I also didn't know exactly when). I did hear that the baristas were individually trained by the owner's Italian friend who had a coffee roastery, so I expected my cup would turn out awesome.

Perhaps due to the high benchmark I'd set in prior, I actually didn't get hitched by my coffee cup as much as it sounded in prior. It was slightly too milky for my coffee preference which demanded stronger body. I did forget to ask for double ristretto so kind of my fault as well ;) and probably would be a learning for me for what I should go for the next visit. The good thing was the clean finishing and no acid flavor, which were the other two important criteria I demanded for my coffee. 

For you who might have never been to Kimsoo and feel curious, I would say it's a recommended place to visit. I wasn't only enchanted by the healthy meal, but most importantly the cozy and natural ambience which might cause you an addiction to stay for long time.

Taste: 7.5/10
Place: 7.5/10
Service: 8/10
Price: 8/10

Thanks for reading! :)

Address: Jl. Kayu Aya No. 21, Kerobokan Kelod, Kuta Utara, Bali
Phone: (+62) 813 5350 0985
Operating hours: Mon - Sun 7.30am - 5.30pm

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