Saturday, June 17, 2017

This is My Story at My Story

The name couldn't catch my attention even better, being so easy to be top-of-mind with only few syllables and indeed simple words. Somehow it reflected something so close and so private for each personal. The logo even gave it heavier emphasis, picturing a hand writing a narration. 

This restaurant occupied a space far bigger than I expected. It's literally gigantic that even the parking space was able to accommodate quite many cars. The venue was nothing like monochromatic kind of lately hyped ones. Yeah perhaps it's also because My Story was more into a bistro than a cafe. The design was mainly wood, red bricks, and green leaves. The high ceiling and hanging lamps made the venue looked even more spacious, giving the comfy feeling as it seemed like you had such big room to move. Another surprise delivered was even this giant space had its extension, since there's another door at the end of this first space, leading to the outdoor area and another room. Each of them did provide seats and the capacity wasn't small either. 

The room at the back wasn't open-for-use at that time, so I wasn't really sure if it's for private events only or for public space just like the other sides of the restaurant. The design was slightly different with softer colors and a photogenic wall covered with frames. It's such a suitable one for throwing events like birthday bash or even bridal and baby showers. Perfect from both the set up and the privacy!

Since the concept carried out was bistro, the range of the dishes served was quite broad; from Asian to Western, from flour-based to rice-based. The price range was mostly IDR 40k to IDR 100k for main courses, which I thought was quite pocket-friendly especially if I compared to similar ones in the beloved capital city. 

Nachos (IDR 35k)

Desiring to munch something while waiting for the heavy meals, this nachos was something we all agreed to opt for. The portion was actually quite okay, being priced at this level, and another great deal was surely the generous mozzarella cheese on top! Seemed like we had made a great choice for starter here!

Spaghetti Bolognese (IDR 42k)

Just like the common Bolognese sauce, this pasta carried out the combination of tomato, minced beef, oregano, and parmesan cheese. When the plate firstly landed on the table, just by looking at the appearance I could already tell it's overcooked and my guess was proven right. This might be not my kind of pasta as the sauce was slightly too sweet as well. 

Spicy Chicken Chop with Sambal Matah on Rice (IDR 45k)

Bluntly saying, from all dishes on the table, this was the prince charming looking the most palatable with the shiny sambal matah over there. The crispy skin being slightly torn and lifted up was such creative presentation, making it looked even more emphasized as the best part. The delectable taste did validate the gorgeous appearance and that spotlight owner (read: chicken skin) was indeed the best part of the whole meal, being genuinely crunchy and perfectly seasoned. For those who fancied spicy dishes, this one might be not having that extreme spiciness you desired yet still at acceptable level for me. 

Salmon Baked Rice (IDR 57k)

As always, the cheesy one mostly would be my first attention-stealer and this wasn't an exception. Reminding me of Zenbu's mozaru, which I hadn't had for quite long time already, this baked rice apparently successfully hypnotized me and got me ordered it. I opted for Salmon with Buldak sauce which was the spicy one, while my friend's was with white sauce - the creamy one. There's actually another choice of red sauce that's basically made of tomatoes. Both were scrumptious and it's just the matter of preference. Well, though I admitted it's not the best baked rice ever, yet the flavor and quantity did worth the price paid, especially with those generously given luscious and moist salmon chunks!

Residing at the heart of Surabaya and bringing the concept of Bistro, My Story is such a flawless place to create tons of stories. It's doubtlessly a great space to spend long hours while enjoying yummy meals without having to get your wallet being ripped off! So this is my story about My Story, what's yours? :p

Taste: 7.5/10
Place: 8/10
Service: 8/10
Price: 8/10

Thanks for reading! :)

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