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The Brand New Bottega Ristorante

Despite that Bottega has had it's perfectly designed outlet at Mega Kuningan area, the management decided to close down that one and established a new one closer to the South. Most of you must have known Fairgrounds, so I guessed it would be easier to give you the guidance on the direction based on it, as Bottega's occupying a space at Fairgrounds, right next to Kinokawa, just after The Goods Cafe in case you're more familiar with it. When you just passed the front side, you might think it's much smaller compared to the prior outlet, yet that's actually not the case since this new outlet was more spacious. 

Bottega crew mentioned that they initially planned to make this new outlet to be more casual one compared to the prior. Nonetheless, my friends and I agreed that the reality apparently talked differently as for us, this one looked fancier and more exclusive, reflected by the classic and elegant design using shiny marble tiles, chic hanging lamps, and some luxurious wooden furniture. The dim yellow lighting even strengthened the high-class atmosphere within the restaurant. 

While the set up of the venue carried those themes, the guests were mostly dressed from casual to semi-formal, which was good stuff for me as I didn't imagine the restaurant would look like this so you could picture in your mind how casual I was. 

Having a brand new place, the dishes offered were mostly similar, only adding some new ones into the existing long list. As my friends and I had all dined in Bottega before, so this time we opted for some of their new dishes and some of their recommended ones we hadn't had before. 

Nonetheless, prior to going for the meal, let's present the trio mocktail we opted for as the starters. Behind the gorgeous presentation, there's price to pay. Not containing alcohols, I guessed they're pretty expensive especially the size were just like typical ones. I did admit they contained rich combination of ingredients in each glass though. 

Ibiza (IDR 120k)

My friend didn't took a pill in Ibiza, but he went for the Ibiza itself. LOL, just in the mood of making jokes so pardon me for being cheesy. If I had to summarize this first drink, I'd call it mixed-fruit tea, blending orange, melon, and peach with black tea as the base. It's doubtlessly a refreshing glass with balanced taste as the natural sweetness from the fruits impeccably complemented the tea. 

Apple Lychee Crush (IDR 120k)

Another mixed-fruit drink, yet this one was the sweeter version as it didn't have something plain like the tea in the previous drink. The collaboration carried out here was apple, orange, and lychee; for which the third element was quite dominating as you would find abundant nata de coco in your drink. So do expect tons of chews in between the sips. 

Hawaiian (IDR 120k)

This was probably the 'highest valued' one since the size was the most petite being served in slim glass. The fruits blended were indeed different from the first two, marrying mango, pineapple, and coconut. Perhaps the reason why it had smaller portion was the texture which was slightly thicker as well. Nevertheless, putting the price aside, I did love the distinctive taste with sweet and sour served together in a single glass. 

Porcini Coffee Rubbed Steak (IDR 295k)
300g US prime sirloin rubbed with Arabica coffee

WOW! Yes, that was exactly my immediate expression when the dish firstly landed on our table. Those glassy pink beef slices were surely so appealing and the aroma was 'annoyingly' seductive. I was expecting any additional sauce to come as the companion yet I then figured out there's none of it. Giving it a try, the appearance didn't lie as the beef was truly juicy and tender, literally melted in your mouth just in few chews. It was well-seasoned as well, that surprisingly no side sauce wasn't a problem. Some palate might want additional sea salt or pepper, yet for me it was okay going 'naked'. For my tummy size, I preferred having this 300 gram sirloin for share as I wanted to go for another dishes. 

Penne alla Vodka (IDR 125k)

Going to Italian restaurant was certainly incomplete without having pasta and thus, we had two of them on the table. Both were served in creamy type of sauces, yet taste wise they're actually not a kind. Beginning with seafood as the protein, this was the penne cooked in vodka marinara sauce, topped with salmon chunks. It wasn't bad at all, but my taste bud also couldn't call out something to stand out from the dish. Perhaps it's about preference on the sauce, for which the Indonesian 'blood' of my palate demanded stronger kick from the spices. 

Truffle Mushroom Ravioli (IDR 165k)

Sitting on a totally different polar from the first pasta, this wonton-alike-shaped pasta seemed to be everyone's new favorite, as we just had our premiere trial for it and immediately got hitched by the right creaminess and blend of flavors. The pasta was cooked al dente and the sweet corn paste in it, which bursted out as you bit it, was simply like finding hidden pleasure. The thick savory sauce richly mixed with mushrooms was such perfect balancer to the overall taste delivered from the plate. Top notch!

Bacon Mac and Cheese (IDR 116k)

We had no idea who to blame, as apparently the late lunch caused us to be hardly got full. Yes, simply said we're still feeling hungry. Not wanting to let the empty space in the tummy stayed empty, we decided to go for another pasta, our all-time favorite and perhaps I could even call it our top-of-mind from Bottega, Bacon Mac and Cheese! You might get surprised, but even for this simple pasta, Bottega had 3 versions; this one, the one with truffle, and another breakfast version served with eggs. Though it was more expensive than common mac and cheese the portion was satisfying and the generous cheese was heavenly pleasure. Enjoying it while warm was one of the best feeling of the day!

Freshly Baked Chocolate Chip Cookie in a Pan with Rum and Raisin Ice Cream (IDR 88k)

Going home afterwards? Absolutely no way! There's still one part left, which was even the climax for my palate, D.E.S.S.E.R.T.S! I might say this wasn't a common one which you might find in all places, especially with this size. Standing next to the dessert was one of the heaviest temptation for me as I couldn't stand to hold myself from having my first spoon real real soon! It smelled too good to be true, being served in a hot pan, making the voluptuous vanilla and chocolate aroma spread freely and became a strong magnet for the saliva to drop. Enjoying it with the ingredient which had the opposite temperature, rum raisin ice cream, the combination became just like the meeting of positive and negative poles which flawlessly went together. The alcohol hint from the rum matched the sweet molten chocolate inside the cookie too well that I couldn't hold myself from stop munching!

All in all, big congratulations for Bottega for the grand opening of its brand new outlet! Regardless the concept intended to be carried out as formal or casual, keep serving gorgeously presented and wonderfully cooked dishes :)

Taste: 8/10
Place: 8/10
Service: 7.5/10
Price: 7/10

Thanks for reading! :)

Address: Fairgrounds, SCBD Lot 14, Jl. Jenderal Sudirman, Jakarta
Phone: (+62 21) 5140 2266, (+62) 812 9712 2350
Operating Hours: Sun - Thu 10am - 00am, Fri - Sat 10am - 01am

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