Monday, August 21, 2017

Becca's Bakehouse, Another Stop for Pastries Enthusiasts

Me looking at pastries? Well yeah what did you expect? For sure that hyper-excited face and greatly-increasing impatience suddenly burst out. I simply couldn't wait to have my premiere bite on each of the tempting-looking croissants. I badly wished I stayed around Pluit area so that I could easily open the online delivery service app and had my croissants delivered up to my door right away. Nonetheless, I could do nothing but to keep it as a dream for now. 

Finally being able to visit the outlet, I was astonished that it's even much smaller than I had expected. Or perhaps the correct way to state it was I figured out that they actually had no space for dine-in just by the time I was already at the entrance. But this could be for short period only since soon they would be opening their own cafe, located right next to the current outlet. 

Currently serving take-aways only, you might already be able to imagine how simple the outlet would be. Just having several guests inside, and boom it's already packed like being in sardines can. The turnover seemed to be very high, including those purchasing for themselves as well as the drivers from online delivery service. Fortunately the store keeper was agile enough that he could handle everything pretty speedy, regardless he had to manage order-taking, pastries re-heating, as well as dealing with some stuffs in the kitchen. Becca's lucky to have such a talented multi-tasker!

Iced Milk Coffee (IDR 18k)
Quenching my thirst as the starter, I went for their Iced Milk Coffee. The choices of drinks provided were indeed pretty limited, remembering they're still serving take-away only. Actually, there's quite distinctive menu mentioned there, which contained Bailey's yet this time I chose to go for the mainstream one. Serving something similar to the common ones in appearance, the taste was okay though I couldn't highlight anything special from the cup. The medium roast coffee did turn out quite too light for my preference and my taste bud did seek for that signature palm sugar flavor, which I typically loved like too much when I had iced milk coffee like this. 

Talking about what I finally had, prior to even arriving at the venue, I already had a long order list in mind which I knew my tummy would be absolutely unable to afford at once. Not taking that limitation as hindrance, I still went for what I could handle. Passing through the dilemmatic moment, we ended up with both sweet variants! 

Looking at the size and considering it's just for take-away meaning no particular ambiance being 'sold', I bluntly thought it's pretty pricey, so I had a big hope that the taste would turn out impressive. 

Durian Croissant (IDR 23k)

Wooww! Being a big fan of this exotic fruit of Indonesia, it didn't take me long to decide I wanted to have it as my first order. Even before biting the croissants, I could already get the feeling it would taste yummy, since the aromatic buttery fragrance had struck me when I first stepped into the spot. 

My guesstimate was proven accurate by the flaky batter, the most important part of the croissant being the base. The filling itself was made in thin paste format; a great idea since durian was heavy enough and therefore this transformed texture would turn out impeccable. Going for a distinctive kind like this, I didn't have a single regret as I loved the combination carried out in it; not overly sweet, not giving nauseated feeling, perfect for breakie or snacking time!

Martabak Croissant (IDR 22k)

Seemed to be familiar? Yes for sure, as I had already seen same ones in quite many places. Simply said, what so called martabak was basically chocolate, cheese, and peanut, exactly like the 'mandatory' toppings of the real martabak. I wouldn't talk too much about this one since I thought you would be able to guess already how it turned out. Yeah, what could go wrong with martabak toppings, for me they're definitely simple happiness! Additional point, Becca was a generous one in giving the toppings so you would absolutely have rich toppings in every single bite. 

Looking at the showcase, there were so much more I wanted to try including Truffle Croissant, Choco Banana Croissant, Plie, Cinnamon Roll, Doughnuts, and many many more! Other than the price, I had nothing more to complaint and hence putting that aside, I would surely be back for the next trials!

Taste: 7.5/10
Place: 6.5/10
Service: 8.5/10
Price: 7/10

Thanks for reading! :)

Address: Jl. Muara Karang Blok G6 Barat No. 36, Jakarta
Phone: (+62 21) 6697 516
Operating Hours: Mon - Sun 7am - 7pm

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