Wednesday, August 30, 2017

The Grind Joe

In the mood for a cup of joe early in the morning? Another new kid on the block's ready to serve you now, The Grind Joe! Located at the heart of Bandung, Jl Juanda, the place's a highly accessible one, allowing you to stop-by and have your quick morning doze. This coffee shop basically takes a space within the complex of Moxy hotel, which's also a newly opened one carried out by Marriott group. 

As the location's very strategic, my friends and I had passed it for multiple times even before our real visit to the space. The outer appearance had got me at the first sight with those grey walls and hanging leaves. The love struck continued when I entered the sizable two-level venue, as the concept was pretty unique and that monochromatic color theme was also there to follow the current hype. Combining grey, white, and baby turquoise, this place totally reminded me of Tiffany & Co., the mixture of colors which always looked soothing for me. What's so peculiar to be called-out was the 'no-sleep-club' corner, having storied seats as if to give you the view of the whole cafe while sipping from your cup. 

Having been there for just 10 days and indeed still in their soft-opening period, the second floor hadn't been used yet and the selections of menus provided were still limited. The pastries were also not available at all times, usually would be ready only by late afternoon as what the barista told us. Since we came quite early, we unfortunately had to find only the empty showcase with no pastries available to be paired with our coffee. Great thing that the barista was smart enough to read the situation and handled it by directing our focus to their choices of beverages. 

Hot Piccolo (IDR 25k)

Seemed to be kind of mandatory order for us in any coffee shop, we did pay a try for the Grind Joe's version of piccolo. I wasn't sure if it's just the cup's shape or it's indeed the real case, but the piccolo's size looked slightly bigger than normal ones for me. 

The taste wasn't bad at all, serving the type of coffee which would suit majority of palates featuring medium-bodied one. It might be not as strong as what I loved the most, yet it's still able to get my palate satisfied. The barista did mention that since the coffee was also made to serve the demand from the hotel guests, therefore they had to pick the medium roast beans to be able to suit those who couldn't take too strong ones as well. 

Cortado Miele (IDR 40k)

Going for something sounded unique, I simply picked the one with most peculiar name. That landed my order to the Cortado Miele, basically coffee with milk and honey. It's cappuccino alike so slightly lighter than the piccolo, just that this one had that sweet taste. As the body wasn't that strong, my preference still went with the first one since my palate could still get that tougher kick from the coffee. Nonetheless, if your preference opted for light coffee which was more for comfort drink, this might suit you better ;). 

Milk and Honey 

Complimentary from the house for us to try!! Actually, the ingredients of this drink was pretty similar to the prior one, but it would be something more special since it contained no sugar and the sweet flavor purely came from the honey alone. Being the signature of the house, this innovative drink did feature cinnamon which was quite uncommon to be found in any coffee shops. I was actually not a big fan of cinnamon when it came to drinks but this cup seemed to be an exception. I now had no single doubt why it's said as the most recommended. This invention was indeed top-notch!! It got me sold since the very first sip! Being served cold, it's refreshing and at the same time spoiling. The natural sweetness made the coffee taste wasn't overpowered and I totally loved the idea of making the milk frozen and acted as the ice cubes giving the cold temperature to the overall cup. Such a creative and lovely one, the cup that definitely shouldn't be missed!!

I was overall stolen by the place, the ambiance, and the Milk and Honey! I could imagine myself sitting all day long by the window enjoying my cups of coffee while working or simply chilling. Moreover, perhaps it's not totally connected, yet I was so excited able to walk along the Moxy hotel, taking Instagenic snaps at tons of corners. Well, The Grind Joe was lucky enough as this reason would also trigger me to visit more often despite that its over 170km away from my place.

Taste: 8/10
Place: 8.5/10
Service: 8.5/10
Price: 8/10

Thanks for reading! :)

Address: Jl. Ir. H. Juanda 69 (Moxy Hotel), Bandung
Phone: (+62 22) 2052 7475
Operating Hours: Mon - Sun 7am - 9pm

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