Monday, August 14, 2017

Hokkaido Baby, Enjoying Hokkaido's Sweetness in J-town

Starting from one petite take-away outlet in Pondok Indah Mall and another one in Shirayuki/Cabe Ijo PIK, Hokkaido Baby currently just established its next branch in Jakarta, choosing another spot at South area by occupying a space at Plaza Senayan. It's located right across Ta Wan at the place which used to be Hero supermarket under Metro department store. Great news, this one was complemented with some seats for stopping by for awhile, and finishing your orders right away. So welcome to those who couldn't hold any longer to carry the desserts home and had them later (perhaps including me? *giggling*). 

I was really impressed by the hard work of the owner as I knew exactly how she started from inventing her own recipe, made all the cheese tarts on her own, finally established her initial physical outlet, and now expanded to much more outlets! Great job done there and you deserved the thousands thumbs up! Now even the fellas in East Java could enjoy these Japanese sweets as they did have outlet in the city of heroes, Surabaya. 

In this new Plaza Senayan outlet, surely they served their signature tarts and all flavors were beautifully lining up there on the trays; Original Cheese (IDR 22.5k)Chocolate (IDR 22.5k)Matcha/Green Tea (IDR 25k), and Salted Egg (IDR 25k)

Yes you heard it right guys, SALTED EGG! For you who might haven't tried, well it's better to have it late than never. My personal favorite was the cheese one when it's served chilled or frozen as I really enjoyed having that bold cheese taste in dense texture. Nonetheless, when it's fresh from the oven, or alternately molten upon being re-heated, I loved the salted egg, having that gooey yolk at the center of the lusciously crunchy tart. I honestly wasn't a big fan of salted egg, yet I would call this an exception as I surprisingly fell for it since it didn't come in that sandy texture <3. 

Besides those 'first-borns', you would be able to find their other family members which actually had just been launched several months ago, Choux Baby (IDR 28k) and Choux Choco (IDR 28k), the eclair-shaped choux covered in cookie crumbles, just similar with soboro bread. While the first one was filled with vanilla cream and recommended to be served cold, the latter was stuffed with chocolate and okay to be enjoyed in room temperature. I did love both as it somehow cured my craving on the original ones I had in Harajuku, Tokyo. That dynamic duo of crispy skin and moist creamy filling was such heavenly pleasure for the palate!

Not only new outlet, Hokkaido Baby also at almost the same time launched its new baby, Petite Chizuko (IDR 40k each or IDR 70k for box of 2), adding more variant into the portfolio which had continuously grown since the initial establishment. This newbie was basically mini cheesecake with molten fillings, available in exactly the same 4 flavors as the tarts. 

They weren't only dressed beautifully in that uber cute appearance, but also handcrafted impeccably in that delightful texture, which stood at the precise balance between soft and dense. I admired how it neither went too airy like cotton cheesecake, nor went too solid like heavy types of cakes, making it turned out suitable for all preferences. Just like the tarts, though it could also be served chilled, for me it's best to have it freshly baked. Nevertheless, if you either took it home or got it delivered, you would be able to experience the climax of the taste by having it re-heated so you would enjoy that heavenly molten filling (geez! I found myself drooling already). 

Okay I knew I might have talked too much already and sorry for waking up your tightly-sleeping curiosity. Beware of getting addicted, fellas!

Taste: 8/10
Place: 7.5/10
Service: 8.5/10
Price: 7.5/10

Thanks for reading! :)

Address: Plaza Senayan Basement Level, Jl. Asia Afrika, Jakarta
Phone: (+62 21) 2967 8490 / (+62) 878 8867 7868
Operating Hours: Mon - Sun 10am - 10pm

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