Sunday, August 6, 2017

Experiencing 'The Dark Side' at Acai Bar

No no no, it's neither diet, nor trying to eat clean. Regardless I knew it's much healthier and definitely good for my body, but I simply wasn't that extremist. I ate what made me happy and what pampered my palate ;). Nonetheless, fortunately my taste bud had a big crush on this purple healthy buddy called Acai!

I wasn't sure if everyone's familiar with Acai or even if you said you knew it, I wasn't confident either that all of you knew that the fruit of Acai Berry actually came from palm tree family. No worries, I wouldn't write a book explaining this plant in hundreds of pages. I wouldn't even go further there as this wasn't a Biology class. Saying it in 'English', it's the fruit with combination of sweet and sour taste, mostly similar to its other berries fellas. 

Serving something healthy and refreshing, they tried to bring in the concept into the outlet's ambiance as it's decorated with wall-paintings with natural theme like trees and animals. It played successfully here as such picture for me did work, unconsciously making me feel like being back into 'the real naked world'. 

Though the space was indeed quite limited, they're tricky in setting everything up. Some individual seats by the bar and few tables for two next to the prior ones; very efficient way in presenting the overall arrangement. Smart idea, put a mirror on one side and voila, the place looked much bigger than it actually was!!

Dark Side (IDR 85k)

Coming to what's finally landed on my table, here's the Dark Side. No it was neither a movie nor an oldies band (giggling)! Being served in the form of smoothies, this acai was nothing far from super refreshing! This bowl might look petite, yet for me the portion was just right to make my tummy get satisfied. Nonetheless, looking at the price, I honestly thought it's slightly over-valued. I simply compared it to similar ones from other brands, some of which might offer the same ingredients at more affordable level, or some might offer more components at the same price. 

Putting the price aside, I loved every single ingredient mixed in my bowl. If some of you were sensitive enough, you might have spotted the cheats in this bowl, yeah absolutely those brownies chunks and generous peanut butter on top of the fresh acai smoothies as well as crunchy almonds and granola! That might also be the reason they're calling this wonderful smooth and crispy texture combination as Dark Side since it didn't go as 'nice and conservative' as the rest listed on the menu. 

Well, as I mentioned in the beginning, what's the point of eating healthy yet hurting your mind and palate. In the end, it's the joint happiness that mattered. For you who might think the combination sounded awkward, you'd better give it a try. Smoothie bowl wasn't always as mainstream as merely fruit smoothies with fruit slices and granola ;)

I knew it might sound too short, yet I was truly sorry that my tummy couldn't afford some more. Anyway, the ones served were indeed still limited to mostly acai-smoothies based and just differed in terms of the toppings so I didn't have that much option either. Nonetheless, I didn't mind this as they're indeed still newly established, for the physical store particularly. I did wish going forward they added the variety of the menu by adding non-acai-based bowls as well as light bites like raw cakes, healthy cookie, or wraps. Final sayings, all the best!

Taste: 7.5/10
Place: 7.5/10
Service: 8.5/10
Price: 7/10

Thanks for reading! :)

Address: Jl. Senopati No. 25, Jakarta
Phone: (+62) 81 33 000 8593
Operating Hours: Mon - Sun 8.30am - 9.30pm

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